Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Giant Nut and Bolt!

  • Julkaistu 29.07.2020
  • Adam expands his machining skills in today's One Day Build by attempting to machine a giant bolt and nut out of a chunk of brass. It's a thorough test of Adam's abilities working with his lathe and precision machining, as the two comically large parts have to fit in the end!
    Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Joey Fameli
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    Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
    Set design by Danica Johnson saysdanica
    Set build by Asa Hillis
    Thanks for watching!
    #adamsavage #onedaybuilds
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  • Adam Savage’s Tested
    Adam Savage’s Tested  5 päivää sitten +357

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    • Serg Sukonkin
      Serg Sukonkin 7 tuntia sitten

      Hi Adam
      My name Serg, I'm 16 y.o. and I'm from Russia.
      Thank you for your work. Before I saw your channel I didn't want work by my hand but at now I want study and work in this field.
      P. S. Sorry for the grammar😓😓

    • Keith Olson
      Keith Olson 8 tuntia sitten

      Thank you SO much for sharing your scuff marks in a world where only the polished finish is usually shown. By doing so, you take the pressure to perform off of everyone who doesn't do a perfect job the first (or tenth) time. Bravo, good sir!

    • Larry Schweitzer
      Larry Schweitzer 8 tuntia sitten

      @Eric Francis If time is almost up, get out there and have all the fun you can. Make Mary if you can catch her.

    • Larry Schweitzer
      Larry Schweitzer 9 tuntia sitten

      @Calvin DL Slocum Cutting straight in is perfectly acceptable. Watch Joe Pie cut threads. His video on using thread wires will also save you a lot of PIA, just use one wire. Adam had a lot of stick out that resulted in vibration that you can see in the finished threads.

    • Larry Schweitzer
      Larry Schweitzer 9 tuntia sitten

      @Vikas Patel Normally cut dry.

  • jack ofhearts
    jack ofhearts 6 tuntia sitten

    The next day: "Hey Adam have you seen that big hunk of brass I have been saving?"

  • Bailey
    Bailey 6 tuntia sitten

    Real life ratchet and clank golden bolt 😂 kick ass

  • Hunter C
    Hunter C 6 tuntia sitten

    21:37. Putting your fingers on a spinning part in the lathe, no matter how light of a touch it is, can be very dangerous! Anywhere from a little cut from a burr, or more seriously, your arm and you could be sucked into the machine itself. Resulting in injury or death.

  • Sándor Gombai
    Sándor Gombai 6 tuntia sitten

    Are old such old lathes actually in use in the States?
    I mean we, behind the iron curtain, envied the NC and CNC machines we could not buy due to the COCOM list or could not afford because of their price dictated by the smugglers, and we were sorry for ourselves for having to learn and use old, full manual ones.
    I was a bit surprised seeing one here.
    And I am taking my hat off seeing it being used properly.

  • Tar Zan
    Tar Zan 6 tuntia sitten

    OK, we're going to make a really big nut and bolt THUUUMP! out of this hunk of brass THUUUMP! first I gotta do some math THUUUUMP! So we got our measurements here we go THUUUUUMP!

  • Paul Barrow
    Paul Barrow 6 tuntia sitten

    I would be pissed and have to restart

  • sebaschannelofstuff
    sebaschannelofstuff 6 tuntia sitten

    Good shit!

  • Tobi Z.
    Tobi Z. 7 tuntia sitten

    Great video. What happend to your dividing head there? Looks like a bloody accident - or some Mythbusters style paint explosion experiment 😁

  • shane haws
    shane haws 7 tuntia sitten

    Why did you not flip you 4 jaw chucks around to grab the brass from the other way

  • Wim Braber
    Wim Braber 7 tuntia sitten

    Cutting the faces at the very end would have allowed for the faces of nut and bolt to be aligned when tightened. But that.s just pushing it a bit I guess.

  • chuck cluff
    chuck cluff 7 tuntia sitten

    You could hold the larger diameter stock by reversing the jaws...

