How Earth’s Geography Will Change With Climate Change

  • Julkaistu 19.05.2020
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Kommentteja • 100

  • Máximo Benavente
    Máximo Benavente 3 tuntia sitten

    This climate change needs to be stopped. I don't understand why most people doesn't do anything to contribute help the planet. Just very few countries actually replaced carbon dioxide emitting industries by renovable energy. It's a shame

  • Li Frank
    Li Frank 4 tuntia sitten +1

    The only reason the earth is getting hotter is because we are trapping heat in your planet

  • Fishtankk
    Fishtankk 10 tuntia sitten +1

    Antarctican empire???????

  • Sauroņ Ndg
    Sauroņ Ndg 11 tuntia sitten

    I love these creative videos.

  • Qet Yahoo
    Qet Yahoo 16 tuntia sitten +1

    Here i am wondering why it would matter for arable lands if by at the 21st century, urban lands and building will be everywhere with ac. While vegetation will be grown indoors.

  • Linda Chen
    Linda Chen 20 tuntia sitten +1

    4:30 and more contributers to global warming incoming! Or no.

  • Patrick Fournier
    Patrick Fournier Päivä sitten

    Canada isnt a "Frozen hell hole" you ignorant american probably living in Texas or Florida.

  • Adrian Nostromo
    Adrian Nostromo Päivä sitten

    You egg heads in the comments know the 6th mass extinction is well underway. Your kids, kids grandkids will be the first generation to probably fight the world's first Global Water War. And as ecosystems die humans will feel the effects.

  • Valerie Pallar
    Valerie Pallar Päivä sitten

    Sad sad earth

  • J P
    J P Päivä sitten

    Relocation of refugees, LOL. I'm sure they will be accepted ahahhahahahahahh few land for few people, who already lives there plus someone wich could be useful.

  • Napster2002 . aspx
    Napster2002 . aspx Päivä sitten

    An interesting thought experiment. Personally I doubt that 3/4ths of the Earth would become desert because, as the Earth warms up, the atmosphere can hold more suspended moisture. We would definitely see an initial dieback of Forrest as soil moisture evaporates rapidly, drying out world soils. After that, rain patterns would drastically change. As a result regional jungles and forrests would pop up in places not seen before like you mentioned in the video. I imagine more that drought stricken farmland would revert into new variations of savanna ecosystems. As a result of Sea level rise,. Many swamps and lagoons might actually grow. Still a really well done video RLL!

  • The Baltic Power
    The Baltic Power Päivä sitten

    And This video is also retarded and idiotic.

  • The Baltic Power
    The Baltic Power Päivä sitten

    This video is so false and stupid.

  • Keegan [GoatLord]
    Keegan [GoatLord] Päivä sitten

    How many drugs was this author on? it would be bad but not anywhere near this bad

  • Susse Kind
    Susse Kind Päivä sitten

    Russia has a 3rd ice free year round port. Vladivostok.
    Granted, it is on the Pacific side, but still it's an operational port in between Korea and Japan.

  • That One Russian
    That One Russian 2 päivää sitten

    1:20 closer to the POLES? Oh... everybody goes to Europe😏

  • Robo Spike Gaming
    Robo Spike Gaming 2 päivää sitten +3

    World: got hotter
    Philippines: let's drink coffee

  • Genny Onyenakazi
    Genny Onyenakazi 2 päivää sitten

    and people still don’t believe in global warming. i wonder when this is going to start happening

    • The Baltic Power
      The Baltic Power Päivä sitten

      This video is stupid and false, a 4 Degree Temperature Increase change isn’t going to do something as drastic as this.

  • ROJO L
    ROJO L 2 päivää sitten

    If Antartica becomes 4 degrees warmer it will still be a frozen wasteland, same for alaska, siberia, canada etc.

  • Flashstar 123
    Flashstar 123 2 päivää sitten

    *Canada and Russia added video to watch later*

  • Dawid Lipski
    Dawid Lipski 2 päivää sitten

    1:52 now THIS is the sunrise kingdom

  • Willem Wierenga
    Willem Wierenga 2 päivää sitten

    Idk. Id think the sahara does get almost green same with Australia. The earth doesnt warm that much at the equator. But more at the poles. So the ocean water is getting warmer so instead of offland wind at sahara you get inlandwinds.

  • NinaCruz
    NinaCruz 2 päivää sitten

    The Netherlands will not go underwater they will managed to get rid of it

  • Putra Petir
    Putra Petir 2 päivää sitten +2

    2020 : Write that down Write that down!!

  • WolfGamerTV
    WolfGamerTV 2 päivää sitten +1

    *The World is a desert*
    Arabs: *It’s a real free estate*

  • Freddy Tang
    Freddy Tang 3 päivää sitten

    lets play a drinking game "drink every time RLL says desert"

  • The Liamster
    The Liamster 3 päivää sitten

    If this were to ever happen (it’s unlikely but entirely possible) Canada would either join the United States and become a state of America would annex Canada.

