Taylor Swift - The Man (Lyric Video)

  • Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “The Man” - off her album ‘Lover.’ Stream/Download the album here: TaylorSwift.lnk.to/Loversu
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    Official ‘The Man’ Lyrics
    Written by Taylor Swift & Joel Little
    I would be complex
    I would be cool
    They’d say I played the field before I found someone to commit to
    And that would be ok
    For me to do
    Every conquest I had made would make me more of a boss to you
    I’d be a fearless leader
    I’d be an alpha type
    When everyone believes ya
    What’s that like? I’m so sick of running as fast I can
    Wondering if I’d get there quicker
    If I was a man
    And I’m so sick of them coming at me again
    ‘Cause if I was a man...
    Then I’d be the man
    I’d be the man
    I’d be the man They’d say I hustled
    Put in the work
    They wouldn’t shake their heads and question how much of this I deserve
    What I was wearing
    If I was rude
    Could all be separated from my good ideas and power moves
    And they would toast to me, oh
    Let the players play
    I’d be just like Leo
    In Saint-Tropez Chorus What’s it like to brag about
    Raking in dollars
    And getting bitches and models
    And it’s all good if you’re bad
    And it’s okay if you’re mad If I was out flashing my dollars
    I’d be a bitch, not a baller
    They paint me out to be bad
    So it’s okay that I’m mad I’m so sick of running as fast I can
    Wondering if I’d get there quicker
    If I was a man
    I’m so sick of them coming at me again
    ‘Cause if I was a man...
    Then I’d be the man
    I’d be the man
    I’m so sick of running as fast I can
    Wondering if I’d get there quicker
    If I was a man
    And I’m so sick of them coming at me again
    ‘Cause if I was a man...
    Then I’d be the man
    I’d be the man
    I’d be the man
    I’d be the man
    I’d be the man
    I’d be the man
    If I was a man
    I’d be the man
    #TaylorSwift #TheMan
    Music video by Taylor Swift performing The Man (Lyric Video). © 2020 Taylor Swift

Kommentteja • 80

  • bsandy.com
    bsandy.com 11 tuntia sitten +1

    Dear "Saggie Sister" Lady Taylor,
    Did you know that Sagittarius is a male astrological sign?
    So, this song is reflecting you inner zodiacal energy as well.
    I went to the doctor and asked "Why are my ears bleeding?" He said, "Because you don't stop listening to Taylor Swift at maximum volume!!!" Then I said, "All right, but you don't have to yell... I got this."
    Rock on Sagittarius!!! :-D

  • Ruth Rasmijn
    Ruth Rasmijn 13 tuntia sitten

    the man best song it is so tru

  • punanibee
    punanibee 15 tuntia sitten

    Who's Sandra Pay?

  • Chris R
    Chris R 22 tuntia sitten

    Taylor Swift: "When everyone believes you, what's that like?"
    Amber Herd: (0.0) ( 0.0)

  • Han Jae-Hyun
    Han Jae-Hyun 22 tuntia sitten

    Kanye and Kim need to watch this :)

  • Emily
    Emily 22 tuntia sitten

    Lol what a joke.

  • Ruben O.
    Ruben O. Päivä sitten

    They would also call you out for your "toxic masculinity" and remind you of your privilege.
    Being "the man" isn't such a glamorous position.

  • Mohammed Asif
    Mohammed Asif Päivä sitten

    so rip off beyonce's if i was a boy- but because youre white and female= instant genius?

  • Chilled Tea
    Chilled Tea Päivä sitten

    these are the women from the Me mv so coolll

  • Mylah McGuire
    Mylah McGuire Päivä sitten

    I really don't give two f*'s about what the song means, I just like the sound. And you guys keep on forgetting this, I'D be THE MAN.

  • Talia Lee
    Talia Lee 2 päivää sitten

    Omg she said the b word

  • Mina Hedgehog
    Mina Hedgehog 2 päivää sitten +1

    I love Taylor. She is such an inspiration.

  • Amara Ouassima
    Amara Ouassima 2 päivää sitten

    Always surprising me puppet

  • Eva Luna
    Eva Luna 3 päivää sitten

    Taylor you are really miss America

  • Music Top M.G
    Music Top M.G 3 päivää sitten

    Quem está ouvindo "The Man" ? Inscreva no meu canal!!

  • Music Top M.G
    Music Top M.G 3 päivää sitten +1

    Quem está ouvindo "The Man" ? Inscreva no meu canal!!