  • Czech Death
    Czech Death 7 tuntia sitten

    OK now you can head to Chernobyl exclusion zone and throw it to some anomaly xD A BIG ONE

  • Chauvin Emmons
    Chauvin Emmons 7 tuntia sitten

    Compound angle, it must be half the thread angle minus one half to one degree to allow the back side of the cutter to cut a min ammount of material so not to leave marks on back side of thread that is often the pressure side.
    For the nut the compound is reversed exactly.
    For best practices the tool tip must be on center line. Or helix is sqwed.
    The trick is the simplicity set compound at 29 deg from perpendicular left or right hand thread the tool must be inverted to do left while maintaining tip at center line of part.
    You can mesure distance from top of cross slide to center tip or the top of inner flat way to center tip requires a paralell or other piece of flat metal to extend the surface of flat way to center of bed so that its possible to get accurate hight to center tip.
    The real key is the dial on compound is normaly direct on radius so if you dial .02 you get .02 on radius or .04 on diameter at 30 deg thats .02 times .866 = .0173 on radius also moved tool tip in Z axis by .01 either positive or most probably negative .01this becomes important if your using a digital to trac tool tip.
    The real way to cut a left hand thread is to reverse the compound slide from 5o clock to 11 o-clock to running from 1to7 o-clock position with tool tip in a upright configuration not upside down. This requires you pull out to be reversed to push off part requires practice.
    Basicaly to do internal threads everything is exactly reversed. Tool up right.

  • thousand points of light
    thousand points of light 7 tuntia sitten

    should of just brazed on new brass then resurfaced the bolt head.

  • Bryan Sykes
    Bryan Sykes 7 tuntia sitten

    please tell me that is not blood all over the rotory head?

  • Chewy Lewy
    Chewy Lewy 7 tuntia sitten

    I’m really happy that Adam Savage is just learning something I know how to do and he’s really excited about it. Makes me feel smarter lol

  • BlackOak
    BlackOak 7 tuntia sitten

    As a forklift operator this kinda reminds me of those times I've learned how to drive a new piece of equipment.
    Seeing as "screwing up" can potentially lead to death, injury, and mass asset damage, while at the same time often being under a time constraint, you spend your time creeping up on the limits of the machine.
    I take around 3 months to learn a truck. 2 weeks to get comfortable with it, then another 10 weeks consciously telling myself not to be comfortable because that's when near tip overs, tipped loads, failure to stop in time, among other dangers, are most likely to crop up.

  • Hasan Erdim Ateslier
    Hasan Erdim Ateslier 7 tuntia sitten

    oh you have a youtube channel like many professional machinists also have so.even if you don't know anything how hard would be to look up how its done right and get it done instead of presenting this fake acting a fool?!

  • Prathamesh Khale
    Prathamesh Khale 8 tuntia sitten

    If you could drill a hole through out except one end then this can me a mini cannon !?

  • BlackOak
    BlackOak 8 tuntia sitten

    One thing I've seen other hobby machinists do is save the head cutting for last. That way you can screw the nut onto the bolt once the threads are cut and get both cut to the exact same size. It also means you aren't gripping a near finished surface through the majority of the process.

  • Vdub_Tony
    Vdub_Tony 8 tuntia sitten

    Quick question, can’t you reverse the jaws on the dividing head??

  • jonathan blais
    jonathan blais 8 tuntia sitten

    Start with the threading and lose the shims, tighten your chuck in the lathe. Then machine a nut with a slit in it that will tighten around your threads as you put it in the chuck for the mill so it doesn’t damage your threads. And use a tail stock if the work piece extends up to 3x the diameter out of your chuck

  • Mathew Morton
    Mathew Morton 8 tuntia sitten

    Adam, you made my creativity and curiosity become a part of the man I am today. You’re an awesome human.

  • Heron von Tremonia
    Heron von Tremonia 8 tuntia sitten

    6:25 looks like you could flip the jaws, to make it fit.

  • Philip-Jordan Fadriquela
    Philip-Jordan Fadriquela 8 tuntia sitten

    You should make a lathe. I remember you once said a lathe is the only machine that can build itself.

  • coredumperror
    coredumperror 8 tuntia sitten

    I love how Lo-Fi this video seems, due to Adam not having his usual crew with him because of COVID. The video as a whole feels really improvised.

