Waiters Share Most Messed Up Conversations (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

  • Julkaistu 17.02.2020
  • ► Waiters Share Most Messed Up Conversations (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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Kommentteja • 34

  • Storytime With Reddit
    Storytime With Reddit  4 kuukautta sitten +17

    Thanks for watching - share your stories below!

    • AxxL
      AxxL 4 kuukautta sitten

      I have multiple girlfriends because i'm extremely famous

  • Nihilistic Snake
    Nihilistic Snake 4 kuukautta sitten +2

    2:14 wife of the year

  • John Bruh
    John Bruh 4 kuukautta sitten

    11:07 and they wonder why people kick em out of their houses annoying them in the morning

  • Hunter Mace
    Hunter Mace 4 kuukautta sitten +1

    The one about the war vet was sad...

  • CartoonGoddess626
    CartoonGoddess626 4 kuukautta sitten +6

    To the grandmother in the first story. I hope they bury you in a terrible terrible place. Just because some one crushed your dreams years ago doesn’t mean you have to crush a child’s

    • Sweet .Nighter
      Sweet .Nighter 3 kuukautta sitten +1

      She's the type that wonders why she gets no visitors.

  • Tetra Tonix
    Tetra Tonix 4 kuukautta sitten +18

    That Grandmother at the beginning is the reason Elderly Abuse happens.

  • Courtney Nicole
    Courtney Nicole 4 kuukautta sitten


  • hph081000
    hph081000 4 kuukautta sitten +4

    Feeling very annoyed at Granny crushing a child's fantasy. Dammit feeling my blood boil just thinking about it

  • Yoloman234
    Yoloman234 4 kuukautta sitten

    Jehovahs witnesses are some of the most fucked up people there are

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith 4 kuukautta sitten +1

    15:45 time travelers?

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith 4 kuukautta sitten +21

    1:52 "I hurried away and told the rest of the staff immediately."

    • Mushroomstamp
      Mushroomstamp 4 kuukautta sitten

      Todd Smith that one had me rolling

  • DeathnoteBB
    DeathnoteBB 4 kuukautta sitten +65

    0:41 And then 30+ years later they’re like “Oh why did you ever stop playing baseball? You used to be so good at it!”

  • Jenna Tolls
    Jenna Tolls 4 kuukautta sitten +3

    Reddit is gay.
    Change my mind.

    • Thunder God
      Thunder God 4 kuukautta sitten +3

      You are gay.
      Don’t change my mind

    • Brian Talbot
      Brian Talbot 4 kuukautta sitten +2

      Changing your mind is gay

  • Mister Turk Turkle
    Mister Turk Turkle 4 kuukautta sitten

    Two adult well dressed gentlement. One says to the other, 100% serious, "thats what it says in the prophecy"
    Older woman animatedly telling stories. "...so, theres 24 months in the year."
    Little girl corrects, "12 grandma"
    "Dont you ever fucking talk to me like that again, sweetie. So, theres 24 months in a year..."
    Man and woman. Man gunts "huh"
    Woman: "whats wrong dear."
    Man, still eating, staring at front door: "i think my wife just saw us"
    Best though: in bathroom little boy enters. Moment later another slightly older child enters
    "Mom wants you to come back to the table"
    "Im hiding from that man."
    "Who, dad?"
    "It's not him. Not anymore"

  • Internet Of Memes
    Internet Of Memes 4 kuukautta sitten +1

    I love ask reddit videos!

  • -MiraJ-
    -MiraJ- 4 kuukautta sitten +12

    The Edith story killed me...

  • Mike Kristin
    Mike Kristin 4 kuukautta sitten +5

    The Man who buys his dog a pint and one that's better than his is a fantastic soul. Not that you should give dog's beer but some dogs seem to enjoy it. Either way warms my heart

    • Mike Kristin
      Mike Kristin 4 kuukautta sitten +1

      @Joseph Erhardt my grandfather was old style. He said he wasn't killing them, they had a choice and the chose old style

    • Joseph Erhardt
      Joseph Erhardt 4 kuukautta sitten +1

      What does he buy to kill the slugs in his garden, though? :)

  • OlyMolly
    OlyMolly 4 kuukautta sitten +9

    Eh, to the privileged woman, you can actually just say, "Well, most people aren't born with money tied to their umbilical cord." If she still didn't get it, say that she's one of the luckiest people on Earth to be born with her personal trust fund already filled to the brim by her wealthy parents.

  • ArchLightning
    ArchLightning 4 kuukautta sitten +2

    Not Hitler... HITALIER

  • MsSilentsiren
    MsSilentsiren 4 kuukautta sitten +18

    Well, shit. The Ali one broke my heart. I'd have still shaken his hand if it were possible.

