Porter Robinson - Get your Wish (Official Music Video)

  • get your wish is a song about finding a reason to keep going, even if it's not for your own sake

    from the forthcoming album, "nurture"
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    Directed by Chris Muir
    Creative Direction: Porter Robinson & Samuel Burgess-Johnson
    Producer: Esteban Zuluaga
    Exec. Producer: Melora Donoghue
    Production Company: Little Ugly (@wearelittleugly)
    Cinematographer: Kristofer Bonnel
    Editor: Ellis Bahl
    Post Supervisor: Naheem Adio (@naheemadio)
    VFX: Vitaly Verlov
    Colorist: Dylan Hageman
    Production Designer: Liam Moore
    Label: Mom+Pop Music
    Artist Management: Slush Management
    Music Video Rep: Reprobates (@obreprobates)
    Hair and Makeup: Anthony Hernandez
    Styling: Mark Robinson
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    i’ll make it right again
    “but it’s no use,”
    you said
    as my hunger grows and grows
    i have to write the meaning of my life
    or else everything’s in vain
    when the glory tries to tempt you,
    it may seem like what you need
    but if glory makes you happy, why are you so broken up?
    so tell me how it felt when you walked on water?
    did you get your wish?
    floating to the surface
    quicker than you sank
    idol, idol
    so tell me how it felt when you walked on water?
    did you get your wish?
    floating to the surface
    quicker than you sank
    idol, idol
    don’t say you lose just yet,
    get up and move ahead
    and not only for yourself.
    'cause that’s your role:
    the work that stirred your soul,
    you can make for someone else.
    one day you choke
    your urges overflow
    and obsession wears you down
    but don’t you waste the suffering you’ve faced
    it will serve you in due time
    so tell me how it felt when you walked on water?
    did you get your wish?
    floating to the surface
    quicker than you sank
    idol, idol

    so tell me how it felt when you walked on water?
    did you get your wish?
    floating to the surface
    quicker than you sank
    idol, idol
    so tell me

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  • Porter Robinson
    Porter Robinson  21 päivä sitten +518

    something comforting out now: fichannel.info/videot/gn6pnqmFppyitGg

    • Kameron Kingsbury
      Kameron Kingsbury 13 tuntia sitten

      Cannot wait for the full album to come out. Been loving these 2 songs the last few weeks

    • Pieces2thePuzzle
      Pieces2thePuzzle 2 päivää sitten

      interesting choice of words

    • IDKwhatIamDOING
      IDKwhatIamDOING 9 päivää sitten

      @Bingus nice

    • Jared Narine
      Jared Narine 18 päivää sitten

      Our god is back, from my heart thank you porter.

    • Elijah Leach
      Elijah Leach 18 päivää sitten +1

      I understand this. You afraid that nurture would be worse than worlds. Nurture will be a great album porter robinson

  • Arief rahman
    Arief rahman 2 tuntia sitten

    such a nice masterpiece

  • Muhamad Fikry Ramadhan
    Muhamad Fikry Ramadhan 2 tuntia sitten

    gw setel terus nih lagu dari pertama rilis sampe si Covid-19 menyerang

  • Inaworldoflove
    Inaworldoflove 6 tuntia sitten +1

    Love it. I was feeling down today because I was diagnosed with Coronavirus and then Apple Music played this, and its made me feel good. Thanks.

  • Ino k
    Ino k 8 tuntia sitten

    Love this music track. Can someone tell me the meaning behind the "Idol, Idol" part at the end.
    I almost got the whole part, except this one.

  • Izumi Ixon
    Izumi Ixon 10 tuntia sitten +1

    This song's inspires me to get up and move, even though it is so hard...
    Been ½ year of no inspirations and ideas for music makings and I'm almost gave up at the moment, but porter lend me an 1+ up life for my hapless career as an underrated musician...
    Many thanks for your vibes, porter!
    PS. This is my 2nd account coz I'm too lazy to switch accounts

    IDIOTICDEVZ 13 tuntia sitten


  • Jaya Hooper
    Jaya Hooper 21 tunti sitten

    I can’t stop listening to this song.
    I’ve been going through a lot, picking up many of pieces on my own because of a man who stripped me of everything I worked hard for, after 6 years because he couldn’t handle a little bit of depression. I was left in the dust with absolutely nothing. But my mother raised me to be so humble and strong just like her that I have so much endless love that keeps me going. I’ve been everyone’s backbone for so long, I never knew what it felt like for so many people to pick me back up. I’ve never made an enemy and sometimes I may buckle but I’m so grateful that my journey isn’t over. Stay strong everyone! I’ve been blessed, even more so for hearing music that keeps me moving and makes me feel like I’m not alone! ♥️

  • Biess
    Biess 22 tuntia sitten

    This song is really good

  • Horace Sullivan III
    Horace Sullivan III Päivä sitten

    alright imma go cry now

    olD CHANNEL MIXQUYZ Päivä sitten +1

    PTN OUIIIIIIIIIIII ENFIIIIIIIIIIIN , 1 Album des 2 meilleurs DJ au monde en l'espace de 6 mois

    J'ai attentu 6 ans yesssssssssssss

    ♥ love you PORTER ROBINSON

  • DJ_Dell
    DJ_Dell Päivä sitten +1

    이것도 진짜 한 100번은 돌려본거같아.. 넘좋아

  • David G
    David G Päivä sitten

    My Master says that Unconditional Divine Love has three main qualities: it keeps growing, it is not bound by anything, and there is nothing beyond it.

