Why Is Suomi Called Finland In English?

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    This video was so heavily requested I couldn't not make it. Annoyingly there just isn't a definitive answer for this question. It was a really double ended sword making this as so many people wanted it but I just don't think there's enough content for it. Anyway I hope you all enjoyed!
    Baltic Rune Stones: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baltic_area_runestones#cite_note-Jansson24-9
    The Finnic Ethnonyms: www.sgr.fi/ct/ct51.html
    "Village Consort"
    Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  • Name Explain
    Name Explain  3 vuotta sitten +237

    Random question of the video: Who's going to win the Royal Rumble? I'm think either Undertaker, Braun Stroman, or a returning Finn Balor.

    • Pikku Pelaaja
      Pikku Pelaaja 7 kuukautta sitten +1


    • lambdashift aka David Heikkila
      lambdashift aka David Heikkila Vuosi sitten

      Why do people pronounce my last name like ka-Key-kala, when it's pronounced Hey-key-la.

    • Forstark
      Forstark 2 vuotta sitten

      Name Explain ui juma suomi!

    • Jussi Riihi
      Jussi Riihi 2 vuotta sitten

      Name Explain u shud translate this from Finnish to english Suomi tulee siitä että täällä on paljon suota ja saarta esin Turun saaristo

    • TATZKA
      TATZKA 2 vuotta sitten +1

      Mitä vittua te höpötätte

  • Tomas Katinas
    Tomas Katinas 9 päivää sitten

    Fun fact, in Lithuanian the "ja" at the end usually indicates that you're talking about a country or a place. For exampy Vokieti(ja) - Germany, Angli(ja) - England, Australi(ja), as well Suomi(ja) - Finland. This rule doesn't work for all countries tough. For example. We call the USA as Amerkika, Argentina as Argentina or Chile as Cilė :DDDD

  • Joshua Liu
    Joshua Liu 21 päivä sitten

    just like Holland&Netherlands

  • K. H
    K. H Uukausi sitten

    Why u say my country is trash In eu4 its Best SHFU

  • mavihe1
    mavihe1 Uukausi sitten

    The name Suomi comes from the name of the people. A finn in finnish is called suomalainen. It originates from suo maa lainen witch translates to english as person from the swamp land (suo=swamp, maa=land. Lainen is an ending to a place's name and it means you are from there. Like in english ending -nese in japanese.)

    • mavihe1
      mavihe1 Uukausi sitten

      The name Finland comes from swedish "Fin land". It literally means fine land.

  • Benny Silin
    Benny Silin 2 kuukautta sitten

    It's not like there's fins, shark fins, that many late 50's cars with fins or some shit like that all over here.

  • MagnaYu
    MagnaYu 2 kuukautta sitten

    In south slavic languages "fin" means "nice, fine".

  • Vegataryan Recipes
    Vegataryan Recipes 2 kuukautta sitten

    In the netherlands we call it Finland too... But we speak it differently..

  • マサラタウンのサトシ太郎。


  • Sami Rantanen
    Sami Rantanen 2 kuukautta sitten

    It's called Suomi because it clearly rhymes with Perkele. Suomi, Perkele!

    CHAMP 4 kuukautta sitten


  • Lps tilli
    Lps tilli 5 kuukautta sitten

    Mitä erikoista tyypit näkee suomessa?

  • Debbie prince
    Debbie prince 5 kuukautta sitten

    Suo = swamp in Finnish.
    Fen pretty much means the same thing.

  • GamingWithCarlYT - Gacha Carl PH

    Finland is not PewDiePie

  • Mozzarella_
    Mozzarella_ 7 kuukautta sitten

    I liv near a Suomi in my state

  • Это Сложно
    Это Сложно 7 kuukautta sitten

    Stop it! ole hyvä! )

  • Orange Music And Gaming
    Orange Music And Gaming 9 kuukautta sitten

    What are you talking.. Cant understand your word.. shithole this is

    • Xen0N
      Xen0N 8 kuukautta sitten

      Learn English.

  • Patrick Porco
    Patrick Porco 9 kuukautta sitten

    Fin people is another word for mer people

  • Öhh
    Öhh 9 kuukautta sitten

    In Swedish a person from Finland is called a finne and finne happens to mean pimple

  • Justin MZ
    Justin MZ 11 kuukautta sitten

    KAAPO KAKKO!!!!!!

  • amosa mwig
    amosa mwig 11 kuukautta sitten

    So basically "I don't know" in 2:39 minutes.