  • Kat GG
    Kat GG 3 päivää sitten +3

    " when everyone believes ya, what's that like?" 👏👏

  • anonymous artist
    anonymous artist 3 päivää sitten

    This is why your relationships ended

  • jing rong
    jing rong 3 päivää sitten

    Wow the most meaningful lyric video ive seen in a while

  • _m_i_n_a_
    _m_i_n_a_ 3 päivää sitten +1

    The plot twist at the end is awesome

  • Pairoa Kidarn
    Pairoa Kidarn 3 päivää sitten +4

    *did you realized that the lyrics is a bit faster than the vocal so you can read and sing it in time*

  • Sondang Simamora
    Sondang Simamora 3 päivää sitten +1

    This song still update until this time
    Because woman always being interupted with all what they do and will.

  • LLL417
    LLL417 4 päivää sitten +1

    Both genders have it rough honestly. Guys do have it a little easier though.

  • kittylei
    kittylei 4 päivää sitten

    2:35 DAHYUN?????

  • Marrisas Bad gacha videos
    Marrisas Bad gacha videos 4 päivää sitten +1

    I love how boys be saying stuff like “being a girl is so easy” like how the heck would u know?? 😐🙎🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Klara Kidrič
    Klara Kidrič 4 päivää sitten +1

    My dad don't cares about me.

    Would he cared more about me if I was a f*cking man?!

  • Jema Hebell
    Jema Hebell 4 päivää sitten +1

    I like the way u sing and me to I want to be like u

  • Mahmoud Mottaghipour
    Mahmoud Mottaghipour 4 päivää sitten +1

    GORGEOUS Taylor Swift A MAN can be a Male or Female GORGEOUS it's all about behave as a MAN GORGEOUS.

  • Kate O'Toole
    Kate O'Toole 4 päivää sitten

    is it just me, or does the chorus sound a lot like her other song “ paper rings “

  • abnet haile
    abnet haile 5 päivää sitten

    Mini moochi song track?

  • Tsanamilta Amirah
    Tsanamilta Amirah 5 päivää sitten


  • Jema Hebell
    Jema Hebell 5 päivää sitten

    I like the way that u sing and me to I want to be like u Taylor swift

  • Minutes with Maddie
    Minutes with Maddie 5 päivää sitten +1

    When boys be disrespectful just turn your taylor swift up.

    • Chris R
      Chris R 15 tuntia sitten

      I wonder if that's what Amber Herd did after cutting off Johnny Depp's finger...

  • carmen rodriguez viedma
    carmen rodriguez viedma 5 päivää sitten

    0:37 coronavirus: time 2 be here

  • sophie foster
    sophie foster 6 päivää sitten +39

    remember when it was a personality trait to hate taylor swift

  • rafaelfcf
    rafaelfcf 6 päivää sitten

    Isn't it supposed to be "if I were a man?"

  • SO SO
    SO SO 6 päivää sitten +3

    Love you from South Korea. You are always making me live over and over again. You give me hope. You give me the strength to live. I listen to your songs whenever I have a hard time living as a woman. And I really respect you. You're my role model. I'll follow your example. I always thank you and love you.

  • Vera's Lifestyle Wereld
    Vera's Lifestyle Wereld 6 päivää sitten +2

    Beautiful and important message. Let's make it better for all starting now! Everyone is equal and should be treated equal :-)

  • tv감성
    tv감성 6 päivää sitten +3

    this is my best song

  • Alex C.
    Alex C. 6 päivää sitten

    Am I the only one surprised by how few dislikes are on this song? Its pretty bad.

  • Torixxo zx238
    Torixxo zx238 6 päivää sitten

    I am in love with this song!❤️❤️❤️

  • Iconic icon
    Iconic icon 7 päivää sitten

    *E Q U A L I T Y*

  • Maja Nastic
    Maja Nastic 7 päivää sitten

    Amazing. Thank you.

  • Karen Mera
    Karen Mera 7 päivää sitten

    I liked her music more when she wasn't a feminazi.

    • Bluevids
      Bluevids 5 päivää sitten +3

      How is she a feminazi? You must have some internalized misogyny. The lyrics are absolutely true, you're in denial if you don't think so.

  • bsr8129
    bsr8129 7 päivää sitten

    If i was a woman i would use my body to get everything i wanted

  • Nine TailsDragon
    Nine TailsDragon 7 päivää sitten +1

    Seriously her song is amazing

  • no religion ,no west ,unwanted
    no religion ,no west ,unwanted 7 päivää sitten

    این همه کس

  • Patricia Marie Garcia
    Patricia Marie Garcia 7 päivää sitten

    Go 🌹🌹🌹

  • Roxanna Rodriguez
    Roxanna Rodriguez 7 päivää sitten +1

    Damn she SNAPPED . She WENT OFF. She's really out here spitting facts

    • Bluevids
      Bluevids 5 päivää sitten

      @Solo Uzi It's not hating on men, stop being so pressed. She's saying that society let's men get away with anything while they criticize women for every single thing that they do. She's hating on society, she never said anything against men.

