Trump’s Brutal Interview with Chris Wallace | The Daily Social Distancing Show

  • Julkaistu 20.07.2020
  • In his interview with Chris Wallace, Trump tried to bring receipts that he didn’t actually have, while Chris fact-checked the s**t out of him. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump
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  • VIII Maus
    VIII Maus 2 minuuttia sitten

    You can say whatever you want about the Trump presidency, but you can't say that it's been boring. An impeachment, a 2 year long FBI investigation, constant firing and arrests of his staff, and near nuclear devastation with North Korea and Iran.
    This is history in the making. We're gonna have some incredible stories to tell our grandchildren, if we live long enough to have them.

  • Shawn Elliott
    Shawn Elliott 29 minuuttia sitten +1

    No, dude, you're missing Trump's point. America has the _best_ mortality rate, not the _lowest_ mortality rate. _Everything_ America has is the best.

  • Theresa Ruth
    Theresa Ruth 53 minuuttia sitten

    You can bet your ass there won't be a Fort Trump!

  • Gretchen Mann
    Gretchen Mann 55 minuuttia sitten

    When trump moves his hands like that it means he does not know what he is talking about

  • Alexis Rodriguez
    Alexis Rodriguez Tunti sitten

    #Trump2020 full send that shit!

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu Tunti sitten

    "We won two world wars" . Um, there were allied forces. It wasn't all the US like our movies love to portray.

  • Paradee Johnson
    Paradee Johnson Tunti sitten

    I am laughing so hard at this but then i realize this is our president -__-

  • W GU
    W GU Tunti sitten

    I know the cognitive test is super easy. But counting backwards 7 from 100 is just ridiculous, this man was literally bragging that he knew how to count 😆

  • Tammy Ward
    Tammy Ward 2 tuntia sitten


    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu Tunti sitten

      It’s a bs know that! Just ask Fauci and Gates!

  • Howard Menkes
    Howard Menkes 2 tuntia sitten

    When Kareem Abdul-Jabbar asked where the outrage over Hollywood
    Anti-Semitism was, he had trevor in mind.

  • Art Azhar
    Art Azhar 3 tuntia sitten

    any mortality rates can't be considered "BEST" at all. wth, trump??

  • Tate Wood
    Tate Wood 3 tuntia sitten

    Um, no.

  • Tammy Miller
    Tammy Miller 4 tuntia sitten

    beautiful world wars????

  • Jeremiah Bradley
    Jeremiah Bradley 4 tuntia sitten

    Love your show and editors man. Keep up the good work of entertaining people in quarantine

    HAVANA SCP 4 tuntia sitten

    Let's be honest best thing for the rest.of the world now is trump n pompeo. Dumb n dumber 2 😁😁

  • Janet Majors
    Janet Majors 5 tuntia sitten

    I suspect recording this video could not have been easy, but it is my sincere hope you feel empowered by doing it. Hang tough, November 3. 2020 gets closer every day!

  • Frank Vanzin
    Frank Vanzin 6 tuntia sitten

    "Looters lives matter".

  • zero g templar
    zero g templar 6 tuntia sitten

    Trevor Noah is a Democrat Propagandist and a purveyor of lies and fake news!

  • curtis lofthus
    curtis lofthus 7 tuntia sitten

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE how angry people get at him and people who like Trump, they are playing you all like fiddles.... "the ENEMY of my ENEMY is my friend" they got us fighting each other instead of them..... enter stage right CIVIL WAR #2/RACE WAR/THE PURGE.
    Oh and BTW those that yell at people who DONT WEAR wow. You are their FAVORITE TYPE OF SHEEP/MINDLESS WORKER DRONE. When the shit goes down (during the next 10 years I believe).. I'll be smiling

  • Darryl Flinch
    Darryl Flinch 8 tuntia sitten

    I wonder if the 6K dislikes are from Trumpsters? I guess we can confidently say that at least 6% of those who really love Trump put a dislike on this video. They will call it a victory haha. It's almost as ridiculous how Trump brags about ONLY getting 8% of the AA vote. LOL!

