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  • MrBanaanipommi
    MrBanaanipommi Uukausi sitten

    fichannel.info/videot/cH1_iJmlo3hvnJE here Kalle at age of 14 years!

  • # W R C E i m a r #
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    Be sure to check out this Swedish rally summary as well.


  • jackie roberts
    jackie roberts Uukausi sitten +1

    Well done elfyn excellent rallying 😀

  • James Laumand
    James Laumand Uukausi sitten

    Don’t care

  • Colin Ashby
    Colin Ashby Uukausi sitten

    I came for the car and not the music

  • 은양Vlog
    은양Vlog Uukausi sitten

    How can handle this. By Human ability?

  • Piet Hoi
    Piet Hoi Uukausi sitten

    I am trying to get into WRC atm. But it is kinda hard with the low amount of footage from the official WRC channel. Also it is kinda weird you have to pay to see if you like WRC or not, or am I the only one?

    • psykonaut
      psykonaut Uukausi sitten +1

      You can watch WRC daily highlights that are around 1 hour long and on saturday there is always one live stage, on Redbull.com for free. So you get friday, saturday and sunday as highlight broadcasts and that one live stage from saturday. All that is totally free, you don't even have to register, and they keep the replays on their site so you can go right now and find the broadcasts of the previous weekends Sweden rally and watch those if you are interested. There you get to see alot more of the action than on the official WRC FIchannel channel.
      You don't even have to thank me for this information, just pass on the knowledge to the next one you see that complains in the comments about the same issue you had here on official FIchannel WRC channel.

  • Donnie Poole
    Donnie Poole Uukausi sitten

    I gave you a 1ooo likes

  • YC R
    YC R Uukausi sitten

    Need more cars

  • fotoeffetto
    fotoeffetto Uukausi sitten

    00:10 poor gopro

  • Thomas Wang
    Thomas Wang Uukausi sitten +2

    And this is the official account. I'm disappointed. At least you could include the podium celebrations and Champagne opening like TOYOTA GAZOO Racing did in their video.

  • Ever Faster Racing
    Ever Faster Racing Uukausi sitten

    It looks a lot like Rally GB without the snow. Colder though

  • BlueFlag Alpha
    BlueFlag Alpha Uukausi sitten

    Why you didnt show the points standings?

  • カブトムシ
    カブトムシ Uukausi sitten

    The speed these with parts latest on an old-model vehicle. As the next latest vehicle is faster in cornering, a Japanese is a pleasure, too. If it is the latest Japanese style roll bar though it is EU established roll bar, more cars are regrets becoming fast.

  • Evan Martin
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    The sound of the Toyota is amazing

  • james roche
    james roche Uukausi sitten

    9 stages in total but its was really only 9 needed ti see who would win. Once Evens got that car into the first stage he was like Tanik last year to quick to catch really. Something about the Toyota once your at one with it its unbeatable really. So look I know I might be getting ahead of myself but look there's a 4 man charge now for the 2020 champship. And bring it on. I'm just sad we have to wait so long to the next round. All Wrc needs is more manufacture joining soon and few more drivers getting opportunity like Paddon and even Breen cuz it ain't nice getting 1 round and not been able to rest longer so you can do better. I'm actually loving how this champship is started off 4 really great drivers at there peek. Ott Elfyn Seb and Thierry all in Contention. But I'm just tipping one off Toyota really for the drivers title but who its anyone who wants it really. And Kalle Rovenperra what a special talented guy this man is . I hear people saying money helped him. Come on guys he has been learning for this kinda result since a child. And to see him over take a multiple world champion is no easy money task. Wrc just please fix the website and steam could not watch live all Friday morning until about 1 PM when all but 1 stage was left and buy that time spoilers came up on my phone to tell me who was winning so if Wrc fix the stream and we see the fighting we see this weekend. Wrc will attract lots of mad rally fans . Best drivers I the world in Wrc really looking forward to Mexican rally now 4 way fight interest to say the least

    • james roche
      james roche Uukausi sitten

      @Miguel Barrero Just hoping they fix it for Mexico . F1 testing on tomorrow all live I'd love to see a channel like f1 to turn to a motersport channel so we could watch all live without interruptions

    • Miguel Barrero
      Miguel Barrero Uukausi sitten +1

      Yes the WRC+ coverage wasn't very good. I tried to watch it on my computer and I had to wait until the end to see it. That was not the case before. However, I was able to see it on my 7 in tablet. What's going on here, I couldn't see it on my computer but was able on my tablet. Come on WRC please fix these issues for Rally of Mexico. You probably made many fans who watch the race on tv or computer very upset. The streaming was Awful to say the least.

