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COVID-19 hits the media | Media Watch
Näkymät 50 t.15 päivää sitten
Trump's moment of truth | Planet America
Näkymät 20 t.21 päivä sitten
Bettina Arndt condemned | Media Watch
Näkymät 37 t.Uukausi sitten
The 46th Ozcars | Insiders
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  • No Name
    No Name Minuutti sitten

    Populations are exploding, people are filling their bodies with all sorts of shit food and drugs alcohol. Obese, no respect for themselves. Doctors and nurses are half the day on their cell phones. It is becoming a shit storm circus The CEO of Latrobe Hospital...Now does'nt he look the picture of health. come on people get on the program here.

  • Izzy Cole
    Izzy Cole 2 minuuttia sitten

    I feel like you can generally guess which state/city and how close or far away they lived from the city from their accent though....

  • MrTubeityourself
    MrTubeityourself 8 minuuttia sitten

    Simon Baptist @20:42; Wuhan had this feature too!

  • Rajesh Sawant
    Rajesh Sawant 13 minuuttia sitten

    chinese are using ideas from the qoron against muslims.

  • Sandra Simmonds
    Sandra Simmonds 15 minuuttia sitten

    It was the Asian countries with experience of SARS and MERS that reacted most quickly because they had recent experience and set up medical and surveillance processes ready for the next outbreak of whatever ... and none of them trusts China. Given everything that needed to be done and the way government is structured in Australia (3 tiers), I think the governments have done pretty well - not perfect and some stuff-ups for sure, but they continued to work forward. The border protection issue was not considered thoroughly enough - too much reliance on 'people doing the right thing' and the Ruby Princess fiasco demands investigation. All this should be a lesson learned for future situations - because there will be one. Out of this situation, we can only hope that all levels of government learn and change and adapt new processes. I'm not going to criticise our governments. Who would want to lead a state or a country right now? Who would want to make the decisions they have to make? Whilst failings and errors do need to be reported, why does the media want to glory in it? This is a time we need to band together and respect that the governments are trying to work through this. Just look at the faces of the national cabinet members. This isn't taking a toll on them? They carry the weight of a nation and I don't believe for a minute they don't get it. The whole bloody world has changed in just a few weeks and we don't think there are going to be mistakes? The best we can do is take personal responsibility - assume we have the virus and act accordingly. The best governments can do is take on the advice that is available and keep planning and moving forward, which is what seems to me to be happening.

  • Duncan Kow
    Duncan Kow 21 minuutti sitten

    Majulah Singapura!

  • Victor Forbes
    Victor Forbes 22 minuuttia sitten


  • hurry
    hurry 22 minuuttia sitten

    Police help them, Italy is soo strong it is posible for them to stop it but but but if police are not with them 👍

  • MrCookding
    MrCookding 26 minuuttia sitten

    no face mask? what ego! singaporeans' luck I would worry if they are led by these prophets.

  • Flamingo
    Flamingo 30 minuuttia sitten

    You need to understand the dont's! Don't be reckless and you'll be ok! Don't do everything in your way and challenge them that you are right! What you need to know is to find their way how they do it and find the logic behind why they are doing it that way. Learn and don't judge and they will love and appreciate you!

  • Alex Garrido
    Alex Garrido 32 minuuttia sitten

    Why hasn't the U.S Invaded China already?

  • Angel
    Angel 34 minuuttia sitten

    Such a sophisticated country. I give our country another week or so in lockdown and we will see riots and looting. Our defence force is already harrassing, attacking and steeling off innocent people and to top it there is Covid-19 too.

  • dePRESSiON
    dePRESSiON 37 minuuttia sitten

    ~ EPICsode ~ " EVERY country SHOULD learn from their example - PERIOD! " ~ And, EVERY caring/intelligent person see this ... ONCE! ~

  • Robby H
    Robby H 39 minuuttia sitten

    So wearing a mask may or not protect me from you when you may or might not wear a mask. So pretty much...everyone do whatever they want or makes them feel better and it may or might not work no matter who wear it when it where it everywhere by everyone. Something like that so far is what the public message is. Clear

  • kingIkeable
    kingIkeable 45 minuuttia sitten

    Seriously if you were in Nigeria you cry and lament on Buhari and Nigerian government. Now you are out, you betray and sell your own sisters/brothers for money? Shame on you! Shame on you guys bringing shame to our country's name. Shame!!!!