    Well.. Porter Robinson.. I feel this qualities can apply also to your Divinely inspired music

  • ImHcfd hack
    ImHcfd hack Päivä sitten

    roblox epic mini games
    like if you play,you will know if you play it
    you get it right?

  • • U N I C O R N O
    • U N I C O R N O Päivä sitten

    This voice, I'm confused

  • Decibal Duke
    Decibal Duke Päivä sitten

    Bless us with that beauty Porter.

  • Lucy Mae
    Lucy Mae 2 päivää sitten

    *starts dancing*
    Me: Matty Healy that you?!

  • MC妖狐 /Nine FOX
    MC妖狐 /Nine FOX 2 päivää sitten


  • Dhivanka Puteri
    Dhivanka Puteri 2 päivää sitten

    What the actually meaning of 'walked on water'?
    Please somebody answer me

  • CrypcY gaming channel
    CrypcY gaming channel 2 päivää sitten +1

    This is honestly better than Jb's yummy and intention
    This is a meaningful master peice
    While jb's is a peasant work

  • Herda Anggara
    Herda Anggara 2 päivää sitten

    Love From Indonesian, I Love Porter Robinson
    I love Future Bass 💕💕💕💕🥰

  • World Of Worship 2
    World Of Worship 2 2 päivää sitten

    Porter release the album before they make social listening illegal also!!!

    YUTEXO X 2 päivää sitten


  • Liam Gal
    Liam Gal 2 päivää sitten

    when kurt cobain meets mew.

  • Dhivanka Puteri
    Dhivanka Puteri 3 päivää sitten

    I'd like to take a photo booth in front of that screen

  • Jeffin Justine
    Jeffin Justine 3 päivää sitten +1

    Do anyone know the girl who is singing?🤔

  • MysteryMii
    MysteryMii 3 päivää sitten +1

    I only just noticed that this video is in 4K.

  • scroch pilot 27
    scroch pilot 27 3 päivää sitten

    I love this song

  • TAPL
    TAPL 3 päivää sitten

    Спасибо за композицию, ты лучший!

  • Cucchlain O
    Cucchlain O 4 päivää sitten

    I think this may be they best Porter track yet

  • Ethan Rey
    Ethan Rey 4 päivää sitten


  • Adrian Giordano
    Adrian Giordano 4 päivää sitten +1

    At 3:10, there a little piano in the background that is exactly the same in "Something Comforting" at 4:27

  • Zoxior
    Zoxior 4 päivää sitten

    Me encanta esa vocal quien la canta?

    • Vicer Fx
      Vicer Fx 4 päivää sitten

      Porter himself, but of course it's pitch/formant shifted

  • Anonymous Unknown
    Anonymous Unknown 4 päivää sitten +1

    To wake up everyday and listen to one of your music is one of the reason why I am alive and still love being alive. Thank you :)

  • Thanos the Farmer
    Thanos the Farmer 5 päivää sitten

    3:11 I keep thinking my PC computer has an update whenever I hear that damn sound!

  • oshige -chan
    oshige -chan 5 päivää sitten


  • An Average Comic Book Channel
    An Average Comic Book Channel 5 päivää sitten

    The music video is...... quite odd for me, but the song is epic.

  • Francisco Ruiz
    Francisco Ruiz 5 päivää sitten

    It's so cool to listen to porter's new music. I hope that he starts releasing new tracks more often.

  • Midnight Gamer
    Midnight Gamer 5 päivää sitten +1

    I'm actually angry about the fact that this video only has 1 Million views like cmon, this deserves atleast a billion views

  • theleftnut
    theleftnut 5 päivää sitten +1

    You're music is so special to me, Porter. It really just moves me and takes me out of whatever moment I'm in and into a completely different place, one that I wish I could just live in forever. Thank you for giving me, for giving all of us the incredible gift that is your music

  • Alex Góchez
    Alex Góchez 5 päivää sitten

    Love U Porter 🦊

  • Anthony Nguyen
    Anthony Nguyen 5 päivää sitten

    Did you get your wish? -> Is this really what you wanted?

    Anyhow, just by reading Rhyo B.'s comment, you can see the lyrics fit so perfectly with such reflection.

  • Nicole Villegas
    Nicole Villegas 5 päivää sitten

    Porter, you left the metronome

  • Natalee Cervantes
    Natalee Cervantes 5 päivää sitten

    Porter is a cancer and this is water sign vibes all arounddd

  • Eric Gonzales
    Eric Gonzales 6 päivää sitten +1

    This is the superior song vs Something comforting!!!