  • Hipanderos
    Hipanderos Uukausi sitten

    Who won power stage?

  • diesel
    diesel Uukausi sitten +1

    Evans has come of age ..and has the ingredients

  • RedNeckRacing 88
    RedNeckRacing 88 Uukausi sitten

    No American teams not worth watching

  • Bean
    Bean Uukausi sitten +1

    I read somewhere that there no excuses for Evans this year, well first two events he seems very quick, car and driver suit each other with that combo, predict he'll be a consistent front runner, well done

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart Uukausi sitten

    A Taste of the dragon .

  • Daniele Cagiola
    Daniele Cagiola Uukausi sitten

    Only 9 stages?? 😢

    • Miguel Barrero
      Miguel Barrero Uukausi sitten

      They should have run ALL the stages with or without snow

  • Ikis
    Ikis Uukausi sitten +2

    Can you show the championship points / standings at the end on future videos 👍❤️

  • Marek Kubi
    Marek Kubi Uukausi sitten +6

    With half million subscribers you should invest more in quality of content. There are youtube money laying around and also commercial for this sport.

  • Matthia6 Ma6ola
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  • tukang foto keliling
    tukang foto keliling Uukausi sitten +2

    Bravo Yaris!!!

  • George Balm Ghanard Junior
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  • Henry Kago
    Henry Kago Uukausi sitten +14

    Well done to Tänak for showing true composure and resilience like a Boss... 🔥
    But my eyes were firmly on the young, flying Finn (Kalle) and his wild pace !!
    He has all the ingredients of a future WRC champion.. ✅ 🔥 🔥

  • George Balm Ghanard Junior


  • Ruairi Mccarthy
    Ruairi Mccarthy Uukausi sitten +6

    this channel is DEAD WORST COVERAGE EVER WRC youtube USELESS

  • George Balm Ghanard Junior
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  • evo
    evo Uukausi sitten +11

    Evans #33 job done his dad will be so proud.

  • nicolas garcia
    nicolas garcia Uukausi sitten +30

    unbelievable kalle !

  • Mr Stance is Love
    Mr Stance is Love Uukausi sitten +5

    And Elsa didn't bring any snow:(

  • Pekka L
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  • Seppo Tempo
    Seppo Tempo Uukausi sitten +13

    Kalle is the Best!

  • Mubiru Joel
    Mubiru Joel Uukausi sitten +6

    How did Evans contain dat pressure ,,,wow wat a performance,,,👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Zoli Reedcourt
    Zoli Reedcourt Uukausi sitten +37

    you know, if you show the power stage highlights, you could also show the power stage results and talk something about the stage performances

    • BlueFlag Alpha
      BlueFlag Alpha Uukausi sitten +1

      Nah,you will need to pay for that

    • Petidani0330
      Petidani0330 Uukausi sitten +4

      Nah, that would be too much effort.

  • İsmail Ukil
    İsmail Ukil Uukausi sitten +1

    If I need a Rally pilot, this job is just me

  • Sustri
    Sustri Uukausi sitten

    cocky little sh.talanted young man

  • Snouffy
    Snouffy Uukausi sitten +9

    A Swedish rally without snow wasn't a Sweden rally... It is a country where snow is present in abundance at this time of year and this year nothing at all... Global warming is very present...

    • ulgn1964
      ulgn1964 Uukausi sitten

      Lots of snow in the northern part of Sweden

    • Rasmus Brekke
      Rasmus Brekke Uukausi sitten +1

      Yep, that’s true

    • Snouffy
      Snouffy Uukausi sitten +2

      @Rasmus Brekke Maybe climate change has nothing to do with it, but it's still sad to see a Swedish rally without snow...

    • Rasmus Brekke
      Rasmus Brekke Uukausi sitten +8

      Not true, it’s just the weather fluctuating year to year as it always does. 2 years ago there were so much snow it was causing difficulties for both competitors and spectators, and if you look back there have been plenty of years with little snow and ice. You really can’t blame climate change the lack of snow this year, because the climate is the trend over many years, not just one season.

  • neuro / op-oc
    neuro / op-oc Uukausi sitten +34

    rovanperä finessing the 3rd place from ogier like a boss :D definitely future world champion

  • Sou K.
    Sou K. Uukausi sitten +23

    Toyota so strong! 💪

  • 이현덕
    이현덕 Uukausi sitten +2

    로반페라가 쇼크였다. ㄷㄷ

  • Joe
    Joe Uukausi sitten +15

    Swedish rally...where is the snow...looks like a British rally course..no wonder a Brit/Welsh won!!!