    • Solo Uzi
      Solo Uzi 6 päivää sitten +1

      No facts at all just a other men hating video

  • Loretta Wegner
    Loretta Wegner 7 päivää sitten +6

    Who else started feeling bad for that little animated running lady?? Lol

  • nikkipotato
    nikkipotato 7 päivää sitten

    This reminded me of Hwasa for some reason.

  • AngeLoveR Anime
    AngeLoveR Anime 8 päivää sitten +17

    so true.. most of the things that men do these days, if women were to do the exact thing we'd get judged..

  • Kaitlyn Stroupe
    Kaitlyn Stroupe 8 päivää sitten

    were did miss amaraca go the music vid theirs only a .......ummm......lyircs

    TSS PRODUCTIONS 8 päivää sitten

    هههه الضحك عالي

  • Marie-Philippe Desbiens
    Marie-Philippe Desbiens 8 päivää sitten


  • Emano Silent
    Emano Silent 8 päivää sitten

    awesome misses Taylor Swift

  • nope coleman
    nope coleman 8 päivää sitten +2

    the ad for this video, for me, was a woman vacuuming and a man designing the vacuum...ironic....

  • Grazi Vidal
    Grazi Vidal 8 päivää sitten

    Alguém do Brasil?

  • Mark Knece
    Mark Knece 8 päivää sitten

    But she is

  • Simon Ginks
    Simon Ginks 8 päivää sitten +1

    I want to see a male artist make a song called The Woman where he dresses up like Taylor Swift and sings about how he would enjoy living a life of zero responsibility and maximum shallowness

  • WorkIn Progress
    WorkIn Progress 9 päivää sitten

    Your more than a man: A wo(w) man :P

  • Orapin Jaiyen
    Orapin Jaiyen 9 päivää sitten +1

    When my mom yelling at me cause I'm not clean the house
    Me: if i was a man...

  • Rylee Ann
    Rylee Ann 9 päivää sitten +1

    I would love if you guys could check out my cover!

    NANDINI M D 10 päivää sitten

    Second Best song on lover
    Am I right

  • mo no
    mo no 10 päivää sitten

    2012-enchanted taylor+adam
    2020- taylor+the man

  • Grey Ellison
    Grey Ellison 10 päivää sitten +325

    something so annoying about being a woman is everyone expects you to get shit done and be super nice in the process. sometimes men get mad to get something done and no one cares but if a woman does it it’s rude.

    • Lewis Carlin
      Lewis Carlin 3 päivää sitten +2

      @Serrano Ivan Don't except them to even consider that, just ignore it. Our lives are our own, no one elses, if people want to feel sorry for themselves let them.

    • Serrano Ivan
      Serrano Ivan 7 päivää sitten +5

      Grey Ellison it’s not always greener on the other said. Being a man.

  • 후후
    후후 10 päivää sitten +2


  • prince of void
    prince of void 10 päivää sitten

    shut up youre white

    • Cora Speiser
      Cora Speiser Päivä sitten

      This is a video about differences between men and women. Race has NOTHING to do with ANY of the videos message.

  • Deni. B.
    Deni. B. 10 päivää sitten

    This looks like something out of a roblox video.

  • Out of somewhere Out of nowhere
    Out of somewhere Out of nowhere 10 päivää sitten

    I'd be the man

  • Jay Agustin
    Jay Agustin 10 päivää sitten

    Even the music is in happy tone yet the lyrics made me cry. Alsp the song only the young. Seems like she write again songs running in her heart not in her mind. I felt her sadness

  • Jay Agustin
    Jay Agustin 10 päivää sitten

    This song touches my heart. I felt this song was made for me
    Thankie taylor.. 😢

  • Tomato Emmÿ
    Tomato Emmÿ 10 päivää sitten

    Is - is taylor coming out? She’s trans? 😍

  • Gaynor Realtor Miami
    Gaynor Realtor Miami 11 päivää sitten +2

    Has any man ever been called rude by his peers?

  • cocoa p.
    cocoa p. 11 päivää sitten

    I love the bridge! Such a play of words! Taylor Swift, you are amazing!! ♥️

  • fudgy beans
    fudgy beans 11 päivää sitten


  • Jolee Davis
    Jolee Davis 11 päivää sitten

    *Insert funny joke*

  • madison hardeman
    madison hardeman 11 päivää sitten

    Published in Mar 20 2011

  • Mizuki Mizu
    Mizuki Mizu 11 päivää sitten +2

    love this song❤💕💖

  • Beata Balkova
    Beata Balkova 11 päivää sitten

    how i hate chengen Evrope