  • りゅじ
    りゅじ 6 päivää sitten


  • ggwp Boy
    ggwp Boy 6 päivää sitten +1

    after taking a break for so long, I just can't solve equations anymore, I still remember how, I just can't, I don't know why but I always feel like something is stopping me from doing it, my heart would race without any clear reason and I'm not even doing any test or exams, has anyone had something like this happened to them?

  • Professor_Cube
    Professor_Cube 6 päivää sitten

    god like video

  • Zeus Clans
    Zeus Clans 6 päivää sitten


  • Johan Bravo
    Johan Bravo 6 päivää sitten +13

    See this is one of the real artist, who doesn't just make a bunch of random pop songs with no real meaning behind them, his has a lot of emotion, real emotion. Ever since I heard his song goodbye to a world I have been a big fan, and listening to this song and every other one since then has made me an even bigger fan.
    Thank you Porter Robinson for such great music.

  • Jstar0218
    Jstar0218 6 päivää sitten

    Porter makes music masterpieces

  • TyPeTheEndd
    TyPeTheEndd 7 päivää sitten

    Love it!

  • João Pedro
    João Pedro 7 päivää sitten


  • ゆりYURI
    ゆりYURI 7 päivää sitten

    I came here for sewerslvt, this song is amazing ¡¡¡¡

  • Dan Galarza
    Dan Galarza 7 päivää sitten

    Oh good. I thought that all those songs about the end of the world were getting to him. Im glad he's changed it up.

  • Cellsy Kaycee
    Cellsy Kaycee 8 päivää sitten

    Who's the singer?

  • 김빙어
    김빙어 8 päivää sitten +1

    I love your music. soooooooooooooooooo good!

  • ゆのみ
    ゆのみ 8 päivää sitten +1

    I felt this as a theme of '''weathering with you".
    love it!!😍😍

  • Qam Singkee
    Qam Singkee 9 päivää sitten

    i think it'd be awesome if you had a collab with lauv. :)

  • Strawberry shortcake slime wwe
    Strawberry shortcake slime wwe 9 päivää sitten

    btw who sang this song???

  • Sad Gamer Show
    Sad Gamer Show 9 päivää sitten

    That first chorus being in 1/2 time just sent everyone into a dream world...

  • Daniel Partogi L T 05
    Daniel Partogi L T 05 9 päivää sitten +3

    hey uh.. porter supposed to be electrocuted right? because he uses and put the mic in the water.

    • SCOTT
      SCOTT 6 päivää sitten

      Isn’t connected to a power source

  • year of singularity
    year of singularity 9 päivää sitten

    art fellings

  • Daniel, The Alien
    Daniel, The Alien 9 päivää sitten +1

    Yo you all have to watch this with Japanese subtitles! Anime intro activated 😂❤️

  • amir raziq
    amir raziq 10 päivää sitten +2

    Omg this is my jam.

  • tokyoincident1
    tokyoincident1 11 päivää sitten



  • Scott Riley Adrueno
    Scott Riley Adrueno 11 päivää sitten

    I wish you and Madeon could do a collab project again, this time with Makoto Shinkai helming the visuals for the music video.

  • Model Creator
    Model Creator 11 päivää sitten +3

    Don't ask why he's voice is much like female, He's mic has been dropped in water for years...

  • Indra Lukman
    Indra Lukman 11 päivää sitten +2

    Wow..indonesian subtittle lyric😁

  • Lago Brian
    Lago Brian 11 päivää sitten +1

    0:11 all day any day

    BIGTO NARIN 12 päivää sitten

    He like kurt cobain in this performance art.

  • Dewi
    Dewi 12 päivää sitten +1

    kurt cobain vibes

  • Roro Y
    Roro Y 12 päivää sitten +2

    Listening this and looking down at the empty streets from my NY apartment on a rainy night, knowing that the city will likely be locked down in the coming days due to the crazy virus......just unrealistic, depressed but somehow peaceful to me

    AMC EDM ART 12 päivää sitten +7

    Porter Robinson, Gryffin, Said The Sky, Seven Lions, Illenium, Slander, Trivecta, Exicion, William Blak, Jason Ross, + style video AMC EDM ART

  • Philipe de Souza Santos
    Philipe de Souza Santos 13 päivää sitten

    PS: Glory = money

  • Dominik Sartorius Music
    Dominik Sartorius Music 13 päivää sitten +1

    After listening to Porter's newest track "Something Comforting", I created an orchestral version of it! If you're interested, you can check it out on my channel!
    Stay safe everyone :)

  • bestmanalive99
    bestmanalive99 13 päivää sitten +1

    I had no idea that the female vocals was his edited voice

  • Fernando Barragan
    Fernando Barragan 13 päivää sitten

    Espero que el Rubius no queme está canción U ´꓃ ` U

  • 이정재
    이정재 13 päivää sitten

    thanks for sub

  • Wilfran Díaz Rosales
    Wilfran Díaz Rosales 13 päivää sitten

    Whose voice is this? It's beautiful

    • SCOTT
      SCOTT 6 päivää sitten

      Porter’s just edited to a higher pitch etc