Doing Addison Rae's Makeup!

  • Julkaistu 31.03.2020
  • HI SISTERS! Today I sat down with one of my closest friends and biggest Tik Tok stars, Addison Rae! I give her a super glam red carpet makeup look while talking about her dropping out college, rise to fame, how to stay positive, the hype house, and so much more! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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  • Quelqu’ un
    Quelqu’ un 2 tuntia sitten

    debby ryan who ?

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    Bethany Offei 2 tuntia sitten

    Hi sisters

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  • Ariel Mullin
    Ariel Mullin 4 tuntia sitten +1

    addisons laugh is EVERYTHING UGHHHH

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  • britanny ballantyne britanny ballantyne

    I love James charles makeup😍😘

  • Lindsey Egloff
    Lindsey Egloff 10 tuntia sitten

    My brother is going to LSU I wish Addison was still there :(

  • Margaret B
    Margaret B 10 tuntia sitten

    She is very gorgeous even without make up..🧡💙💜❤

  • Inma Dekaj
    Inma Dekaj 11 tuntia sitten

    Only i hate you james

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    ZakSquad 11 tuntia sitten

    Adison is blushing XD

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    Pranita K 11 tuntia sitten

    Wow it looks amazing

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    Tinashe Thomas 12 tuntia sitten

    I literally just want meet all of you

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    Mylie Yugendran 14 tuntia sitten

    oh mi goodness she's so adorable!!!

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    Adrianna Usher 14 tuntia sitten

    U need to do a new collaboration with zendaya

  • Olivia Haist
    Olivia Haist 18 tuntia sitten

    It’s Addisonrae not addiasonre

  • Kaylee Rodriguez
    Kaylee Rodriguez 19 tuntia sitten

    When o first saw Addison I was scared to duet her because I didn’t know she was famous and o thought she was just a random girl like me but I love you now 💕❤️

  • jay fine
    jay fine 19 tuntia sitten

    Two psychopaths!

  • Eva Feltis
    Eva Feltis 21 tunti sitten

    I love addison

  • Brimalid Zelaya
    Brimalid Zelaya 22 tuntia sitten

    Addison is very pretty with or without makeup just like James, they are both very talented

  • Jaden Yates
    Jaden Yates 22 tuntia sitten

    I really want to meant all of u

  • josh fair
    josh fair 23 tuntia sitten

    The only reason why I watch this video is because of addison rae

  • Nancy Flores
    Nancy Flores Päivä sitten

    I literally was skipping to see how Addison's makeup was going to turn out

  • wHy_HeLlO_tHeRe FrIeNd
    wHy_HeLlO_tHeRe FrIeNd Päivä sitten

    They are both gorgeous

  • Hannah May
    Hannah May Päivä sitten

    At 9:11 Addisons laugh😂 also Ive had tik tok longer than addison AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia Päivä sitten

    She almost cry

  • Kylie Sewell
    Kylie Sewell Päivä sitten

    Aww she is pretty

  • shanaya Taneja
    shanaya Taneja Päivä sitten

    I luv 1:48

  • Khadija Rafya
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  • Eclipse Pupz
    Eclipse Pupz Päivä sitten

    Great job... Wow... very professional... We love it!!

  • Fatoumata Kabba
    Fatoumata Kabba Päivä sitten

    You did Charlie’s and Addison’s makeup 💄 really good and it was beautiful and great 👍

  • Hey
    Hey Päivä sitten +1

    James : Addison is our favourite person right now
    Charli watching this like : 👁👄👁

  • Rhiannon Williams
    Rhiannon Williams Päivä sitten

    Omg I hope James sees this but my cousin surprised me with your pallet I cried cause always wanted to meet u and I’m so happy about the pallet

  • cute. ToDOROKi
    cute. ToDOROKi Päivä sitten

    I love her laughing Its so cute :)

  • Hannah McK
    Hannah McK Päivä sitten +1

    James: hI SiStErS
    Me: AHH WTF
    Me: Oh yea its on full volume -.-

  • Ludmila Huhn
    Ludmila Huhn Päivä sitten

    13:31 song ???

  • Ludmila Huhn
    Ludmila Huhn Päivä sitten

    Song ?

