Oneplus Nord Teardown! - How many corners were cut inside?

  • Julkaistu 29.07.2020
  • Today we are taking apart the new OnePlus Nord smartphone. We'll see what its really made of and see if any corners were cut with the water resistance. Grab your OnePlus Nord transparent case here: or the Teardown Skin from dbrand here:
    See the Durability test video here:
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  • Aswin Sudarsan
    Aswin Sudarsan Minuutti sitten

    0:08 fav colour? Plzz you clearely haven't looked ate note 20 ultra copper colour thingie🙃

  • Bobby Markham
    Bobby Markham 4 minuuttia sitten

    I own OP8 pro and first time with company, I will not be sticking with them. Disappointing

  • Thinking🤔
    Thinking🤔 23 minuuttia sitten

    I'm waiting for Samsung Galaxy S10 lite durability test

  • TMN Nasif
    TMN Nasif 2 tuntia sitten +1


  • Logesh lee
    Logesh lee 3 tuntia sitten

    he so calm he's a type who will comment about wet clothes during tsunami

  • Farrid Mailloux
    Farrid Mailloux 6 tuntia sitten

    Hey Zack if you ever consider doing a tear down of the Unihertz Titan, some of us kickstarter lovers would appreciate it 😉. Thx and love all that you do

  • Swabhab Panigrahi
    Swabhab Panigrahi 6 tuntia sitten

    There is a huge space for a HeadPhone Jack...

  • FireAdrix
    FireAdrix 7 tuntia sitten

    funny cause with oneplus he doesn't mention the typical "chinese brand medium quality cheap smartphones speech" he does with xiaomi and other chinese phones he reviewed...

  • Gamer Technology
    Gamer Technology 9 tuntia sitten

    Red rubber red rubber call Jerry right over.... Yes I know his real name is Zach.

  • Keith Lee
    Keith Lee 9 tuntia sitten

    Why is there no teardown skin for huawei phone?

  • Garrett Reven
    Garrett Reven 9 tuntia sitten

    A shame that they still don't throw a headphone jack into the cheaper phone

  • Rohith Aggithaya
    Rohith Aggithaya 10 tuntia sitten

    Hey Jerry,
    Could you please do the Samsung galaxy s10 lite?
    P.S. "The Rig" is AWESOME

  • Paul Ponce Aya-ay
    Paul Ponce Aya-ay 10 tuntia sitten

    Murdering an already dead phone in front of my eyes. MY EYES.

  • Fayis kodaloor
    Fayis kodaloor 11 tuntia sitten

    Nord ☹️

  • Santosh
    Santosh 12 tuntia sitten

    Do Motorola one fusion plus!!!!!

  • Surendra teja
    Surendra teja 13 tuntia sitten


  • Γ Φ
    Γ Φ 14 tuntia sitten

    Is a skip

  • antho
    antho 18 tuntia sitten +1

    the phones color is the same as my crew color in gta5
    did i had to say this?
    yes. yes i had to.

  • Royal Rajput
    Royal Rajput 21 tunti sitten

    Are uncle merko dede ek phone !

  • Taranjeet singh monga
    Taranjeet singh monga 21 tunti sitten

    5:23 Please don't do it Jerry, it makes me feel weird. Always. 😶

    KAMAL K V 22 tuntia sitten

    Dbrand skin is too cool but cant buy in India, Dbrand can you send one of your robot to India ???

  • don vinayteja
    don vinayteja 22 tuntia sitten

    Samsung M31s durability

  • Poram kalyan koushik
    Poram kalyan koushik 22 tuntia sitten

    I am your big fan sir 💝
    I like your explanation sir 💝
    Please sirmall help sir I don't have mobile to watch my online classes please sir any give lo gift do sir A💝
    This is my father mobile sir 😭
    Please Anna this is my instagram is sir kalyan koushik 18😊 I waiting for your reply sir 😊😊

  • Mia
    Mia 23 tuntia sitten

    Durability is important! But money is also! So in the end of the day you get what you paid for. Fair deal!

  • Sayed Mahaboob Subhani
    Sayed Mahaboob Subhani 23 tuntia sitten

    Hi jerry
    Please do a tear down video of iqoo3 5g phone

  • Mohana Vasan
    Mohana Vasan 23 tuntia sitten +1


  • Mik Editz
    Mik Editz Päivä sitten

    Hi friends, I am binod.....

  • Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan Päivä sitten

    I have a question " who is binod🤔,,,

  • DerParadonym
    DerParadonym Päivä sitten

    Makro Cam on the back is unnecessary.

  • DerParadonym
    DerParadonym Päivä sitten +35

    Upcoming: Secret services using under-screen fingerprint scanners to take photos of faces of people who covered the front camera.

  • Parth Oomphy
    Parth Oomphy Päivä sitten

    Bring this for note 20

  • I Tunes
    I Tunes Päivä sitten +1


  • Suresh shakya
    Suresh shakya Päivä sitten

    Pixel 4a
    Make it soon please..
    It will be a hit..