  • Dan Sands
    Dan Sands 3 päivää sitten +1

    Total bullpies. Global warming is real but areas do not just turn into deserts because they're hot. The Amazon rainforest agrees

  • Christian Fontaine
    Christian Fontaine 3 päivää sitten +1

    I dont understand how does - 60 degrees +4 degrees= >(melting ALL OF THE ICE) or how does 24 degree water somehow become >100 degrees (to evaporate a whole river)...... I don't understand

    • Christian Fontaine
      Christian Fontaine 3 päivää sitten +1

      @Pulse Gamin I guess I just understand how 4 degrees can make water evaporate, if its only in the 20s

    • Pulse Gamin
      Pulse Gamin 3 päivää sitten

      That is the ability of global temperatures. A drop by as much as 2 degrees can have adverse effects globally.

  • literal doc
    literal doc 3 päivää sitten +1

    Your videos about country or region specific geopolitical issues are really good but this one is just a very far stretch of imagination. Even with anthropogenic interference, this rate of desertification is simply impossible.

  • Thiccbroniggboi The third
    Thiccbroniggboi The third 4 päivää sitten

    you make a video about what if Alexander the greats Greece empires reunited

  • Marcello Di Maio
    Marcello Di Maio 4 päivää sitten

    Most of Denmark would be underwater though

  • Jessen Githui
    Jessen Githui 4 päivää sitten

    what is the name of that tsunami documentary?

  • Victor
    Victor 4 päivää sitten

    Finally the USA will be Canada's pants.

  • HTiger 10
    HTiger 10 4 päivää sitten +1

    4:39 i live in new zealand

  • Its over Anakin i have the high ground!

    4⁰Celsius is 39⁰ fernhight (sorry cant spell)

  • JackIsBoring
    JackIsBoring 4 päivää sitten

    Well sh*t, I live in NZ there is only 4-5 Million people here. I don't think we would be able to handle it.

  • US
    US 4 päivää sitten

    Reminds me of Kharak with water

  • Random Memes Weekly
    Random Memes Weekly 4 päivää sitten +1

    new england is now a giant death desert...

    on the bright side, i get to ride camels everywhere!

  • shit toast
    shit toast 4 päivää sitten

    RealLifeLore: Haha let me carry some water for you, China

  • Chocolatez
    Chocolatez 4 päivää sitten

    imo canada would be better off than russia because of its poliitical state and the fact thats there isnt too much lakes n stuff around russia
    canada has lakes EVERYWHERE

  • Vincent
    Vincent 4 päivää sitten

    Canada will not become a superpower because as soon as things start getting a little too hot USA will just invade and take it.

  • Zach Brannigan
    Zach Brannigan 4 päivää sitten +1

    Canada: frozen hellhole
    Eh, that's only nine months of the year

  • PeachyBoiii
    PeachyBoiii 4 päivää sitten


  • getuniqueee
    getuniqueee 5 päivää sitten

    Alternatively titled, "Let's take the worst most unrealistic possible scenario for climate change and elaborate on it". I guess if you take it as fiction it's fun, but you all certainly didn't highlight the fictional narrative.
    But of course if somehow the earth managed to get +4C (+7F) warmer, which is massive, bad things would happen.
    Do water world next!!!

  • Xavier Morla
    Xavier Morla 5 päivää sitten

    The world's temperature increases significantly because of fossil fuels, animal agriculture AKA Climate change
    Also: these countries can exploit natural resources and become superpowers
    Me: So, wh, what's the F#@&ING POINT!!!!!

    • The Baltic Power
      The Baltic Power Päivä sitten

      This video is false. It’s also stupid, idiotic and retarded. A 4 Degree Temperature Increase change is not going to turn most of this habitable Earth into deserts.

  • Tommaso Alberto Fogli
    Tommaso Alberto Fogli 5 päivää sitten

    Danmark would be totally floaded

  • TRG
    TRG 5 päivää sitten +1

    umm I don’t think the desert would just stop perfectly along the us Canadian border

  • Tommaso Alberto Fogli
    Tommaso Alberto Fogli 5 päivää sitten

    Let’s just say for FUN

  • Ramo Shehada
    Ramo Shehada 5 päivää sitten +1

    I’m telling you even though Melbourne becomes deserted it will still rain and become hot like 10 times a day

  • Ramo Shehada
    Ramo Shehada 5 päivää sitten +1

    How many years do I have left?

  • Zizzy * Offical
    Zizzy * Offical 5 päivää sitten

    I’m glad the U.K. is safe

  • Thunder Spergberg
    Thunder Spergberg 5 päivää sitten

    Somehow I think that map is bullshit

  • KPX01
    KPX01 5 päivää sitten

    welp time to move north then.