  • ffhd1clt
    ffhd1clt 8 tuntia sitten

    That doesn’t take any skill. I could roast Trump. He’s a dumbass. His go-to strategy is to simply lie. If lies are accepted, then you can’t depend on logic to debate someone. In fact that’s why I would recommend that Biden not debate him. He has nothing to gain, because Trump’s cult following isn’t interested in facts. Btw, Biden absolutely does not promote defunding the police. That would be political suicide. Trump continues to promote the lie in TV ads.

  • Michelle Sawberger
    Michelle Sawberger 8 tuntia sitten

    Do your homework before you run your math!

  • Michelle Sawberger
    Michelle Sawberger 8 tuntia sitten

    Do you know about Agenda 21? Defund police United Nations Joe Biden your an idiot!

  • Michelle Sawberger
    Michelle Sawberger 8 tuntia sitten

    It’s a bs know that! Just ask Fauci and Gates!

  • Kimberly Hooks
    Kimberly Hooks 8 tuntia sitten

    What’s beautiful about War 🤪

  • Mallory Shevlin
    Mallory Shevlin 9 tuntia sitten

  • burner 1
    burner 1 9 tuntia sitten

    Why does everyone blame trump for COVID? This was from China right 🤔??? And look at how people ran their states that’s where it matters.

  • Lala Lyons
    Lala Lyons 9 tuntia sitten

    Trevor before you open up your mouth you idiot are being kept by the Democrats from advancing you need to learn about the Democratic party buddy you have no clue what you're talking talking plantation owners Democrats. KKK Democrats. Jim Crow a Democrat. And the Democrats so learn your facts Trevor Noah learn your facts you idiot

  • MrMcslr
    MrMcslr 9 tuntia sitten

    wharttf is true...Trevor do you know..ffs? go back to South Africa.

  • 13Drumsticks
    13Drumsticks 9 tuntia sitten

    It is such a dumb thing to believe Trump said "we had 2 beautiful world wars". He said "We won 2 world wars, beautiful, 2 world wars, ...". I'm not even a Trump supporter but stop making up bullshit.

  • arvis shaheer
    arvis shaheer 9 tuntia sitten

    je vous mets au défi de regarder la vidéo en entire

  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh 10 tuntia sitten

    Mon dieu, elle est juste de l'amour ... la gentillesse surcharge

  • Gwen Walravens
    Gwen Walravens 10 tuntia sitten

    Seriously, an AMERICAN PRESIDENT is PROUD that he can count backwards from 100 with a decrease of 7? Why do presidents get these tests. Tell me when he can explain the basics of quantum-mechanics or explain E=mc² because most people get that last one wrong.

  • Maria Hammarström
    Maria Hammarström 10 tuntia sitten

    "I bet you couldn't answer the last questions!"
    "What are you, six years old?"

  • Frank Vanzin
    Frank Vanzin 10 tuntia sitten

    "Looters lives matter".

  • Jae In
    Jae In 10 tuntia sitten

    I'm afraid most people seem to be missing the really horrifying thing about that interview; at the beginning when Trump is trying to defend his first mistake/lie he says:
    "I was told that..."
    To me, this tells me that the guy is basically being manipulated by his cabinet/advisers. We Do Not Have a POTUS of Sound and Reasonable Mind!!!

  • Ambica Lama
    Ambica Lama 10 tuntia sitten

    je vous mets au défi de regarder la vidéo en entire

  • Sidnaaz for life
    Sidnaaz for life 10 tuntia sitten

    Mon dieu, elle est juste de l'amour ... la gentillesse surcharge 🙈💃😳

  • Rob Van Den Hoven Van Genderen

    I"ll never comprehend as an European from a democratic country that it is possible that a lying, discriminating and clearly dementing person can be a president of the United States

  • philme 26
    philme 26 11 tuntia sitten

    Oh the media and Hollywood are working double time to campaign for Joe Biden who cant get out from his basement and talk to the public without premade questions and scripted dialogue 😂😂😂

  • Anthony Gemma
    Anthony Gemma 11 tuntia sitten

    This guy sucks at telling jokes.
    Horrible delivery.