  • Jen Acosta
    Jen Acosta Päivä sitten

    She looks like Selena Gomez at the end LIKE WTH

  • Hannah Noni
    Hannah Noni Päivä sitten

    I always go to Laffayete(Louisiana)

  • Taylor Zupancic
    Taylor Zupancic Päivä sitten

    Wow 🤩

  • athena beaudoin
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  • #1loser Nientenindo
    #1loser Nientenindo Päivä sitten +1

    Please do Avani Gregg’s makeup like PLEASE

  • Emerson O'Connor
    Emerson O'Connor Päivä sitten

    omg will james joint the hype house bc he really should

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    Ermela Cela 2 päivää sitten

    Addison is so cute💋💋💋🤗 is a pani🐇🐇🐇😊😊😊

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    Alyssa 87878 2 päivää sitten

    I love Addison she is the best

  • jonathan sanchez
    jonathan sanchez 2 päivää sitten +1

    James Charles I followed you on TickTok But I unfollowed you because you didn’t follow me back and yes that is how I am but I will follow you back

  • YDB
    YDB 2 päivää sitten

    Please do Avanis makeup!

  • Keira Hogan
    Keira Hogan 2 päivää sitten +1

    She’s like an actually human and not a social media robot

  • Keira Hogan
    Keira Hogan 2 päivää sitten +1

    addison is so beautiful 😍

    • Keira Hogan
      Keira Hogan 9 tuntia sitten

      wow guys thx for all the likesss

  • Keira Hogan
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  • Keira Hogan
    Keira Hogan 2 päivää sitten +1

    addison is so beautiful!!! i wish i was HALF as pretty as her

  • 20K Subs Without A Vid Challenge
    20K Subs Without A Vid Challenge 2 päivää sitten +1

    Chase basically introduced everyone to the hype house
    Idk if he he was the one who texted Charli

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    Agne Miseviciute 2 päivää sitten +1

    can you do with avani too pls😀🙏

  • N R
    N R 2 päivää sitten

    I would love to see addison with a shorter haircut, not that I dont love her long hair, I would just be interested to see bc she would look SO cute with it

  • mycat jannat
    mycat jannat 2 päivää sitten

    am i the one who only hate him?

  • Andrea Sanz Iglesias
    Andrea Sanz Iglesias 2 päivää sitten +1

    13:30 que me costaba nacer asi

  • M k
    M k 2 päivää sitten

    I thought it was Demi rose in the thumbnail lol

  • Annabelle Phan
    Annabelle Phan 2 päivää sitten

    James: don’t complain.

  • Ayla's Vloggins
    Ayla's Vloggins 2 päivää sitten

    Wish I didn’t have hooded eyelids lol

  • Lilly dav11731
    Lilly dav11731 2 päivää sitten

    i hope i can meet you some time james. i love you and your videos

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    Camila Linares Alfaro 2 päivää sitten

    my dog imposebal

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    Esha Tarachan 2 päivää sitten +1

    Luv the thumpnail ^>^

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    Jennifer 3 päivää sitten

    Beauty is pain

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    Anthony Brown 3 päivää sitten

    15million views i-

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    is no one really not gonna talk about how addison looks like the previous miss universe 2018

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  • Соков Раим
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    its shanese tho 3 päivää sitten

    can you tell Adison too come to Trinidad please in Malabar with Charli

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    Chloe Mae 3 päivää sitten +11

    “A grown up Addison Rae”... two seconds later. *starts throwing goldfish in mouth* bahaha

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    ABC if you like a banana so much I do it she is the best🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 !!!!!.

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    I'm one of your biggest fans but if you're going to treat Charlie and Emilio like that is disrespectful in Anson was freeway barely treated everybody way bear like MacKenzie and Maddie Maddie Ziegler and that wasn't fair so if I'm if I'm a be your biggest fan and you'll have to step it up cuz right now I'm not and I would follow Charlie Mineo and your ID haven't described you get to your channel anymore and I did not like that so it's going to tree Addison or anybody else like that then you're going to have to step it up or I'm not your biggest fan or and I can tell everybody your biggest secret

  • Newflower Yang
    Newflower Yang 3 päivää sitten

    James Charles how i would love for you to do my make up! Your make up skills are amazing.

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    CAV Cicilia 3 päivää sitten +4

    Addison is just flipping beautiful. Not cute, not pretty but truly beautiful. Like, yasss sis. She could totally play a goddess in a movie and I'm like, yeah I believe it

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  • AG - 04VG - Sir Isaac Brock PS (1417)

    James: and now ur almost 30M on tiktok
    Me: *goes on tiktok to se if they are right*
    also me: BRUH almost 50M on tiktok!!!!

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