"people CAUGHT, what happened?"

  • Reddit answers the question- "Those who have been caught, how did you handle that? what happened?
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  • Reddit comments
    Reddit comments  2 kuukautta sitten +18

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  • Nonstopwill Aviation
    Nonstopwill Aviation 5 päivää sitten

    If I got caught jacking off I would be 2 embarrassed to even live with my family and probably run way

    XRYING 12 päivää sitten

    Not cool at all Keith

  • Chickenalaking
    Chickenalaking 21 päivä sitten

    What anime is the thumbnail from?

  • :D高田春代
    :D高田春代 21 päivä sitten

    This is the most fucked up moments I've ever seen😂😂😂😂

  • Lightning Yonko
    Lightning Yonko 22 päivää sitten

    In high school a bunch of kids I knew had story about how there parents caught them jerking and would just laugh and make fun of them but my parents found porn on the computer and lost there shit super mad grounded in trouble and all i could think is why are my parents so mad but everyone at school just got embarrassed

  • The Hero Of Our Time
    The Hero Of Our Time 26 päivää sitten

    The hell is the anime in the rhumbnail

  • Dat Meme Boi .w.
    Dat Meme Boi .w. Uukausi sitten +2


  • Tyrese Cruise
    Tyrese Cruise Uukausi sitten +3

    I have never been caught “wanking “ cause I have a system

    • XRYING
      XRYING 12 päivää sitten


  • Geoffrey Figueroa
    Geoffrey Figueroa Uukausi sitten +8

    Master breaking or having shreks

  • Mason Bloss
    Mason Bloss Uukausi sitten +4

    I got caught once when I was 13 then twice in the same week when I was 15

  • Ril_ Raixe
    Ril_ Raixe Uukausi sitten +3

    For those asking, the thumbnail's HHH Triple Ecchi, its censored by the way.

  • Remigijus Naucas
    Remigijus Naucas Uukausi sitten +3

    3:28 Wow... literally the same thing happened to me and I told her almost the exact same phrase. But... she got me back a year or so later when she jumped off me leaving my dong waving in the air as someone was walking in... she didn't use the same phrase but I couldn't help but laugh at my own karma.

  • CRAAAZY Neighbor
    CRAAAZY Neighbor Uukausi sitten +36

    *H A V I N G S H R E K S*

    • Evolt
      Evolt Päivä sitten


    • CatHoodieGirl 411
      CatHoodieGirl 411 3 päivää sitten +1

      I screamed with laughter when I heard that.

  • Nate Whitehurst
    Nate Whitehurst Uukausi sitten +2

    Mastubreaks or has shrex
    I died

  • Emily Mir
    Emily Mir Uukausi sitten +2

    Caught having shrecks

  • Mikhal Riggins
    Mikhal Riggins Uukausi sitten +3

    Flappy Bird transition

  • Alyson Macdougall
    Alyson Macdougall Uukausi sitten

    The day I accidentally walk in on someone having Shrex is the day I scoop my eyes out with a melon baller.
    Not actually, I'll just be mentally scarred for a while.

  • daderpydolphin gaming
    daderpydolphin gaming Uukausi sitten

    I was living in a house with a women and one day I started jerking it, all of the sudden my roommate walks in asking where the lotion is(just got out of the shower and all she had on was bra and panties) and she scared me to orgasm and I finished all over her tits... best laid ever

  • beverly ledbetter
    beverly ledbetter 2 kuukautta sitten +2

    Don't these people ever knock?? Christ!

  • Ravinson Huynh
    Ravinson Huynh 2 kuukautta sitten

    Time to die

  • Jango Is Bored
    Jango Is Bored 2 kuukautta sitten +2

    The one time my girlfriend and I were 69ing in my bed and my dad came up. I didnt hear but i kept going and my ex had to basically bend my member to get me to stop. Pretty sure my dad saw but he just asked me a question and left.

  • x nametaken
    x nametaken 2 kuukautta sitten +17

    Never once got caught and I did things the risky way. Live in a small house. 3 bedroom. Halls are carpeted so it's impossible to hear someone coming. My door is the first that my parents go into when checking on me and my brother. I learned a few tricks. Having the door locked = safe but sus. Always have a blanket covering your lower waist. I'd have people walk in on me and I'd instantly snap my hand away. Don't do that. The sound of your pants going back onto you is louder than you think. Don't moan. Practice breathing. Listen closely. I was so good at this, I'd masturbate door open, watching hentai (no volume), and a parent and brother home. Never. Got. Caught.