  • sehrish iqbal
    sehrish iqbal 12 tuntia sitten

    I feel so sorry for Americans to have such a dumb president..he's a shame to real intelligent people

  • jan flig
    jan flig 12 tuntia sitten

    Al Sharpton! That was for his base!

  • jan flig
    jan flig 12 tuntia sitten

    Beautiful World Wars!

  • Ronald Bond
    Ronald Bond 13 tuntia sitten


  • Ronald Bond
    Ronald Bond 13 tuntia sitten


  • blackmoreOrion
    blackmoreOrion 13 tuntia sitten

    All Lives MAtter

  • Gap
    Gap 14 tuntia sitten

    He said 100-7 is a hard question, let that sink in.

  • Steven Baker
    Steven Baker 14 tuntia sitten

    "Beautiful world wars that were vicious and horrible" contradictions are strong with the orange one haha

  • chopsddy3
    chopsddy3 15 tuntia sitten +1

    So “vicious” and “horrible “ are “beautiful “ now? Can his speech actually be classified as language?

  • Doctor Slappy
    Doctor Slappy 15 tuntia sitten

    Trevor Noah and Lance Patrick, please remove the copyright claims from Non compete's video. Let's see if Trevor Noah cares about freedom of speech, fair use, and small content creators.

  • Sam O
    Sam O 15 tuntia sitten

  • tonyttt31
    tonyttt31 15 tuntia sitten

    Beautiful world wars?

  • Caitlyn Martin
    Caitlyn Martin 16 tuntia sitten

    I’ve never seen a better Narcissist . Why did y’all have to vote for him we could’ve gone green😂.

    HERNANDEZ SHOE BOX Family 16 tuntia sitten

    Chris wallace is the media of CNN. So no wonder you love him so much. Its all crap. and if you vote democrat then you deserve to sink also.

  • Syd Alan
    Syd Alan 16 tuntia sitten

    Two beautiful world wars! LMFAO This idiot needs to go!

  • Dwayne Bouvia
    Dwayne Bouvia 16 tuntia sitten

    Why are way to many people are backing him up. Can someone tell me. Is it all about money. Is money more important than this Country and the deaths from Covid 19

  • Novel Martinez
    Novel Martinez 16 tuntia sitten

    "beautiful world wars" WTF!??

  • Frank Vanzin
    Frank Vanzin 17 tuntia sitten +1

    Biden wants to defund police bud.

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy 17 tuntia sitten

    vote in November!!!

  • Quinzel Sabina
    Quinzel Sabina 18 tuntia sitten

    Imfao Chris is the only Fox News anchor who doesn’t always agrees with Trump 💯

  • devil16935
    devil16935 18 tuntia sitten

    honestly i cant count back from 100 by 7 because the american school system failed me.. aka i never learned my muliples of 7s. some numbers in my times table i just dont know.. I am 20 years old..

  • Habanero Jones
    Habanero Jones 19 tuntia sitten

    Nice try, we all know Obama, Hilary, AOC, Bernie and Sleepy Joe hacked the Matrix and made Trump look like an idiot by rewriting reality.

  • Renado Baartman
    Renado Baartman 19 tuntia sitten

    Please America, please don't vote for this moron in November.

  • Daniel G. Jensen
    Daniel G. Jensen 19 tuntia sitten

    The thing he said about the World wars was beautiful remind me of something from Black mirror. 🤔

  • Mathias Morrison
    Mathias Morrison 20 tuntia sitten

    The german impression was also a shame xD

  • cherds d nerd
    cherds d nerd 20 tuntia sitten

    Wow," beautiful world wars and best death rates", really? How can any normal person say these statements.