    • MrBanaanipommi
      MrBanaanipommi Uukausi sitten

      GeneralArmorus yea the black stuff causes that but winds move the heat around the world. And the heat came up here

    • GeneralArmorus
      GeneralArmorus Uukausi sitten

      @MrBanaanipommi well climate doesn't work that way. as far as i know. i expect the fire would cause weather to be colder instead.

    • MrBanaanipommi
      MrBanaanipommi Uukausi sitten

      i think the warm climate here at the northern is due to the australian forest fire...

    • GeneralArmorus
      GeneralArmorus Uukausi sitten +5

      Forget snow, it's +10C in Sweden. They'll have to move base North to allow for shifting climate.

  • Constantly hungry
    Constantly hungry Uukausi sitten +2

    This time without snow? someone member that?

    • mostlyhuman
      mostlyhuman Uukausi sitten

      In 2008 it was similar in places

    • Sir Mounted
      Sir Mounted Uukausi sitten

      It's been a shitty winter, feels like spring already.

  • Alexi Alarcon
    Alexi Alarcon Uukausi sitten +4

    00:10 pobre cámara XD

  • Mrwein
    Mrwein Uukausi sitten +1

    I like! Keep it up! Would you like to be FIchannel friends? :]

  • Mrwein
    Mrwein Uukausi sitten +2

    Great content. Keep it up! Would you like to be FIchannel friends? :]

  • gafrers
    gafrers Uukausi sitten +101

    This event coverage has been absolutely awful and lacking.

    • Shazley Sahib
      Shazley Sahib Uukausi sitten +1

      Just find some fancams. Satisfied me quite a bit.

    • bonelessbeef1
      bonelessbeef1 Uukausi sitten

      Go to dirt fish channel. Wrc wants you to buy wrc +

    • james roche
      james roche Uukausi sitten +1

      #Wrclive was very very bad Stage 1 to 3 Friday morning could not watch 1 thing until all 3 were finished. I cant understand why some big tv companies like sky f1 don't go for Wrc . Because it's such a great sport if we had the backing of a big tv companies we would see more drivers and more rally rounds. WRc live need to lift the Butt a but to they get to lazy. I payed 89 euro in October to watch 1 year off rally. But I was looking at my account and it was saying valid till February. So Wrc would not fix my problem until I send them back my bank account details and payment details. There very unprofessional because if my bank details get hacked they don't care they take my 89 euro . Sp yea I agree Wrc want fans they need to treat us better

    • diesel
      diesel Uukausi sitten

      gafrers ...yes your right ..Awful..

    • userbrytje008
      userbrytje008 Uukausi sitten +6

      @Tim Suetens thats not the point he is trying to make. He probaly means that in comparison to other race classes, you dont see allot of wrc on TV

  • J. S.P
    J. S.P Uukausi sitten +83

    Kalle Rovanperä-The Legend! 🙌 What a performance by him... Podium in his 2nd ever start with a WRC car! AT THE AGE OF 19! 😮 👏

    • J. S.P
      J. S.P Uukausi sitten

      MrBanaanipommi He really is ahead of his rivals in terms of preparation & setup & that's what I love about him as a talented young driver.

    • MrBanaanipommi
      MrBanaanipommi Uukausi sitten +1

      fichannel.info/videot/cH1_iJmlo3hvnJE here he is 14 years old!

    • MrBanaanipommi
      MrBanaanipommi Uukausi sitten +2

      it is said, that he knows exactly what to do to the car setup, even when he was in R5 class first time as 15-16 years old, he impressed the engineers in the team when he said what to do to the car and so he got a lot better times than others :) he knows what to do to the car and knows how to drive :)

    • J. S.P
      J. S.P Uukausi sitten +3

      james roche In order to justify my claim "put Kalle into these 4 drivers" is because the guy evolves through every rally, through every experience that he faces. Elfyn Evans is a great driver, but Kalle Rovanperä is a "train" that bounds to beat anyone that comes in his way in order to get to the top spot.

    • james roche
      james roche Uukausi sitten +4

      @J. S.P Hard not to agree with u mate. Ott made a small mistake in my opinion he let great drivers into a great car to rival him at a car he needs to learn. But Kalle what a talented man. People were saying owe money help him well yea it did but talent always make you get to wrc . And he beats Ogier into 3rd spot at 19 year old. Yes if he can have good next few events he will be up there. I just feel the other 4 giya have experience and to see them 4 drivers Ott Thierry Elfyn and Seb they in a class of there own for alot off stages . But it's hard to not put Kalle up there . Fir anyone saying why replace Kalle 4 Kris Meeks lol simple he doesn't crash

  • Darragh
    Darragh Uukausi sitten +3