    • Kinda Brian, But not really.
      Kinda Brian, But not really. 10 kuukautta sitten

      okay, so everyone in the world calls it Finland because that's what the Swedes named it during their rule over the country. The name likely came from the Swedish words "fin" and "land". fin means nice or beautiful, and land just means land or country. If this is correct the Swedes called it Finland because they thought it was a beautiful land, which is supported by old descriptions of Finland from the days under Swedish rule. I have no idea about the Soumi part tho. All I can say is that I'm not surprised that they have a different name for Finland in Finnish and the Baltic languages since those languages aren't Germanic in the slightest. I do believe the explanation in the vid in this case.

  • Holo Holopainen
    Holo Holopainen 11 kuukautta sitten

    Everybody Else Call Suomi as Finland but - Not The suomalaiset ! Real Finns - that live in The country !

  • Zenix
    Zenix 11 kuukautta sitten

    Me sanotaan suomi koska on suomi lol

  • superrowen
    superrowen Vuosi sitten

    *nee hoi hoi min ho*


  • welshpete12
    welshpete12 Vuosi sitten

    Could it possibly come from the name of a person or chieftain who lived in that part in the south ?

  • Rama vishnu
    Rama vishnu Vuosi sitten

    Please made video on why bharat is called India in English

  • Vladis Hunt
    Vladis Hunt Vuosi sitten

    Suomi that's finno-ugric nation. We're finno-ugric tribe came to Europe after end of last ice age, from region between Ural and Altae mountains. I'm estonian also finno-ugric man

  • LukeX
    LukeX Vuosi sitten

    Suomi perkele!

  • Finnland
    Finnland Vuosi sitten


  • Fasu pala
    Fasu pala Vuosi sitten +1

    Its SUOMI not Finland anymore because SUOMI is better name in english than Finland:)

  • Eemi Mikkilä
    Eemi Mikkilä Vuosi sitten

    Cuz we are the finest country.

  • Agdez
    Agdez Vuosi sitten

    Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan

  • depressed potato
    depressed potato Vuosi sitten

    Finland = suomalainenmaa ¦[ suomi=suomi ¦]

  • Svaatosh
    Svaatosh Vuosi sitten

    0:07 Where do you see the 'sh' letter? Read it like you see it, if it was written like you pronounced it, it would be 'Finško'. You see 'Finsko' not 'Finško'. S = S, Š = Sh ;)
    Read it like Finsko not Finshko ;)

  • Kaplel
    Kaplel Vuosi sitten


  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy Vuosi sitten +1

    I just watched a 2:39 video, and I don't know any more after watching it than I did before watching it.

  • Suomi on saatana ja Perseestä.

    Kaikki suomalais miehet on perse

  • fuck Finland
    fuck Finland Vuosi sitten


  • Transport News Finland
    Transport News Finland Vuosi sitten

    Pretty proud that you pronounced Suomi correctly.

  • M.O.S
    M.O.S Vuosi sitten

    lot of finland words is describe or instruction of what it mean and some times its shorted so its easy to say.
    And if you cut suomi in small word its (suo = swamp) describe our terrain. -mi is what i have not yet figure out.
    well... this is atleast my theory of my home land name.

  • Xeotroid
    Xeotroid Vuosi sitten

    Well, "suo" means swamp in Finnish, and since there's a lot of these in Finland, it might have the origin in exactly that.

  • Squid 2403
    Squid 2403 Vuosi sitten +1

    Finland doesn't exist, you could call it any other name of a fictional place, like Australia...

  • David Lester
    David Lester Vuosi sitten

    I love how "Old High German Language" is an old German guy smoking weed. 😂

  • Joonas Akers
    Joonas Akers Vuosi sitten

    Suo means marsh in Finnish

  • Autisti
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  • vilma enni
    vilma enni Vuosi sitten

    Lentokonesuihkuturbiiniapumekanikkoaliupseerioppilas :-) 🇫🇮

  • ZaDaR
    ZaDaR Vuosi sitten

    Ketkä on suomalaisii jotka tätä kattoo?

  • Kristina Washington
    Kristina Washington Vuosi sitten

    Thanks heaps for sharing. 😃

  • Omm
    Omm Vuosi sitten

    Suomi perkele

  • David Whiting
    David Whiting Vuosi sitten

    Don't call them anything just ignore them lol 😀

  • Timbuktu 42
    Timbuktu 42 Vuosi sitten

    "Suo" means Swamp on Finnish so thats possible origin for the name

  • breaker67
    breaker67 Vuosi sitten

    Why is Finland called Suomi in finnish?