    • XRYING
      XRYING 12 päivää sitten


    • just a cock waiting to be jacked
      just a cock waiting to be jacked Uukausi sitten +4

      コード13'šð this nigga😂😂

    • コード13'šð
      コード13'šð Uukausi sitten +3

      Don't moan? Ur a girl? Damn welcome to the club I thought only boys take such risks. I was in my sister's room when I saw her clothes lying around the bed so I thought I'd be nice and help her tidy it. I took up the pile of clothes and a panty fell out. At that moment I was like Goddam urge to jerk off on the spot. I did it. No one caught me. When my sister finally saw the panty with stains on it she came into my room straighy and I said: next time don't leave it lying around. I can't guarantee something will not happen

    • RazeX9
      RazeX9 Uukausi sitten


    • x nametaken
      x nametaken Uukausi sitten

      @RazeX9 you're joking?

  • Jim_the _robot
    Jim_the _robot 2 kuukautta sitten +1


  • Mike P
    Mike P 2 kuukautta sitten +9

    What if you got stuck somewhere And you were there for 2000 years.

    • Mike P
      Mike P 2 kuukautta sitten

      Plus I’m not even sure it is the same channel similar but not the same.

    • Mike P
      Mike P 2 kuukautta sitten

      I swear I’m putting putting in the comments of another video.

    • xxDark Turtlesxx
      xxDark Turtlesxx 2 kuukautta sitten


    • Reddit comments
      Reddit comments  2 kuukautta sitten

      I think ur on the wrong video

  • Johage
    Johage 2 kuukautta sitten +29

    what’s the sauce for the thumbnail

  • What The Fuck
    What The Fuck 2 kuukautta sitten


  • hii
    hii 2 kuukautta sitten +1


  • Andrew Ames
    Andrew Ames 2 kuukautta sitten +1

    First and only time that it happened was funnier than shit; purchased a bed from my brother as an upgrade to the one I had at the time. He lived two states away, so I had to transport it, and needed help with assembly. Called one of my girlfriends at the time, asked if she would be willing to assist. In the process, we left the mattress transport cover on the kitchen floor, and put it together in the middle of the afternoon; put it to use. While in the middle of things, my boss (who was also my roommate, AND my FATHER) came home, saw the mattress cover and called out "Did you at least make it to the bedroom? "Barely!" Came down to my bedroom with a shit-eating grin on his face, and my girl was blushing scarlet while I was trying to hold back a laugh. It was legit the first time I had brought a woman home. He backed out quickly, almost like he'd been shot, and gave me shit about it at work for a week. She and I dated for another 3 months or so; the memory still makes me laugh!

  • Nora The omega
    Nora The omega 2 kuukautta sitten

    I wasn't exactly CAUGHT but maybe 3 years ago I was doing the deed and my brother being the annoying child he was never knocked so I heard him walking to my door, I stopped and he open it and walked in, thankfully I had a blanket over myself so I was fine and as a way to get him to leave so I can pull up my pants I say "can you get me an apple? I'm too lazy" and he fell for it, he left and as soon as he was out the door I pulled up my pants and cleaned off as best as I could.

  • Pyry Latvanen
    Pyry Latvanen 2 kuukautta sitten +1

    Believe or not i havet got caught/walked in on. Buut thats just a sign it Will happen someday

  • Chronicles of Reddit
    Chronicles of Reddit 2 kuukautta sitten +1

    More reddit stories on our channel

  • camdyn
    camdyn 2 kuukautta sitten +4

    D I R T Y T I M E

  • rochelle thundercloud
    rochelle thundercloud 2 kuukautta sitten +2

    We kept going.fiance at the time said wanna join in.

  • Henry Strauss
    Henry Strauss 2 kuukautta sitten +3

    I’m surry but uhh doesn’t anyone have fracking locks on their doors?

  • XxEngineerMain6.9 YouTube
    XxEngineerMain6.9 YouTube 2 kuukautta sitten +41

    “Your doing it wrong”
    That’s probably me in that situation.

  • arturo Mora
    arturo Mora 2 kuukautta sitten +2

    Thumbnail? btw hilarous vid i wish something like this never happens to me

  • rose qvarts
    rose qvarts 2 kuukautta sitten +1


  • Coolmancary
    Coolmancary 2 kuukautta sitten +1


  • Sweet Home Alabama
    Sweet Home Alabama 2 kuukautta sitten +33

    Your getting demonetized

  • Maiya Panesar
    Maiya Panesar 2 kuukautta sitten +137

    Masturbreaking and Shreks, the most taboo acts of all time

  • LGMK moe
    LGMK moe 2 kuukautta sitten +49

    The amount of likes is the amount of people that are cool

  • step bro im stuck
    step bro im stuck 2 kuukautta sitten +2


  • Infinite-Chances
    Infinite-Chances 2 kuukautta sitten +29


  • Mark Naeem
    Mark Naeem 2 kuukautta sitten +1


  • ark_eezee YT
    ark_eezee YT 2 kuukautta sitten +163

    I was using my little brothers I pad to watch porn and I didn’t know that my mom could see what I was watching from his u iPad So after I come out of my room she says” that girl was hot huh?”

  • Green potato
    Green potato 2 kuukautta sitten +2