WRC - Rally Guanajuato México 2019: Lappi on SS1 😱

  • Julkaistu 8.03.2019
  • FIA World Rally Championship - Rally Guanajuato México 2019
    Esapekka Lappi / Janne Ferm (Citroen Total World Rally Team) winning SS1 - read here, why the Stage has been halted: goo.gl/si3swL
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Kommentteja • 62

  • Alex Ferrel
    Alex Ferrel 2 kuukautta sitten


  • gudymax tx
    gudymax tx 6 kuukautta sitten

    El mejor deporte automotor del mundo..
    En el estado más chingón de.mexico..
    Y en el país más chingón del mundo..

  • SergeyPRO
    SergeyPRO 9 kuukautta sitten

    crazy jump!

  • Santiago Fernandez Vidales

    0:59 pendejo

  • Jérôme
    Jérôme Vuosi sitten

    The problem was raised at the FIA. Artificial jumps are very dangerous because there is a bad quality of the materials used and a bad installation.

  • Alex Greenwood
    Alex Greenwood Vuosi sitten

    Gymkhana 10 start!!!

  • OffEfOne
    OffEfOne Vuosi sitten

    Mexico - Always a shitshow. Just get rid of it for next season please

  • rsanjur
    rsanjur Vuosi sitten

    Who the F allows this kind of stuff to happen in WRC? really hope FIA makes a safety inquiry and mandates to stop this nonsense.

  • Javier Gauna
    Javier Gauna Vuosi sitten


  • Alex Hndr
    Alex Hndr Vuosi sitten +2

    0:57 for the *Y E E T* moment

  • Kevin Kellaway
    Kevin Kellaway Vuosi sitten


  • MartyKay
    MartyKay Vuosi sitten

    That's why I love street circuits 👏🏻

  • JT
    JT Vuosi sitten

    The ramp was fine, this is why you never left off the gas when you hit a jump

  • TheRebelOne
    TheRebelOne Vuosi sitten

    Too much speed....or bad ramp design.....could have destroyed the car...!!

  • Kurt Tank
    Kurt Tank Vuosi sitten

    Damage car😑

  • teimo 22
    teimo 22 Vuosi sitten

    Kuka suomalaine

  • Mark Nope
    Mark Nope Vuosi sitten

    Ask the commentators to stop promoting illegal gambling and book makers. That needs to go away it has nothing to do with anything outside of Britain. Be professional!

  • Fred G
    Fred G Vuosi sitten +2

    They can put fake trees next to the jump to improve the show .... Serioulsy ...

  • Pedro Pablo
    Pedro Pablo Vuosi sitten

    Muy mal disedaño

  • Woles Praya
    Woles Praya Vuosi sitten

    Oooow wow jump lappi

  • Lawrence Lo
    Lawrence Lo Vuosi sitten

    Stupid idea to put a big fking ramp there

  • David M
    David M Vuosi sitten

    Morons commenting that the jump is dangerous but have no problem with drivers on mountain sides with 200 ft drops. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 And dont even try to say your worried about the fans or you would ban people from the stages as well.

    • Mani 1610
      Mani 1610 Vuosi sitten

      Well if you're inside the car you're safe, but if the car would've jumped into the spectators there could have been some casulties.

  • Gandhi's Flip flops
    Gandhi's Flip flops Vuosi sitten +5

    0:14 I didn't know our Sun had 4 wheels

    • Gale
      Gale Vuosi sitten +2

      One might have thought it was SUNinen coming but it was Lappi.

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown Vuosi sitten

    I feel sorry that for the crews. That jump is terrible.