  • Reborn 777
    Reborn 777 20 tuntia sitten

    "If voting made a difference they wouldn't let us do it"-Mark Twain

  • Jean Carlo henrique
    Jean Carlo henrique 21 tunti sitten +1

    Trump is going to win better be ready.

  • Jeff Jordan
    Jeff Jordan 22 tuntia sitten

    So trump thinks confederate generals fought in WW1 and WW2. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Carmen Reynalte
    Carmen Reynalte 22 tuntia sitten

    I was trying to watch your video but was so boring....

  • stephen preston
    stephen preston 23 tuntia sitten

    What seems to be so priceless about watching our country crash? I'm failing to see the humor in any of this.Chris Wallace your right is an absolute gem. But laughing at our leadership right now is not a joking matter. Democrat Republican independent every one of them are failing

  • goon303
    goon303 23 tuntia sitten

    Trump has lowered the bar for who can become president so low..... that I think America should seriously entertain the idea of electing a gorilla. I think a gorilla that can speak sign language, could beat Trump in the next election. C'mon America! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • Kshitij Dobriyal
    Kshitij Dobriyal Päivä sitten

    Trump will win and you again gonna cry man

  • XxxRevenge156
    XxxRevenge156 Päivä sitten

    All those 9k dis-likes are trump supporters and Karen's

  • Mike Wallace
    Mike Wallace Päivä sitten


  • XxxRevenge156
    XxxRevenge156 Päivä sitten

    "Joe Biden 2020" Let's Gooo

  • anon 1642
    anon 1642 Päivä sitten

    The real question is Corona virus Fake or what ?

  • Dino Rossi
    Dino Rossi Päivä sitten

    Why are you all complaining that you have a clown for a president when you all are anti socialists and brainwashed literates

  • In Rainbows
    In Rainbows Päivä sitten

    Does Trevor really think Donnie can read?

  • lanaybrooke
    lanaybrooke Päivä sitten


  • Tommaso Leonardi
    Tommaso Leonardi Päivä sitten

    The sad thing is that hardcore trump supporters will believe whatever he says and just claim that anyone that disagrees is part of a communist conspiracy that fuels fake news

  • Rector-Stingray
    Rector-Stingray Päivä sitten +1

    Wallace: *tells trump the right news*
    Trump: well yes, but actually no

  • Rotate Earth Video
    Rotate Earth Video Päivä sitten

    love your channel you hit it right on the head Trump has no clue and obviously no self-esteem at

    YEAH RIGHT Päivä sitten

    Like the public was ever asked what to name the military structures, equipment...etc.

  • Patrick Malaluan
    Patrick Malaluan Päivä sitten

    That was a disaster! He looked like an idiot! Chris crushed him

  • Ivanka Leonie Fuchs
    Ivanka Leonie Fuchs Päivä sitten +1

    The American "circus side-show" political extremism on both sides has become a rather funny joke to everyone I know in many Europeans und Asian countries. Two-faced,
    immoral, self-important, professed entitlement of "Liberal Socialism" on one side,...immoral, mongering, arrogance of "Conservative Nationalism" the other,...both standing in a
    field with their little willies in hand taunting each other into the biggest cluster-f*ck, d*ck-waving-prick-fight the world has ever been unfortunate to witness....giggles
    Not even the Russian President Putin has ever shown such ignorance und arrogance...smiles Your political snake oil cure-all, "[Daily] side [Show]" exhibits the same ignorance
    und arrogant Con-Man tactics benefiting no one,...wanking-off only your "Socialistic" gaggle. FIchannel ist much infested with Clickbait, CGI, Photoshop, Cults, "Con-Men",
    Professed Racial Entitlement, Self-important "Political Ignorance", those demographics suffering 3 generations of self-inflicted, appeasing, American "No Child Got Left Behind"
    non-education und lack of achievement as well "Phobia Disorders" of Conspiracy who will believe almost anything that just anyone wants to show them.
    Your ridiculous, unproductive, false narrative should feel quite at home here...smiles
    FIchannel channels likened to yours don't help anyone und make it harder for everyone (who does try to use "Proper Unbiased Research Method") to find any semblance of truth
    without having to dig through your opinionated, most often inaccurate, many times blatantly incorrect, "Liberal Socialist [trash bin]" as well.
    Of course, I'm quite sure you don't need my help "eating your own young"...Bon Appétit und Auf Wiedersehen.