  • H1kmet
    H1kmet 4 kuukautta sitten +7

    1:53 im dead

  • H1kmet
    H1kmet 4 kuukautta sitten +3

    1:13 thats the position where we are all goin to be

  • Volts PC
    Volts PC 4 kuukautta sitten +1

    As far as the first one, I’m with the grandma. Kids are trained that they can achieve what ever they want and trophies are handed out for free but that’s not the real world. If your not successful you won’t win and you can expect to win if the odds are 1/1000000

    • Rose Williams
      Rose Williams 4 kuukautta sitten +2

      I see what you are trying to say with the “everybody gets a trophy,” mentality and that sometimes you have to feel the sting of failure and defeat to teach a valuable lesson to work harder, because as an adult nothing’s going to be handed to you in life, but this is WAY different than that! This is a grandparent squashing a kids dream. Even if say for example she knew he wasn’t very good at baseball instead of saying things like “you’re never going to make it,” she could say “you’re going to have to work really hard and improve some things, train a lot, etc., to get to a professional sports level, but anything is possible if you are dedicated and hard working enough.” Big difference in setting realistic expectations and shitting all over someone’s dream. I hope this kids uses what his grandma says as that needed motivation to prove her wrong!

    • SuperSaiyanGod
      SuperSaiyanGod 4 kuukautta sitten +1

      She'll be dead before he even gets a chance to make it

    • Joseph Erhardt
      Joseph Erhardt 4 kuukautta sitten +2

      No--I would have had a hard time not putting granny in her place, and then telling the kid, "Follow your dreams, kid. No way she knows what you can and cannot do!" Probably would have meant a write-up or even a job, but it would've been worth it.

    • The Commentor
      The Commentor 4 kuukautta sitten +6

      How the fuck does the grandma know he won’t be a pro ball player one day?

    • Mysti
      Mysti 4 kuukautta sitten +8

      everyone needs motivation in life and, in my opinion, having none won't get you very far. i am personally on the child's side. how come he can't become a baseball player?

  • Peyton James
    Peyton James 4 kuukautta sitten +15

    13:34 he goes.... POOSAY

    • cloudy
      cloudy 4 kuukautta sitten

      Peyton James THAT GETS ME EVERY TIME 😭

    • Peyton James
      Peyton James 4 kuukautta sitten

      Edit: 13:30

  • yo i
    yo i 4 kuukautta sitten +1


  • NixieNoo
    NixieNoo 4 kuukautta sitten +15

    The short-haired girl story hit too close to home

    • Fastest Pussycat
      Fastest Pussycat 4 kuukautta sitten +1

      @Bbad I thought the same thing, JW don't speak that way. It was a second hand story as well so most likely made up. Or, like you suggested some fanatical born again.😂

    • Bbad
      Bbad 4 kuukautta sitten +2

      Oh brother. JWs don’t discriminate like that. Would never happen. Probably some born again type denomination. I’m fact, probably didn’t happen.

    • Sgt Schultz
      Sgt Schultz 4 kuukautta sitten

      This is why most JW people only shop/eat at businesses owned by other JWs

    • Joseph Erhardt
      Joseph Erhardt 4 kuukautta sitten

      I would've PAID to see that bunch tossed out.

  • Roger Warburg
    Roger Warburg 4 kuukautta sitten +23

    That waiter who waited on Walter and Hank after Hank found out about Heisenberg, his story should’ve been included

  • Jibreel Lomax
    Jibreel Lomax 4 kuukautta sitten +5

    8:01 subtle racism

    • Alessio M
      Alessio M 4 kuukautta sitten +1

      @Jibreel Lomax he's right though

    • Jibreel Lomax
      Jibreel Lomax 4 kuukautta sitten

      @qpwoeiruty zmxmcbv I know for a 100% fact that you did no research into this and are going off of racist stereotypes. Go do research of modern suburbs fool.

    • fnt.
      fnt. 4 kuukautta sitten +3

      qpwoeiruty zmxmcbv Indicates that black people are generally poor... you have a brain right?

  • Mis Fit
    Mis Fit 4 kuukautta sitten

    I don’t listen to mechanical voices

    • Polaroid Android Jeff
      Polaroid Android Jeff 4 kuukautta sitten

      "You're not gonna get any pussy with an attitude like that"

    • Mysti
      Mysti 4 kuukautta sitten

      @Tranquility 😂

    • Didi Nedi
      Didi Nedi 4 kuukautta sitten +1


    • Didi Nedi
      Didi Nedi 4 kuukautta sitten +1


    • Tranquility
      Tranquility 4 kuukautta sitten +5

      But you listen to the voices in your head though.

  • Jade Cruz
    Jade Cruz 4 kuukautta sitten +42

    These stories tho 🤭💀

  • Eli ‘06
    Eli ‘06 4 kuukautta sitten +3


  • Aidan L
    Aidan L 4 kuukautta sitten +10

    i eat bugs

    *yum yum bugs*

    • Topazz
      Topazz 4 kuukautta sitten

      I've seen u before. Why?

    • Didi Nedi
      Didi Nedi 4 kuukautta sitten

      Nom nom nom nom

    • Chloe W
      Chloe W 4 kuukautta sitten +1


    • Aidan L
      Aidan L 4 kuukautta sitten +1

      haha this is funny 😂🤣🤣

  • Jeremy Hopkins
    Jeremy Hopkins 4 kuukautta sitten +3


  • Nickson
    Nickson 4 kuukautta sitten +27

    Wait what

    • Magnus TNT
      Magnus TNT 4 kuukautta sitten

      Hello bohemian rapsody chan

    • Max Edward
      Max Edward 4 kuukautta sitten

      FailerShino the commenter, PP-chan.

    • Max Edward
      Max Edward 4 kuukautta sitten

      Hol’ up, I’ve seen you before.