  • Marco _grt
    Marco _grt Vuosi sitten +1

    " Perché non uccidere un po' di spettatori per averne ancora dei nuovi?"
    "Buona idea! Facciamolo in Messico con delle rampe". Attualmente PS1 cancellata perché era pericoloso. Brava FIA complimenti

  • Fruitorian
    Fruitorian Vuosi sitten +1

    Thats insane and extrem Dangerous 😳

  • vivelamort
    vivelamort Vuosi sitten

    Stupid jump, and dangerous

  • Facundo 1997
    Facundo 1997 Vuosi sitten


  • Schlotzig
    Schlotzig Vuosi sitten


  • Charlton Spinks
    Charlton Spinks Vuosi sitten

    what idiots thought that would be a good idea. whoever got paid to make that decision should be forced to return their wages and do the jump themselves. the sport is amazing as it is theres no need to try dramatise it. its not a video game where you need to appeal to kids.

  • Yuri Gohan WRC
    Yuri Gohan WRC Vuosi sitten

    Whoa, what a jump... That's why they canceled this stage

  • Твой Ночной Кошмар

    Their kidneys exploded with that jump :D

  • Николай Зиновьев

    super!wrc we klass!

  • Simon Jung
    Simon Jung Vuosi sitten

    I hope they'll learn

  • Benjamin Boyer
    Benjamin Boyer Vuosi sitten

    That thing looks like a stadium trucks jump, damn

  • H.K.J 73
    H.K.J 73 Vuosi sitten

    No wonder the stage was halted!

  • x.spectro_230_kun. x
    x.spectro_230_kun. x Vuosi sitten +7

    *_0:57_**_ Por suerte no le pasó nada uwu_*

  • vcdm
    vcdm Vuosi sitten +1

    Hope he wore the brown pants

  • valanti170
    valanti170 Vuosi sitten +3

    ramp has been regularly tested with a ........ donkey cart ! Stupid !!

  • MrCatimen
    MrCatimen Vuosi sitten

    Yeah, the jump that cancelled the stage. A little bit understeer and that car is on top of the crowd.

  • GRaF Kiyv
    GRaF Kiyv Vuosi sitten

    Джізус крайззз !!

  • Raditya Indera
    Raditya Indera Vuosi sitten +5

    What is that acrobatic nonsense? That is not what WRC needs. Leave the made up obstacle to RX or gymkhana!

  • MNGGLO m
    MNGGLO m Vuosi sitten


  • Алексей Рязанов

    Так и убиться можно

  • Adrian Hunte
    Adrian Hunte Vuosi sitten +9

    That jump is stupid dangerous.

  • DD
    DD Vuosi sitten +19

    "He had to fight hard to not crash into the crowd" his words, stupid organization

    • Jusa
      Jusa Vuosi sitten +2

      Yeah.. jump was cool until you realize that the car was aiming straight to the unprotected crowd after the jump, very weird design for the track. Good save by Lappi nevertheless.

  • Danny Panizo
    Danny Panizo Vuosi sitten +66

    That's not spectacular, it's plainly stupid. WRC it's not a showoff acrobatic motorsport, it's a enduring and adapting to situations one. Creating a ramp in the middle of the street it's just dangerous and against the spirit of the competition itself! Please eliminate the ramp for the later stage!! We want to see them drive through impossible corners, not flying into a wall!!

    • Jordan Wilbanks
      Jordan Wilbanks Vuosi sitten +7

      it's a special stage...they're for the fans' entertainment + time

  • hughcdavies
    hughcdavies Vuosi sitten +61

    How can the FIA go on about spectators being in stupid positions on proper stages and then allow a speccy stage to run with such a dangerous jump in it.

    I'd of thought after the problems on the last day of Rally GB they would of learnt their lesson.

    And I'm sure Ford won't be happy their advert appears before this vid.

    Fake jumps have no place in the WRC, if you want to watch that try Ken Block.

    • tatuira93
      tatuira93 Vuosi sitten

      @Dras Leona Still way too dangerous with spectators very close to your left and right.

    • Dras Leona
      Dras Leona Vuosi sitten +1

      that was mostly caused by him braking just before a jump = nosedive due to balance of weight going forward.

    • diesel
      diesel Vuosi sitten

      FIA hopeless

    • Gandhi's Flip flops
      Gandhi's Flip flops Vuosi sitten +2

      What happened on RallyGB? Can you send link please if you don't mind?