  • Philip Rhode
    Philip Rhode 9 tuntia sitten

    Thanks to ma 3,4 years internship in mechanical cutting in germany , I am screaming internally watching you. But its still entertaining

  • My Cluttered Garage
    My Cluttered Garage 9 tuntia sitten

    Why is your dividing head covered with blood splatter? :)

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir 9 tuntia sitten

    I love watching new machinists learning how to machine

  • Mohammad Jafary
    Mohammad Jafary 9 tuntia sitten

    You are Pat or Mat?

  • Method Music
    Method Music 9 tuntia sitten

    watching this is awesome because i actually took an engineering class during my first year of highschool(9th grade) and one of the first things we learned is making a nut and bolt! we did basically everything you did! it was so awesome seeing you knew how to do everything
    edit: Although when cutting the threads on the nuts, we didnt use a lathe, we just used a tap.(im assuming they dont make taps that big, which is why)

  • Riley Storkamp
    Riley Storkamp 9 tuntia sitten

    I feel like it would help if you ran a thread restorer on and through them

  • Michael
    Michael 9 tuntia sitten

    the shear plane of your bolt is too short and you're missing a washer, which detracts from the realism of the part. but you've created something beautiful and shiny and more importantly you've gained invaluable experience. thanks for sharing.

  • alex massey
    alex massey 9 tuntia sitten

    Too many adds

  • Krzysztof J
    Krzysztof J 10 tuntia sitten

    16:36 WDF ??? Crasch !

  • Hager Hay
    Hager Hay 10 tuntia sitten

    You did an excellent job, and learned a lot for the talented Hyper Guy you are, keep the videos coming, while we laugh and learn with you.

  • KWBKnives
    KWBKnives 10 tuntia sitten

    awesome! Always wanted an obnoxiously large bolt XD Great job. If you want it to cut smoother you could angle the cross slide to the same angle as the cutter, 60 degree in this case and use that as your depth control so it only cuts on one face of the cutter

  • Abubakar Hanif
    Abubakar Hanif 10 tuntia sitten

    I like the way you smile
    all the time while talking.

  • Kevin Navitas
    Kevin Navitas 10 tuntia sitten

    I appreciate that you show your screw-ups as well as your triumphs. That is an admirable quality that gives you credibly.

  • destro513
    destro513 10 tuntia sitten

    Adam, at 6:28, the jaws in most newer chucks are reverseable. Just crank them out and turn them around for larger stock. Keep in mind they are married to their location and mostly numbered so put them back in the same slot

  • Pepin Gelardi
    Pepin Gelardi 10 tuntia sitten

    The real win here is that the resulting nut is large enough to allow you to rest the assembly on its side and turn the bolt (31:30). One of my favorite reasons to make things with my own hands: Mistakes as features!

  • Immortal King
    Immortal King 10 tuntia sitten

    The finished product was absolutely beautiful

  • Mark Larson
    Mark Larson 10 tuntia sitten

    Looks fantastic

  • Axel Gieck
    Axel Gieck 10 tuntia sitten

    What is really funny every time the „commercial“ break comes up I get „Xometry asking If I need CNC machines Parts....“

  • Axel Gieck
    Axel Gieck 10 tuntia sitten

    Can I please now have Jamie Hineman‘s Video commenting on this next ...?

  • Max Caplow
    Max Caplow 11 tuntia sitten

    I'm curious if a real machinist can back me up, but I was taught to set the cross slide at 60° and use that to adjust the depth of cut each pass. I was told it helps avoid contact with the back of the tool, but it's tough to visualize and verify. Also, reducing the depth of cut as you get further along is key to avoid overloading the tool because to take a fatter chip the deeper your threads are. This was a fun build to watch for sure, especially since I normally just cheat and use a CNC lathe

  • Norman Mumford
    Norman Mumford 11 tuntia sitten

    No one is gonna call out the blood splatter all over the dividing head ?
    I got my eyes on you Adam 👀

  • Sam W.
    Sam W. 11 tuntia sitten

    I love your conversion rule tattoo, can't believe I haven't noticed it before

  • Xenronnify
    Xenronnify 11 tuntia sitten

    This man has a screw loose ❤️

  • David
    David 11 tuntia sitten

    That was great. I admit I am not good with my hands that way (except for modeling which I did) but I enjoy watching you. Keep them coming.