  • 918ausi
    918ausi 46 minuuttia sitten

    20% Virus carriers have no symptoms at all and keep spreading the virus. in South Korea and Taiwan, the governments diligently trace and test all contacts of infected persons, and isolate all those tested positive, including those symptomless people. They don’t shutdown everything to maintain a low infection rate. The Australians choose total shutdown in stead of fast screening and targeted isolation, punishing the whole population and economy.

  • Angella Thomas
    Angella Thomas 48 minuuttia sitten

    Does this person really think any sensible human believe the garbage she is spewing out? Come on

  • Diana Aguilar
    Diana Aguilar 49 minuuttia sitten

    R.I.P. He lived, and left on his own terms, we should all have that right.

  • Leslie thats me
    Leslie thats me 50 minuuttia sitten

    I see water shortages, OCD on the rise, environmental disaster from the excess of soaps and bleachs... Stay healthy and strong

  • neal tran
    neal tran 52 minuuttia sitten

    it's sad to learn Australian expert is highly valued and listened to overseas, but not in Australia.

  • Francisco Toscano
    Francisco Toscano 53 minuuttia sitten

    Hong Kong and Taiwan need to team up and they might have a chance.

  • Muhammad Ahmad
    Muhammad Ahmad 55 minuuttia sitten

    I'm not trying to be racist neither am I racist but I'm just saying never ever trust any African descent people with money. Due to lack of good upbringing and education they end up on the streets, selling drugs, stealing and robbing and getting into crimes and illegal activities. I really really feel sorry for them. Their forefathers were great men, leaders and influential people. Mansa Musa was a Muslim King of the African continent and is the believed to be the richest man in History till date.

  • Ian Gray
    Ian Gray 55 minuuttia sitten

    Scaled to population Singapore isn't doing much better than Australia. Singapore's population is 22% of Australia's with 926 cases and 3 deaths. Scaled to Australia's population this would be 4158 cases/13 deaths vs 4560 cases/19 deaths for Australia. People keep forgetting to take into account population size:, If you combine the major countries of Western Europe (France/Germany/Italy/Spain) with about the same combined population as the USA, there have been far, far more cases and deaths in Western Europe than the USA. If you combine the Scandinavian countries (with a total population similar to Australia), there have been about 10 times the number of deaths than in Asutralia. We need to stay on track with what we are already doing since our number of deaths per 10 million people is the lowest for any Western democracy (other than New Zealand).

  • Humanimal
    Humanimal 56 minuuttia sitten

    Stupid music. Fake

  • Elaine Stewart
    Elaine Stewart Tunti sitten

    I think what this official is saying is I thought The Mafia, was something to be reckoned with until He discovered The Nigerian Connection!

  • Epicurus _
    Epicurus _ Tunti sitten

    How did Singapore treat borders?

    • Epicurus _
      Epicurus _ 8 minuuttia sitten

      @Jason Tang wow who would have though of doing that???lol. Not the UK or USA. God help them.

    • Jason Tang
      Jason Tang 35 minuuttia sitten

      Now we blocked almost all visitors except Singaporean coming back and they will be quarantined once touch down airport

  • Elaine Stewart
    Elaine Stewart Tunti sitten

    What are these Italien's thinking they need to aquire some BALLS, and rid themselves of these blood suckers!

  • Bounvong Manisap
    Bounvong Manisap Tunti sitten

    We all should learn from Singapore with this corona virus’s!

  • Dan Roux
    Dan Roux Tunti sitten

    It's not just the government that deserves praise. Its also the citizens who are extremely disciplined in implementing common sense and hygiene.