  • GamingGoose
    GamingGoose Vuosi sitten +2

    Should have placed the ramp further along on the straight to give drivers a chance to line up the car, on the other hand you jump your car over the barrier into the spectator area on the corner

  • Gevin P
    Gevin P Vuosi sitten +116

    Still can't believe these kind of things happening on WRC...This jump is way too sharp. Shame rally mexico :( They should ban all the fake jumps what they used to put on road...

    • Andrew Lee
      Andrew Lee Vuosi sitten

      @ElMosqito 👍

    • JT
      JT Vuosi sitten +3

      @ElMosqito exactly, the ramp was steep, but if he stays on gas and doesn't hit the brakes he lands nice and flat.

    • Marfran Dema
      Marfran Dema Vuosi sitten +2

      The ramp deformed that's why this happened.

    • Dras Leona
      Dras Leona Vuosi sitten +3

      yeah that was caused mostly by him braking= the weight of the car is going forward and wants to nose dive, go over a jump with anything but a neutral balance of weight and that is the result. he carried too much speed into that thus the braking.

    • ElMosqito
      ElMosqito Vuosi sitten +9

      Well, Lappi started to brake just before the jump - he asked for that back kicking. Never drive over jump on compressed suspension

  • A K
    A K Vuosi sitten +9

    Even 2019 they don't have rules how to correctly built these ramps.

  • Kiran Savanur
    Kiran Savanur Vuosi sitten +2


  • Poutre La Loutre
    Poutre La Loutre Vuosi sitten

    Why... Why you put a fucking emoji in title of the video...
    Only shitty clickbait video makers do that, You deceive me

  • benwal12
    benwal12 Vuosi sitten +1

    Absolutely ridiculous

  • Jamie Jardine
    Jamie Jardine Vuosi sitten +16

    Idiotic jump. I wish race organizers (around the globe) would stop putting these moronic jumps into the street stages. More often than not the cars just nose dive because the angle of them is way too steep.

    • OffEfOne
      OffEfOne Vuosi sitten

      They can be done correctly. Only mexicans cant

  • blakegriplingph
    blakegriplingph Vuosi sitten +134

    *Stunt Jump Failed*
    42 Stunt Jumps remaining.

    • max27stoner
      max27stoner Vuosi sitten

      Damn GTA😂

    • Amir Pomen
      Amir Pomen Vuosi sitten +1

      They have cancelled the rest of the jump stage... Bugger.. just remove thatramps is enough

    • MartyKay
      MartyKay Vuosi sitten +1

      Good one 👌🏻

  • awphotography
    awphotography Vuosi sitten +81

    fLappi bird

  • Reptilius Maximus
    Reptilius Maximus Vuosi sitten +1

    Goodbye kidneys...

  • ricky adrianto
    ricky adrianto Vuosi sitten +26

    That is a quite dangerous made up platform. When it is made up, its not fun. I hope they also get rid of the stupid made up chicane.

    • ricky adrianto
      ricky adrianto Vuosi sitten +5

      @Diego Ruiz that ramp should never been there from the first. This opening part of wonderful Mexico series is epic, the atmosphere is great, the mining tunnel is fantastic, why add this unnecessary jump?

    • Diego Ruiz
      Diego Ruiz Vuosi sitten

      The ramp just had the wrong angle, that's all that happened.

  • Jeremy Yang
    Jeremy Yang Vuosi sitten +4

    Safety is everything, stopping ss1 is a right way to protect audience and the drivers.

    • Amir Pomen
      Amir Pomen Vuosi sitten

      They should just remove than ramps and keep the stage going (and award all driver a fixed stage time for equality)
      Atleast the spectator didnt becomes too dissappointed when fia tell them to go home, rally is over... Lol

  • A BCD
    A BCD Vuosi sitten


  • flightMC
    flightMC Vuosi sitten +77

    Stupid design but it was quite a spectical. Loved the commentators and crowd reaction haha