WRC - Rally Sweden 2019: CRASH SPECIAL

  • Julkaistu 27.02.2019
  • FIA World Rally Championship - Rally Sweden 2019
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Kommentteja • 24

  • Jan Nowak
    Jan Nowak 2 kuukautta sitten +3

    What do you think about Swedish Rally?
    Fans : Yay! snow! fun! party! grill! beer!
    Drivers : Nightmare... absolute nightmare :(

  • Klaus
    Klaus 3 kuukautta sitten

    CRASH SPECIAL! Includes 0 crashes....

  • Joni
    Joni 3 kuukautta sitten +5

    Watching this after the 2020 rally Sweden. Damn I missed the snow.

  • Victor Dìaz Ortega
    Victor Dìaz Ortega Vuosi sitten

    11:11 yes

  • ColdBoltz
    ColdBoltz Vuosi sitten


  • SennaFan
    SennaFan Vuosi sitten +5

    10 years ago. Marcus would of dominated these guys.

  • Pelto Mies69
    Pelto Mies69 Vuosi sitten +1

    Voi vittu!

  • Mrpineapples
    Mrpineapples Vuosi sitten +7

    We need these cars in dirt rally 2 !

  • Legal Man
    Legal Man Vuosi sitten

    Lots and lots and lots of money
    Pedal to the metal until crash
    This is the who got more money to win and us absurd.

    • zwjna
      zwjna 11 kuukautta sitten

      Absurd? Your comment is.

  • DoxaGnosis
    DoxaGnosis Vuosi sitten +3

    This has to be the laziest audio cut and paste I've ever seen. You couldn't get someone to do a voice over for a 3 minute video? And people wonder why the WRC struggles to get picked up by TV networks.

    • VDMX1549
      VDMX1549 Vuosi sitten

      Even more, this is nothing compared to the resumes of years ago. Serious, showing each dtage advance, and making you understand how exactly the rally went off. This is plain and not exciting in any way.

  • CSL 74
    CSL 74 Vuosi sitten

    Neuville too often overdrives the car. Crazy spectacular but too often losing out in the end..

  • A. D
    A. D Vuosi sitten +5

    goddamn compacted snow becomes like concrete

  • Dkap xl
    Dkap xl Vuosi sitten

    3:27 grosse frayeur pour Thiery pas passé loin

  • leonel jose ramirez marin

    que poca vicion tiene estos pilotos

  • Blame
    Blame Vuosi sitten +1

    no Ott? oh right, a real champion doesn't crash.

    • Yellowfin Tuna
      Yellowfin Tuna Vuosi sitten

      Remember that time he took his car for a swim...

    • Andres Haas
      Andres Haas Vuosi sitten

      Ott has already had his share in crashes.....

    • zwjna
      zwjna Vuosi sitten


    • Petidani0330
      Petidani0330 Vuosi sitten

      Why is Ogier not a real champion for you?

  • LGC
    LGC Vuosi sitten +48

    This makes me feel better about my crashes in dirt rally 1

  • SirMuffinCat
    SirMuffinCat Vuosi sitten +100

    2:57 most brutal crash

    • Felix
      Felix Vuosi sitten

      Tbh that's me for real, was paralyzed from waist down

    • TheRebelOne
      TheRebelOne Vuosi sitten +1

      Agree..bottomed out on the anus....🤪👍

    • TheSchism
      TheSchism Vuosi sitten

      *gone wrong, gone deadly*

  • Mariano Sepulveda
    Mariano Sepulveda Vuosi sitten +1

    Mikkelsen "the crash man"

  • mclaren3722
    mclaren3722 Vuosi sitten +5

    It's great to see Marcus Gronholm racing. Shame about the result.

    • SennaFan
      SennaFan Vuosi sitten

      If this was vintage Marcus. He would of destroyed

  • Gianfranco Corbula
    Gianfranco Corbula Vuosi sitten

    Perché pasta?

  • Oskari Ranta
    Oskari Ranta Vuosi sitten +21

    "Voi vittu!"

    • Yuri Gohan WRC
      Yuri Gohan WRC Vuosi sitten +1

      Marcus Grönholm at 0:43

      BALANCE Vuosi sitten +1

      Timo vaan nauraa

    • Varski The Chief
      Varski The Chief Vuosi sitten +7

      Joo vaikea arvata mitä vanha mestari suustansa päästeli sensuroinnista huolimatta xD

  • Tresna Sahabakti
    Tresna Sahabakti Vuosi sitten +3

    The most difficult rally stages

    • max27stoner
      max27stoner Vuosi sitten

      Very fast just like Rally Finland on snow and without that many jumps. So those stages are definitely one of the most difficult stages there and especially in that kind of weather when there’s not that much snow.
      And when there’s not that much snow, the gravel comes out which means basically big ruts for drivers behind the first drivers. And when you go even a bit off from those ruts (where’s slush) you’ll find yourself likely from a snowbank.

    • APEX RACING 400
      APEX RACING 400 Vuosi sitten

      What about safari rallies

    • Tresna Sahabakti
      Tresna Sahabakti Vuosi sitten +1

      @BrainSlayer yes, of course Finland too

    • BrainSlayer
      BrainSlayer Vuosi sitten +2

      Finland man, that is hell, you can’t control the car in air, and in finland you are always jumping.

  • Gianfranco Corbula
    Gianfranco Corbula Vuosi sitten

    Complimenti, bellissimo riassunto della gara, avvincente, bel video.

    • Stefano
      Stefano Vuosi sitten

      Oooooooo passsta

  • Dhaniele Joseph Demontaño