  • Elaine Stewart
    Elaine Stewart Tunti sitten

    The had better not come to my area, I will kill them!

  • Elaine Stewart
    Elaine Stewart Tunti sitten

    Well that's it then! All honest citizens arm yourselves have a civil war, chuck these people out of your country. Get mean, its survival! Why are you putting up with this shit?Seriously round up all of those Black Dudes and Chicks and put them on a long trip! Take back control of your country! Stop discussing it just do it!Round them up and ship them out!

  • No Name
    No Name Tunti sitten

    Immediate ECG read by a qualified MD. Blood work, CXR. Placed on cardiac monitor. Kept for 6 hours repeat ECG, repeat blood work. possibly Echo. Followed by calling your lawyer to initiate law suit.

  • Relaxing Nature
    Relaxing Nature Tunti sitten

    The show forgot to mention that Singapore has a "universal masking" policy ..most countries arn't doing that

    • Jason Tang
      Jason Tang Tunti sitten

      We only wear mask if we don’t feel well , we have to reserve the masks for the front line health people

  • Thomas Sparkes
    Thomas Sparkes Tunti sitten

    rest in peace

  • K S
    K S Tunti sitten

    Not surprised Dale Fisher is associated with WHO. Still telling people stupid wrong information. "I'm not wearing a mask because I'm not sick"; the general public know that "Asymptomatic people are the most dangerous spreaders of the disease." Masks on EVERYONE Slow it down exponentially, and lessen the severity of infection by reducing viral loads.

  • Cora Muckle
    Cora Muckle Tunti sitten

    They has to stop selling and cooking nasty animals do they really understanding how internally disgusting that shit is

  • Yoffy
    Yoffy Tunti sitten

    to taiwan posses neclear weapons just like north korea doing so that other nation cannot bullied you

  • Bin Xu
    Bin Xu Tunti sitten

    Australia should learn from Singapore so we will not be the next Italy or Spain.

  • Yoffy
    Yoffy Tunti sitten

    ananarky is the solution waar againts goverment.or goverment vs goverment.tto do what you want go first in war

    FUSED LIFE Tunti sitten

    The USA could learn so much from Singapore, I hope and pray we change these laws on double doors and having good filtration within the hospital itself. Wowzas 🙏☺️🌎❤️💕😌

  • TY T
    TY T Tunti sitten

    too early too soon

  • Marcus Cassius
    Marcus Cassius Tunti sitten

    They brought me to the Bush and play with my bush. 😂

  • Sophia David
    Sophia David Tunti sitten

    I always ❤ this Country wonderful ppl.God bless us all🙏

  • rene finch
    rene finch Tunti sitten

    The problems of this world stem from the prevalence of ignorance! Everyone does right in their own eyes Prov 12:15-"The way of the fool is right in his own eyes"! Now he's suffering the torments of Hell,bc he didnt know- Luke 16:19-31,John 3:17-36!!!

  • Marcus Cassius
    Marcus Cassius Tunti sitten

    Nigérian inItaly and the Somalians in Canada. I hope that one day the world will realize that you can’t mix races.

  • Rick ZW
    Rick ZW Tunti sitten

    ABC very questionable reporting . Singapore robot state that can be manipulated into mindless actions by the System.

  • Latasha Roddan
    Latasha Roddan Tunti sitten

    This is so saddening beyond words. Ignorance is truly bliss as some will say. These families don't even know why the kids are home.

  • Juliet Nabukenya
    Juliet Nabukenya Tunti sitten

    LET HIM GO !!! He's feed up.

  • vedwyr
    vedwyr Tunti sitten

    I'm seeing some salty Westerners commenting and criticizing singapore for its lack of freedom. We prepared as early as Jan ~ Feb. What did you guys do? Criticize China for their draconian measures to Wuhan. Only in March did you do anything about it but it was too late. Where has that freedom and civil liberties brought you? And no, we are not compliant, we are merely sensible and we see no reason to go against the government when there is not a need to. So enjoy your freedom as Coronavirus ravaged your country and brings your healthcare system crashing down. I am not gloating but people in glass houses should not throw stones at others.