  • Jian Acoba
    Jian Acoba 5 päivää sitten


  • R Defender2
    R Defender2 5 päivää sitten

    No Worries!! Know-it-all Obama’s spent $15 million on a Martha’s Vineyard “beachfront” home. Meanwhile, worlds 2nd richest man and his santanic upside down cross wife spent $45 million one a beachfront west coast home.

  • Patrick Stone
    Patrick Stone 5 päivää sitten

    Reallifelore: Every continent is a desert.
    Antarctica: What about me?
    Realifelore: You're a snow desert...
    Antarctica: 👁_ 👁

  • Moises Barba
    Moises Barba 6 päivää sitten

    when did he say the good news?

  • Syed Abdullah Mahmood
    Syed Abdullah Mahmood 6 päivää sitten

    At 3:09, how is the Sahel region in Western Africa so green in the middle of desert?

  • MR Wolf Mapper
    MR Wolf Mapper 6 päivää sitten +1

    The Yellow River now has another sense

  • C
    C 6 päivää sitten

    The only oversight here is that millions of species of plant and animal will go extinct, even ones in the ‘green habitable areas’ because they can’t cope with the new temperatures.
    So there would be ecological collapse, oceans would have fewer fish and 7 billion people would be crammed into what’s left of Earth. The ‘habitable areas’ would be trashed. By humans and there would be no nature left

  • The Baylis Code
    The Baylis Code 6 päivää sitten

    Everyone would just move to Canada

  • Last_Ninja
    Last_Ninja 6 päivää sitten

    2.2 thousand dislikes are people from the Maldives

  • Adrenalin844
    Adrenalin844 6 päivää sitten

    I see a lot of people are dismissing this as garbage, and without context, it is. The original title of this video was "What if the world got 4 degrees warmer", but I guess that wouldn't fly. Here's the real version: this is probably maybe what would happen if the earth got that much warmer and continued to maintain a similar or warmer temperature... For centuries. Nothing noticeable to us humans is even predicted to happen until 2100 at our current pace, and it does not include deserts, acid rains, the atmosphere spontaneously combusting, or whatever else the whining about us going extinct due to climate change includes. It's amusing to watch how these people flail about without realizing the timescale of these things. We're more likely to either blow ourselves up or have colonies on extraterrestrial bodies by the time any of this would actually impact us to any meaningful degree. Unless it's Africa. Then again, it's always shit down there.

  • Random Name
    Random Name 6 päivää sitten

    this map is complete hot garbage. there is no way in hell this is even remotely close to what will actually happen. this man forgot that the oceans and wind and lakes and mountains exist

  • Vickran
    Vickran 7 päivää sitten

    7:50 bro telling Scandinavia to unite in one country is like saying all the worlds religions should unite. It won't happen. From an outsiders perspective we might seem ''similar'' but one couldn't be more wrong honestly

  • BosnianGames MS
    BosnianGames MS 7 päivää sitten

    this map is so wrong and stupid

  • Andrei Frentiu
    Andrei Frentiu 7 päivää sitten

    +4 C ? or +20 ? this is not accurate

  • batch2448
    batch2448 7 päivää sitten

    But man bear pig isn't real

  • Max G
    Max G 7 päivää sitten

    If you have mountains and water near you will have rain. And how the f were the habitable territories selected? Aside from the polar parts.
    The fact that RealLifeLore believe all this bullsh*t shows how dummy he is.

  • Sage Sheahan
    Sage Sheahan 7 päivää sitten

    If Earth's temperatures rise by 4 degrees, the methane ice at the bottom oceans will melt, resulting in a further 4 degree increase, so none of this is essentially correct or matters. Recalculate this estimate.

  • Roy Piper
    Roy Piper 7 päivää sitten

    LOL to anyone who doesn't realize we will just invade Canada and make them part of the USA. We have 5000 nukes. What do they have? Ice skaters?

  • Lusty Dirt
    Lusty Dirt 7 päivää sitten

    For the middle east it would just be like every other day

  • dannzman
    dannzman 7 päivää sitten

    Yep we can tell this FIchannelrs political leanings. Defiantly no propaganda here!

  • Paulo Abundo
    Paulo Abundo 7 päivää sitten

    We will not see this happen if we kill each other first.

  • How Big Is Earth!
    How Big Is Earth! 7 päivää sitten

    Its 6 cel/century.

  • Luke
    Luke 7 päivää sitten

    Looks like we'll get our just deserts.

  • Eliazar
    Eliazar 7 päivää sitten

    Stop laughing. Worst video you’ve ever made.