  • Lingais
    Lingais Päivä sitten +29

    "The battery is not blue"
    *Dave2D has left the chat*

  • Madhav Pai
    Madhav Pai Päivä sitten

    Less Durability = Less Reliability.

  • Mirza Usman
    Mirza Usman Päivä sitten

    Please can you test the mi xiomai Redmi 9

  • DJ star
    DJ star Päivä sitten

    Woo so cool yeah

  • IliasKara090
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  • IliasKara090
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  • Rakesh Choudhury
    Rakesh Choudhury Päivä sitten

    Best budget phone from OnePlus

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    Kamal Kumar Päivä sitten

    samsung m31s ka teardown video banao

  • autoentropy
    autoentropy Päivä sitten

    Please break a note 20 ultra for christ's sake. I must see it destroyed.

  • Abel Diaz
    Abel Diaz Päivä sitten

    Very informative, also dude you have such a calming voice 🥺. Could you make a video for the Google pixel 4a :)

  • Musab Ali Officials
    Musab Ali Officials Päivä sitten


  • Agesh
    Agesh Päivä sitten

    Why are you not conducting drop tests? I can live with 100 scratches over my screen but not with a totally dead display.

  • night Fury
    night Fury Päivä sitten

    Is that phone case actually named after you .. jerryrigeverything

  • Loris Lewandoski
    Loris Lewandoski Päivä sitten +1

    Please please send me one of these broken phones Jerry sir

  • Peter Ford
    Peter Ford Päivä sitten

    You truly have an aversion to removing the card tray before disassembly. Seems no matter how many phones you tear down, it's more than likely the tray will NOT, be the first step for you. No big deal. Just funny 🤣,,thats all. Take care.

  • bala chandran
    bala chandran Päivä sitten

    Were is the processor????

  • Andrew
    Andrew Päivä sitten

    Looking a little 'orange' there Zack. Taking notes from Trump? 🤣

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    Oye Sam Päivä sitten


  • c l
    c l Päivä sitten

    Still should be on the shelf of shame

  • ratti80
    ratti80 Päivä sitten

    The Nord dose actually have Stereo Sound!

  • J S
    J S Päivä sitten


  • Stefan Ranđelović
    Stefan Ranđelović Päivä sitten

    Nord should cost less then 300 usd

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    Always Jerry you give very detailed analysis which other mobile reviewers don't give plus it's very easy for customers or the person who want to buy smartphone's. I will suggest people's before you buy any smartphone please watch @jerry analysis about smartphone. Thanks for knowledge also 😁

    NINJA HYPER Päivä sitten


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    Mrs. Sonal Päivä sitten

    This is what i was wating for

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    Niko Nikkerston Päivä sitten

    zack can you make teardown skins for the A50? I have one and the colour is not that great

  • Sharon Rodrigo
    Sharon Rodrigo Päivä sitten

    Love from India ❤️🖤

  • Pedro Cruz
    Pedro Cruz Päivä sitten

    if I accidentally soak this in water will it survive?

  • Joe Berrant
    Joe Berrant Päivä sitten

    Are you joking, “Teardown“ is trademarked???

  • Joe Berrant
    Joe Berrant Päivä sitten

    2:01 One thing that is not represented on the TEAR DOWN SKIN but is represented on the NORD HARD CASE is the labelling on the battery. (edit: including a jre ad)

  • Aimbot gaming
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  • Butterbean
    Butterbean 2 päivää sitten

    How biased can you be? Lol, his fans are delusional.

  • Nitesh Upare
    Nitesh Upare 2 päivää sitten

    Where is durability test for Pixel 4a?

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    Wait where is the giveaway?
    His last tweet was from 4 days ago

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    Ashwin 2 päivää sitten

    We must be more conscious while wearing a tight jeens

  • E. E. Ahiadzro
    E. E. Ahiadzro 2 päivää sitten

    I find your videos very funny, interesting and educative. In my part of the world, Tecno and Infinix phones are very popular.
    I hope you don't mind playing around them anytime soon.

  • Jimwell Dagalla
    Jimwell Dagalla 2 päivää sitten

    One+ Nord is cheaply build and the quality sucks. So disappointing for the brand.

  • Yeshwanth Kumar
    Yeshwanth Kumar 2 päivää sitten

    Zack : we'll break this
    Me: my heart bends 😳

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    Excited to see your teardown regarding the new pixel 4a. In the review of Dave Lee he mentioned and showed that the sim tray has a rubber gasket. I wonder if the pixel 4a also have rubber gaskets inside its body

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    Really liked the phone and the video like to win it

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    What ? All plastic? 😭😭

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    Well done 1+ without IP rating you've done it✌️

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    carl: lets tear it up ! :P

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    Aji Muniardhi 3 päivää sitten

    I usually treat my phone gently and put them in a case anyway, so the reduced durability is not an issue for me.

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    Durability dosent matter so much because case will be attached to the that budget 1+ has launched 1st tym with these many features so can buy the phone without thinking

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