  • Nicholas Cage
    Nicholas Cage Tunti sitten

    Once spreading is over in Singapore!

  • ABC News In-depth
    ABC News In-depth Tunti sitten

    Hi there guys, thanks for watching. We made a mistake with our spelling of Singapore's Health Ministers name at 19:17, it should be spelt Gan Kim Yong, sorry for this error.

    • Angel
      Angel 46 minuuttia sitten

      Phew thank you, had a sleepless night...not😃👍🏼 Awesome episode.

    • milozach1
      milozach1 51 minuutti sitten

      Here was me thinking it was Sum Ting Wong.

    • C N
      C N Tunti sitten

      No one cares about your spelling. We care about your constant left wing bias.

  • Skanzool
    Skanzool Tunti sitten

    China needs to pay for this!!

  • Fabu123
    Fabu123 Tunti sitten

    This is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard. In 20 years, the whole community loses its ability to fend for themselves and become dependent on handouts. What a shame.

  • Brian Sturges
    Brian Sturges Tunti sitten

    I would like to be in that good of condition if I ever reach 104. Every moment is precious and we should be grateful because God gives us life and what Jesus did in offering redemption makes it all worthwhile if we give up our pride and sin and accept His way.

  • centerspike661
    centerspike661 Tunti sitten

    Kiwi's are considered the blacks of Australia

  • gods psyche
    gods psyche Tunti sitten

    He said “ vegetables “ 😂

  • mishel MK
    mishel MK Tunti sitten

    The least corrupt nation. Great example to the world.

  • sat fan
    sat fan Tunti sitten

    Discipline is the key word. Financially stable country makes them stronger. lockdown is not really a solution for countries like Philippines. plywood is the only wall between houses 60 percent. Hongkong, Taiwan ,Korea, Singapore are all doing well in fighting covid19.

  • Perhaps ME
    Perhaps ME Tunti sitten

    RUBBISH that Singapore's measures have Worked BETTER than most of the world. Do the computation of number of confirmed cases per 1,000 residents. Assuming there are 3.5m citizens plus 2.5m guest workers in Singapore for a total of 6m residents. Assuming there are 25m citizens plus 2m of guest workers and foreign students in Australia for a total of 27m. Assuming there are 850 cases in Singapore and 6,000 (not quite at the time of this note on April 1) in Australia. There are 0.1417 cases per 1,000 residents in Singapore. There are 0.222 cases per 1,000 residents in Australia. The difference is not that much large. Again, I assume more cases in Australia and fewer in Singapore on April 1 and assume the number of residents in Singapore larger and smaller in Australia. Rubbish that Singapore has done well.... Transport HUBS are always the dangerous spots for spreading of pathogens. Singapore Airport was only closed for TRANSIT flights recently. How many tens of thousands of passengers have caught the virus before that? Do not be surprised that over 20,000 or more in the 8 weeks between late January and late March. These 20,000 passengers then flew to all over the world spreading the virus. Qantas stopped using Singapore as transit point at least one week before Singapore stopped this transit part of its airport. Qantas took actions and did the right thing for its passengers much earlier than Singapore itself. Rubbish that Singapore has done well.

    • Dan Ltc
      Dan Ltc 13 minuuttia sitten

      you call that computation? what's your level of education? lol. seems like you left out a crucial factor. population density. Australia has a pd of 3.1 people per square km Singapore has a pd of 8358 people per square km given that this virus transmits via proxima, this be a greater factor than population size. which means for every 1 australian infected, there should be 2696 singaporeans go recompute!

  • RMOsheep
    RMOsheep Tunti sitten

    4:53 aaand Taiwan left out again

  • Barry Couda
    Barry Couda 2 tuntia sitten

    Yeah, ...Nothing like our "Bumbling - Fumbling" government here in Australia, who lets a ship full of people covered in coronavirus just walk off the boat, with no testing, to spread the virus through out the country ?? !!!