  • X Calibus Gaming
    X Calibus Gaming 7 päivää sitten +3

    Why the hell is background music volume is so high?
    I can't concentrate plz don't do this again

  • Hudaman
    Hudaman 7 päivää sitten

    Imagine seeing deserts from the One World Trade Center.

  • Travis Martin
    Travis Martin 7 päivää sitten

    Someone needs to show this video to the US Congress. They don't give a damn about the next generations future, but hearing about Russia will make there hearts palpitate

  • Srab23
    Srab23 7 päivää sitten

    I do not believe this map reflects reality. Why would the entire map become a desert by becoming 4 degrees warmer? I know global warming is a catastrophic disaster that will harm millions of people but I just can't imagine that the entire central world will become an uninhabited desert.

  • OrangeLemonade
    OrangeLemonade 8 päivää sitten +19

    “Alaska would be rich in oil” lol. The world is literally burning and we’re still burning fossil fuels?

    • Kevin Wong
      Kevin Wong Päivä sitten

      How else would you create products such as plastics?

  • PhoenixIncPi
    PhoenixIncPi 8 päivää sitten +2

    What Happens if the world gets 4 degrees warmer?
    Thumbnail: *BURN*

  • heman Potluri
    heman Potluri 8 päivää sitten

    There is a mistake Netherlands and Belgium won’t be underwater because they have a wall

  • PlasmaRangerMemes
    PlasmaRangerMemes 8 päivää sitten

    Yay New Zealand!

  • Spoon Shortage Mapper
    Spoon Shortage Mapper 8 päivää sitten

    What would happen if the climate gets colder?

  • I am an Innocent child
    I am an Innocent child 8 päivää sitten +1

    This is how dads feel after you turned up the heater in the room.

  • Elias Malmberg
    Elias Malmberg 8 päivää sitten

    This is waaaaaaay to simple of an explanation. But still a good video

  • Manishgant Anantha Padmanabhan
    Manishgant Anantha Padmanabhan 8 päivää sitten

    0:35 White people struggling to pronounce even the most simple Indian names 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Nathaniel Snyder
      Nathaniel Snyder 7 päivää sitten

      *goes to comment in your comment* ok Mani- HELL NO

  • Faragar
    Faragar 8 päivää sitten

    What if we try to live out in the middle of the oceans with floating cities?

  • Jared Z
    Jared Z 8 päivää sitten

    Climate refugees
    Me: nope just nope
    World: reeeee have 2 many ppl
    Me in 1st world country: dont u dare
    Them: mine!
    Me: okay have a war then

  • Jared Z
    Jared Z 8 päivää sitten

    The southern hemisphere wants to fucking remind you they exist 🤣

  • Jared Z
    Jared Z 8 päivää sitten

    Or maybe we just don't
    Sounds good with me

  • G D
    G D 8 päivää sitten


  • Daniel Z.
    Daniel Z. 8 päivää sitten

    I'm not a climate or physical geography expert, but this scenario seems unlikely. When ice sheets melt, it would just expose bare rock, not arable land, right? Also, let's say that in 100 years the Southern US & Mexico become as hot as the Amazon is today. Why then would the US and Mexico become a desert and not a humid tropical climate? If the world has more liquid water and more tropical temperatures, why would so many new deserts form? Once again, I'm no scientist or researcher, but this video is really counterintuitive.

  • connectingwings
    connectingwings 8 päivää sitten +1

    Let's just take a minute to think about that this will be reality in 2050 if the current pace continues..

  • bones7056
    bones7056 8 päivää sitten

    Not buying this map. Global warming is real but not this. Michigan in 80 years is going to be a full dessert? 100% wrong

  • Roblox_ Gamer_YT_Ireland
    Roblox_ Gamer_YT_Ireland 8 päivää sitten

    Every place in the earth becomes 10°C warmer
    USA: Stays in Superpower Status while having a few more hot places
    Most of USA would be normal places also more Population
    Russia: Stays in Superpower Status while having a good more of Normal Places also more Population
    China: Gets more hotter Places but 1.4 Billion people can still live there because they have already got used to it remains a Superpower Country
    Also less population
    India: Clearly gets a Population decrease by a few million
    But more floods in the future
    Europe: More hot places and More Normal and Cold Places and Better things especially in The Central

    • Archway 9
      Archway 9 7 päivää sitten

      Russia isn’t a superpower anymore

  • Roblox_ Gamer_YT_Ireland
    Roblox_ Gamer_YT_Ireland 8 päivää sitten

    Every place in the earth becomes 10°C warmer
    USA: Stays in Superpower Status while having a few more hot places
    Most of USA would be normal places also more Population
    Russia: Stays in Superpower Status while having a good more of Normal Places also more Population
    China: Gets more hotter Places but 1.4 Billion people can still live there because they have already got used to it remains a Superpower Country
    Also less population
    India: Clearly gets a Population decrease by a few million
    But more floods in the future