  • Wee snaw
    Wee snaw Vuosi sitten

    Ha-Ha jokes on you Finland doesn't exist

  • Eternal Carnage
    Eternal Carnage Vuosi sitten

    Talks about Finland, points at sweden

  • wyatt summers
    wyatt summers Vuosi sitten


  • Patric Hausammann
    Patric Hausammann Vuosi sitten

    Suomi > Suo'mi (i >aa) > Suo'maa (Suo> "sve" > "ves" {u/v > f and s > n} >> "fen" >>> Fin 😉🤣, and "mi" seem to me to stand for "land", I suggest this, because "maa" stands for "land" in Finnish. >> "Fin'land" >>> Finland (Engl.) >>>> Finnland (Ger.) If I had to guess how this happened🤔, I would suggest the following: "maa" > "mee" > "mi"😅
    I believe that the word "Suomi" has several meanings at the same time. I would guess that it actually means blonde, white or bright land (from the Gallic word "fionn"). Probably it has despite of the controversies something to do with the Sami people, because they are white people, living in a white or snowy land, but also in a swampy land. Anotherpoint could be, that "white" can mean "snow", which can be some kind of swampy, and when the snow melts, it gets swampy anyway. Actually the Finnish word "suo" means swamp, marshland or fen in Englisch, and from "fen" to "fin" isn't a big step, isn't it? From my "English" perspective, it seems to me even closer, than from the German one. So I guess "swampland" would fit too, because it closes the circle with the Sami people, because "Sami" means "swamp people" and some of them are living there. Another idea was, as Oskkukkeli mentioned, that it has something to do with a "scale". And if we think further, we can see some paralleles between a "scale", which is the necessary knowledge for mathematical basics and the Old Irish word "Finn" for "wise" ("weise" Ger.) or "knowledgeable" in English, which would fit here perfectly too.

  • Dogi Lolz
    Dogi Lolz Vuosi sitten +1

    Suomi =
    In Finland there is a lot of swamps

  • Nasser Nusair
    Nasser Nusair Vuosi sitten


  • Chewy Cooking
    Chewy Cooking Vuosi sitten

    I call it smash bros

  • Samo_jpg
    Samo_jpg Vuosi sitten

    More like finna nut

  • Sukka Last name
    Sukka Last name Vuosi sitten +1

    Voi kakka
    Miksi suomi on haukutu...ihs

  • Elli Ontero
    Elli Ontero Vuosi sitten


  • Muhsein Kamarudin
    Muhsein Kamarudin Vuosi sitten +7

    Suomi in Malay language means 'Husband'

  • Tyynymyy
    Tyynymyy Vuosi sitten

    "Suomi" most likely comes from word "sheme" meaning land. Saami (Sami people), häme (area in Finland) and zemlja (a land in Russian) share the same origins. There are many alternative theories, however, and it is impossible to know for certain. That's just the most popular and least controversial explanation between scholars.

    • Tyynymyy
      Tyynymyy Vuosi sitten

      The other explanation is of course "zeme" which was mentioned in the video.

  • So mixed A Identity crisis

    The island you called one of swedens islands is actually half finland and sweden.

  • mnd
    mnd Vuosi sitten


  • Larz Gustafsson
    Larz Gustafsson Vuosi sitten

    The Same people also live in Sweden and Norway and some in Russia.

  • Larz Gustafsson
    Larz Gustafsson Vuosi sitten

    Germany in Finnish is called Saaksa.

  • Larz Gustafsson
    Larz Gustafsson Vuosi sitten

    Finland has a Swedish speaking minority. Most of them live on the west coast, like Vasa, Åbo, Pargas, etc.
    The President is bilingual.

  • Larz Gustafsson
    Larz Gustafsson Vuosi sitten

    Sweden is called "Ruotsi" in Finnish.
    Greetings from Sweden.

  • 0Nenni0
    0Nenni0 Vuosi sitten

    Minä olen suomesta=i'm from finland

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    Napoleon Bonaparte Vuosi sitten

    *Brain explodes*

  • Larz Gustafsson
    Larz Gustafsson Vuosi sitten

    It's called Finland in Swedish.
    Finland has two official languages, since a minority of the population is of Swedish origin. They have a funny accent and they use a lot of ancient words, but they still speak Swedish. The population of Åland is Swedish speaking too. But they speak with a different accent.

  • Selena Art
    Selena Art Vuosi sitten

    Fin: End
    Land: Tierra

  • Urho Törmä
    Urho Törmä Vuosi sitten

    Hey! Name Explain, name Suomi can start with suo And suo means swanp

  • Pepsu 07
    Pepsu 07 Vuosi sitten

    Um moi XD. Im from Finland

  • Greece • 2 thousand years ago

    0:10 and Finlanthía in Greek ;)

  • ignatios mpounatsos
    ignatios mpounatsos Vuosi sitten

    Wtf finland doesn't even exist

  • Finn
    Finn Vuosi sitten

    My name is Finn

  • Velho Snellman
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    Perkele! Tuon kaljat ja makkarat

    • san-teri
      san-teri Vuosi sitten

      Velho Snellman
      Mä lämmitän saunan