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    The Independent People’s Tribunal, also known as the China Tribunal, is the first independent tribunal to examine evidence of the Chinese regime's targeting of innocent prisoners of conscience to forcibly harvest their organs for transplantation.

    Public hearings for the China Tribunal started on December 8, 2018, and ran for three days, during which more than 30 witnesses, including refugees, investigators and doctors presented disturbing evidence.

    Following the hearing, scholars and experts condemned the crimes of forced organ harvesting in China, hoping to alert people around the world to the crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and calling for legal measures against the persecution.

    The final judgment of the tribunal is due in spring 2019.

    Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, chair of the Independent People's Tribunal, also known as the China Tribunal, announces an interim judgment.

    Legal Counsel to Tribunal: Let the Public Know What Has Happened

    Mr. Hamid Sabi, a human rights lawyer and legal counsel to the tribunal.

    Legal counsel to the tribunal, Mr. Hamid Sabi, told Minghui that forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience is a crime against humanity committed under the Chinese Communist Party's national policy of persecuting Falun Gong.

    “Very, very sick people are in charge in China, who can carry out these atrocities against very peaceful human beings,” Mr. Sabi said.

    “This is the Chinese government's state policy to suppress Falun Gong and this forced organ harvesting is used as a means of enforcing that policy. And it is used systematically throughout China against Falun Gong practitioners, and against Uighurs, against the house Christians, and against other ethnic groups. So because it is systemic and systematic it is recognized by international law, or customary international law, as crimes against humanity,” Mr. Sabi said.

    The charges are that prisoners of conscience in China have been subjected to regular medical examinations, and when the time came, their organs were removed. Because Falun Gong practitioners tend to be very healthy, Mr. Sabi said that practitioners of Falun Gong have been targeted for organ harvesting. Some accounts indicate that these surgeries were done without any anesthetics, in a very horrible way-and immediately transplanted into an organ visitor, he said.

    “This is a clear example of crimes against humanity, which is called murder, torture, and also the inhuman and horrible treatment of the prisoners,” he said.

    He stressed that the crimes have been committed systematically throughout China under state policy, using state agencies, including China's military hospitals, detention centers and jails. He said the tribunal also has evidence that the persecution was ordered by former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin.

    Sabi hopes that all people in the world can hear Falun Gong practitioners' testimonies, because every one of them had experienced unimaginable sufferings, and it was saddening to see people being treated inhumanly for their beliefs. He said the testimonies were recorded and would be published soon on the website.

    Sabi stated that while legal measures are needed, the power of morality is also important, and one way to pressure China is through public opinion. Publicizing the evidence presented at the tribunal and the conclusion of the tribunal through the media would intensify public pressure to end the persecution.

    Sabi said that China has not ratified the Rome Statute and thus cannot be taken to the International Criminal Court. The only authority that can impose sanctions against China would be the United Nations Security Council, but China sits as a permanent member of the Security Council and would veto any moves against it. China has therefore been able to get away with all these atrocities, Mr. Sabi said.

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