  • Xenronnify
    Xenronnify 11 tuntia sitten

    I think it'd be so amazing if you collab'd with ThisOldTony to make some bits and bobs with the lathe.

  • Rodney Sharp
    Rodney Sharp 11 tuntia sitten

    Worked in a tapping shop yes hard. Next project Self Locking ramp angle tap. Two angle on the threads.

  • Matt Lewandowski
    Matt Lewandowski 12 tuntia sitten

    Adam, I just wanted to say it is great that a legendary builder such as yourself is willing to step up in front of millions of fans and say "here where my successes, but here where my mistakes as well". it stands as a reminder to all who look up to you and who wish to emulate you that mistakes happen, especially when you are learning new skills, and hopefully also allows them to not make some of the same mistakes along the way.

  • Lance Mahaffey
    Lance Mahaffey 12 tuntia sitten

    nice bolt

  • Zalfener Valenix
    Zalfener Valenix 12 tuntia sitten

    Would love to see a video on your opinion and preferences on the use of stationary (pens, pencils, and paper) in the workshop.

  • Dwayne Harvie
    Dwayne Harvie 12 tuntia sitten

    Host: Makes an everyday hardware item. Only BIGGER.
    Me: Yup, I'd totally do that if I had the tools.

  • Mathew Webb
    Mathew Webb 12 tuntia sitten

    You don't enjoy the process, you enjoy the result!

  • Nick Saik
    Nick Saik 12 tuntia sitten

    This Old Adam

  • Deaner-Weiner
    Deaner-Weiner 12 tuntia sitten

    "Day two of one day build."
    Whut lol.

  • Leospot828
    Leospot828 12 tuntia sitten

    Pretty cool seeing the color difference between brass that's been exposed to air for a long while vs the freshly exposed brass.

  • Apple Pear
    Apple Pear 12 tuntia sitten

    When you drew the bolt and nut on that paper every scratch of that pen sent shivers down my spine 😅 like someone running their nails down a chalkboard.

  • NoblePaladin172
    NoblePaladin172 12 tuntia sitten

    Every time the brass is dropped, my headphones explode off my head lol. You must love slamming that adam!

  • Christopher Paige
    Christopher Paige 12 tuntia sitten

    Bad A$$ for sure but my OCD would not let me live with the 2 different sizes

    JINX JONES 12 tuntia sitten

    _awesome skills_

  • patrick Frawley
    patrick Frawley 12 tuntia sitten

    Piece of cake doing a thread like that. been there done that and got the Tee Shirt.

  • sam jones
    sam jones 12 tuntia sitten

    This video has 666k views 🤔 Adam savage is now a proven beast, iro maiden would be proud

  • New World Disorder
    New World Disorder 13 tuntia sitten

    Yup... Use that tail stock to keep that fella in position lol.

  • Daniel Crosby
    Daniel Crosby 13 tuntia sitten

    What pen is that at 4:30 ?

  • Capn Clawhammer
    Capn Clawhammer 13 tuntia sitten

    A far cry from my taps and dies!

  • _ Attheveryend
    _ Attheveryend 13 tuntia sitten

    Dear Adam Savage,
    It is a crime to speed through the use of a face mill. Doubly so for brass.

  • R.G. Brown
    R.G. Brown 13 tuntia sitten

    You could turn down some of that nuts diameter a little bit and make it a flange nut !

  • canid song
    canid song 13 tuntia sitten

    Internal threading tools and taps are by far the tools I break most often.

  • Genubath
    Genubath 13 tuntia sitten

    This reminds me of ratchet and clank

  • mmahgoub
    mmahgoub 13 tuntia sitten

    Adopt me Savage 😭

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 14 tuntia sitten

    Aren't the jaws of the dividing head reversible? This would have greatly increased the size of the grip and allowed grabbing the initial bar.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 14 tuntia sitten

    Nuts and bolts are often different sizes on older cars. This allows a mechanic with limited tools to be able to use a wrench on each end without needing multiple wrench sets.