  • Elizabeth SooYong Hwang
    Elizabeth SooYong Hwang 2 tuntia sitten

    We don't want to live anymore? Is that how professional nurses supposed to say? come on! What on earth do you want to do? Stop crying, and start busy of nursing patients!

  • it just doesn't matter jp
    it just doesn't matter jp 2 tuntia sitten

    gee, you mean a culture where people actually look after the welfare of others and not just themselves? What a concept.

  • oriental snake
    oriental snake 2 tuntia sitten

    however good we think we have done so far just a stroke of bad luck and things can go south very quickly. let's do our best and keep our fingers crossed.

  • Patrick Ward
    Patrick Ward 2 tuntia sitten

    Wanna be gangster's pussycat's..

  • Joe Blo
    Joe Blo 2 tuntia sitten

    Why do the Koreans have masks? Why do the Chinese have masks? Why doesn't the west have masks?

    • Dan Ltc
      Dan Ltc 2 minuuttia sitten

      mask are pretty shy beings. after this pandemic's over, head on over to craigslist or ebay, where they'll re-emerge from people's basements.

  • Sergeo Sergeo
    Sergeo Sergeo 2 tuntia sitten

    Why David why why why David. Don't you see we love you David. We need you. Why would you hurt us this bad. No one should be smiling no one should be drinking wine,laughing. They should be on there knees crying, frowning, confused. There is no reasoning. Human beings don't act that way. I heard many disturbing remarks in here. Gramma should have just slapped the shit out of him and he would have stopped.

  • Janette Barr
    Janette Barr 2 tuntia sitten

    It’s the cleanest place I’ve ever been in everyone lives by the rules and regulations they are a small island so can’t afford to let people do what they want you live by the rules you can stay don’t live by the rules you leave they also don’t allow people to live groups of same type people or religion you live where there is a house you don’t like you leave

  • T Jack
    T Jack 2 tuntia sitten

    Most people are stupid back then without internet

  • Alex Liverani
    Alex Liverani 2 tuntia sitten

    After meth genuine happiness will be a distant memory

  • Vanella Paris
    Vanella Paris 2 tuntia sitten

    You do the crime you pay the fine. Do your time home boy

  • Johnny Del R. Souls THE ANTI-NARC. COLLECTIVE.

    The Iranian 🚺 is obviously lying, she ran away.

  • Shamail Siddiqui
    Shamail Siddiqui 2 tuntia sitten

    this is what happens when governments stay out of the way of health care and let the professionals do there job.. western governments always have some kind of agenda.

  • Erica Mae
    Erica Mae 2 tuntia sitten

    If Chinese government had not have lied to the world and warned us about this then countries would have been better equipped to deal with the total disaster but then again bio chemical warfare does not involve helping others does it the objective of such actions is as much devastation and destruction as humanly possible. By God they certainly achieved that

  • William Grimberg
    William Grimberg 2 tuntia sitten

    My son who lives there, told me that Singapore has a universal heath care . Also this is a small country.

  • T Ch
    T Ch 2 tuntia sitten

    Its to late!!!

  • Slobodan Grasic
    Slobodan Grasic 2 tuntia sitten

    Obviously, the testing was not enough ntensive and this is about asymptomatic carriers.

  • Bible Flock Box
    Bible Flock Box 2 tuntia sitten

    You just watched a secret advertisement for global governance.

  • James
    James 2 tuntia sitten

    After watching this you realize how really inept our leaders are here in North America and how stupid most people are. I still can't believe what I see every day with people still going to parks in groups and no distance apart. I was lucky enough to visit Singapore about 3 years ago and I was so impressed with how friendly, clean and safe it was - reminded me of Japan. Both beautiful countries with very respectful people.

  • Luke Benbow
    Luke Benbow 2 tuntia sitten

    Why dont you talk about the positive things that trump is doing, when your at war shows like this need to stop the scare mungering. China is somghing you need to focus on if you want to stricly promote negativity

  • D. Wade
    D. Wade 2 tuntia sitten

    Lies!!!!! Smh at least stand up for what you believe in...