  • Frank Velik
    Frank Velik Päivä sitten

    This Democrat socialist wallece left me a long time ago. Wallace you don't understand nothing. Your candidate does not know literally does not know where he stands, Trump won in 2016 all that has happen is a world unpresendente disruption on biowarfare, Mr. Wallace you are in competent of our intelligence.
    We are at ww3, you can not realize this then get of the tube.

  • Princess Treasure
    Princess Treasure Päivä sitten +1

    trump wants it to be right vs left but it’s really the future vs him. ALSO “BEAUTIFUL WORLD WARS???”

  • dean
    dean Päivä sitten

    Trevor noah is so fucking annoying it hurts

  • Keila Lambert
    Keila Lambert Päivä sitten

    LOVE his impersonation of trump lol he is freaking good

  • Prathit
    Prathit Päivä sitten

    Amidst all of this do you realize who is actually gaining some brownie points? Not Trump, not Wallace, not Biden, it's Fox news. Chris Wallace is a democrat working in Fox news, a news channel that's firmly on the right. Tell me another channel of the left that grills the people from their own camp like some Fox news anchors do? None! This is where Fox news is winning. They are demonstrating that they are the only ones in business that's truly neutral. This is how you gain credibility.

  • Dobi
    Dobi Päivä sitten

    trump is draining the swamp and the water starts getting more clear.

  • dorian venegas
    dorian venegas Päivä sitten

    I can`t wait for the election and see all you scumbags crying again TRUMP 2020 I LOVE MY PRESIDENT GOD BLESS THE USA

  • Strikerwes
    Strikerwes Päivä sitten

    Trevor Noah is a tool. If he wants radical government and communism he should have stayed where he was.

  • Ola
    Ola Päivä sitten

    This video was really funny 🤭
    I have to say that, in Mexico something similar happens with our president. He thinks he's always right, even when he's wrong and the people are showing him the evidence. Also, he wants to make us believe that the Coronavirus in the country is under control 🙄

  • tom schmitz
    tom schmitz Päivä sitten +4

    world wars are beautiful? he's gone one "F" up definition of beautiful...

    • Spencer J Elliott
      Spencer J Elliott 38 minuuttia sitten +1

      That's real estate agent talk. Terrible house becomes beautiful house.

  • tom schmitz
    tom schmitz Päivä sitten

    a 74 year old brat baby immoral unethical ignorant bully who was never told no or that he was wrong in his entire life he is...

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez Päivä sitten

    Chris Wallace has a daddy’s issue , he’ll never be his father , he’s a mediocre and biased journalist

    • Jose Perez
      Jose Perez Päivä sitten

      Only when both parties have been heard in a debate/interview , one can pass judgment, where’s VP Biden’s interview for us to judge.

    • The Barbarian Infidel
      The Barbarian Infidel Päivä sitten

      wallace is the only actual journalist at fox news - if he's biased it's in favor of truth

  • Pacea
    Pacea Päivä sitten +1

    Imagine we live in such a epic world where even comediants make Politics and has a big banner with donation of.
    Under development iQ's will always top-up money if they like what they hear and will stay null time to check if it's true or not
    I've been watching you a lot in the past years before you come to this Show.
    As an European I'm full of politics that's beyond anyone imagination.
    Farewell one of my favorite comediants.
    Time to give a chance to another commedians.
    I retreat my subscription now.
    Wish you an easy life but it seems you hang out with the wolfs I've saw that in your eyes one time when you really didn't want to say that.