  • asod614
    asod614 14 tuntia sitten

    This is going to be one of those things where in a future ODB Adam is going to be like "you know what would work great here, a 1.25 in diameter brass bolt, I think I have one lying around"

  • POGO3D
    POGO3D 14 tuntia sitten

    Crap the bed... Even when in a G rated scenario its still hilarious! LOL

  • toosas
    toosas 14 tuntia sitten

    Well done, Mr Sophisticated!

  • Evan Goodwin
    Evan Goodwin 14 tuntia sitten

    Does anyone know what kind of pen/marker he was using to sketch everything out at the beginning?

  • Daniel Arney
    Daniel Arney 14 tuntia sitten

    29 1/2 degrees, thread wires, and clear off your head, where ya stackin em, endless production sucks the art, and fun right out of it. For all the tooling and skill required, it's more of a living wage to just go drive a truck. Cool video, I almost miss it. Don't miss double lead internal acme threading. 14 1/2 degrees. Don't forget teaching yourself cnc. Better tighten up that class fit by dragging a a scribe or piece of flat stock accros the nut threads before the boss comes over a sees you took one to many spring cuts.

  • Erwin Lampaert
    Erwin Lampaert 14 tuntia sitten

    Damn, that vibrated alot when you putted that brass chunk down on the table.

  • bullsballs
    bullsballs 14 tuntia sitten

    Great work Adam! The mistakes are more important as they teach us the material and tool capabilities.
    As you said, brass is sticky, grippy or whatever word you need for how brass machines. I was wondering if you used any lubricant on the brass, as I was taught to use kerosene to lube the metal while cutting it. If not, will you try it?

  • Jack Garner
    Jack Garner 14 tuntia sitten

    What was the squaring tool used @14:07 ?

  • The Traveler
    The Traveler 14 tuntia sitten

    You cannot sit here and tell me that Adam is not a fan of Ratchet and Clank with a build like this!

  • James Adams
    James Adams 15 tuntia sitten

    Way too much drama for fucks sake

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig 15 tuntia sitten

    reduces cutting pressure and gives the chip somewhere to go.

  • Scott Ferguson
    Scott Ferguson 15 tuntia sitten

    Painful to watch. Grippy? Why leave half nuts engaged when most likely your lead screw is either 2TPI or 4 TPI & half nuts can be engaged at any point when threading 4TPI ( any multiple of 2 or 4TPI respectively).

  • FPS-RC
    FPS-RC 15 tuntia sitten

    You feed with the compound

    • soinu foig
      soinu foig 15 tuntia sitten

      Now bore it out and make it a mini cannon. 😀😀😀😀

  • FPS-RC
    FPS-RC 15 tuntia sitten

    Your compound should be set at 29.5 degrees then set the tool straight.

  • William Howard
    William Howard 15 tuntia sitten

    Hey adam its nice to to find you here in youtube! Im a fan since the mythbuster days. I would love to see you back with the heineman

  • Ethan S
    Ethan S 15 tuntia sitten

    I really like odbs

  • FPS-RC
    FPS-RC 15 tuntia sitten

    Get a machinist handbook.

  • 2424 music
    2424 music 15 tuntia sitten

    and i thought my nuts were big i guess i was wrong.

  • Hibah Price
    Hibah Price 15 tuntia sitten

    Где то на заводе их делают сотнями за день)

  • mechon master
    mechon master 15 tuntia sitten

    Your a rock

  • ClarkFilmsYT
    ClarkFilmsYT 15 tuntia sitten

    I love how this pretty heavy duty metal equipment is held up by legos and 3D printed plastic. 😄

  • ClarkFilmsYT
    ClarkFilmsYT 15 tuntia sitten

    Imagine making a bullet/shell out of that thing. Yikes!

  • Ruurd van Buiten
    Ruurd van Buiten 16 tuntia sitten

    every time you move the cutting head in it has more service area that it needs to cut