  • smile'ery'day Bright
    smile'ery'day Bright 2 tuntia sitten

    Singapore was ready for this due to previous viruses, they prepared unlike other nations thinking these wouldn't one day effect them

  • Dovey14
    Dovey14 2 tuntia sitten

    I wonder just wonder how bad things need to get before people say, maybe I shouldn't have children right now? My wife and I waiting until we could afford kids before we had kids, These people are special, No job, no money, no food. but l need 10 kids! I say,, have fun with that! enjoy all that life has to offer you and your 10 kids. Just keep making kids! that is exactly what will help you out of poverty. More mouths to feed. Bravo! (Standing Ovation)

  • Dogs Will Hunt
    Dogs Will Hunt 2 tuntia sitten

    God speed you beautiful bastard. Going on on his own terms headstrong with no regrets. You’ve lived a long life sir and now it’s time for some well deserved rest.

  • Sergeo Sergeo
    Sergeo Sergeo 2 tuntia sitten

    So heart breaking. Does anyone really love this man. He can come live with me. Find him a girlfriend! I haven't watch it all but it's so ridiculous I can't watch.

  • Katie Kate
    Katie Kate 2 tuntia sitten

    Selfish people without knowledge are what I fear. Society has rough riders out there that do not feel that the virus applies to them. They have never sequestered themselves if sick and mainly men, cough, snort and spit Putin anywhere they want. They are ignorant to basic hygiene such as washing their hands which is quite evident when they use the restroom, these folks are not going to sudden contain their body secretions because the don't know or practice good hygiene. They do nt think of, consider or respect their fellow man!

    GTG BOYZ 2 tuntia sitten

    23:54 what is this beat?

  • 777 Tim todd
    777 Tim todd 2 tuntia sitten

    That is Nigerian pimp , not mafia ...

  • Dawn Salois
    Dawn Salois 3 tuntia sitten

    o h look Canada takes her and ole pc liberal austrail says no because of oil. chicken shit government personnel. go shoot an endangered animal

  • Brian Marcinyshyn
    Brian Marcinyshyn 3 tuntia sitten

    you guys are idiots

  • UK84 UK84
    UK84 UK84 3 tuntia sitten

    I hope the Italian mafia stops them

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh Tunti sitten

      eastern european mafia or Asian máfia???

  • animerlon
    animerlon 3 tuntia sitten

    Wouldn't Trump love controlling what the media gets to say? Unfortunately, he's the biggest source of misinformation so it would only cause chaos.

  • lorrane
    lorrane 3 tuntia sitten

    We are an island nation, we shouldn’t even have a single case ! Morrison should have closed borders back in January. Hospitals should have ramped up their dangerous infection protocols, in case it did sneak into the country. We should be the only country in the world, without the virus

  • Nirajan Younzan
    Nirajan Younzan 3 tuntia sitten

    This is ultimate weapon of nature but produce by human in the name of modernization and science. This will defiantly balance and restore. Chines government of wuhan is responsible for spreading it.

  • Not Cody Animations
    Not Cody Animations 3 tuntia sitten

    I would not risk it ....

  • Renee Zaia
    Renee Zaia 3 tuntia sitten

    Absolutely stunning, truly moving! Thank you beautiful people xx

  • Verity
    Verity 3 tuntia sitten

    So, what are the real numbers of people still getting infected or dying? It's foolish and dangerous to believe what the Chinese gov't is saying. They covered it up in Dec. and robbed the rest of the world of the crucial time to prepare. Sorry, Tim, we're not buying your "happy happy" talk.

  • Harshit Shukla
    Harshit Shukla 3 tuntia sitten

    Age restricted? You gotta be kidding me.

  • Tim Z
    Tim Z 3 tuntia sitten

    Masks for all. To much asymptomatic spread especially in the first 5 days from infection. Its not rocket science. All countries that have this under control all wear masks.