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The Green Knight | Official Teaser Trailer HD | A24
Näkymät 3,9 milj.12 päivää sitten
First Cow | Official Trailer HD | A24
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Saint Maud | Official Trailer HD | A24
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Waves | Official Trailer HD | A24
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Uncut Gems | Official Trailer HD | A24
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Low Tide | Caught | Official Clip HD | A24
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The Lighthouse | Official Trailer 2 HD | A24
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Waves | Official Trailer HD | A24
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The Kill Team | Official Trailer HD | A24
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Low Tide | Official Trailer HD | A24
Näkymät 992 t.6 kuukautta sitten
The Lighthouse | Official Trailer HD | A24
Näkymät 8 milj.7 kuukautta sitten
The Souvenir | Official Clip HD
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In Fabric | Official Trailer HD | A24
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MIDSOMMAR | Official Trailer HD | A24
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The Farewell | Official Trailer HD | A24
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Under The Silver Lake | Official Promo HD | A24
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Under The Silver Lake | Official Promo HD | A24
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SKIN | Official Trailer HD | A24
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MIDSOMMAR | Official Teaser Trailer HD | A24
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Climax | Official Promo HD | A24
Näkymät 30 t.11 kuukautta sitten
High Life | Official Trailer HD | A24
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OUTLAWS | Official Trailer HD | A24
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Mid90s | Official Trailer 2 HD | A24
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Slice | Official Trailer HD | A24
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Climax | Official Trailer HD | A24
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Mid90s | Official Trailer HD | A24
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Evil Grandmas of 2019 | A24
Näkymät 33 t.Vuosi sitten
Hereditary | Happy Mother's Day!
Näkymät 94 t.Vuosi sitten
Lady Bird | Love | Official Promo HD | A24
Näkymät 2,4 milj.2 vuotta sitten
Hereditary | Official Trailer HD | A24
Näkymät 19 milj.2 vuotta sitten
Lean on Pete | Official Trailer HD | A24
Näkymät 565 t.2 vuotta sitten


  • Ren The Villain
    Ren The Villain 5 tuntia sitten

    Is it weird im getting a dark souls vibe from this movie?

  • ro po
    ro po 5 tuntia sitten

    unpopular opinion, but this is far worse than the human centipede

  • Frank Slater
    Frank Slater 6 tuntia sitten

    Looks like a great film. I just wish they would stop casting ethnically foreign people to play key figures in our history & folklore.

  • Roy Wilson
    Roy Wilson 6 tuntia sitten


  • Kadie B
    Kadie B 6 tuntia sitten

    This is a good fucking movie!

  • 호러아트공장 - Horror Art Factory

    A24 is at it again. Super excited for this!!

  • Carnictis
    Carnictis 7 tuntia sitten

    A firm favourite of all time; but this trailer? It gives away too much.

  • John Mejia
    John Mejia 7 tuntia sitten

    Great movie Jonah killed it

  • رساله بداخل رساله

    الذى كتب الفلم شيطان والفلم جاء من حلقه من مسلسل أجنبى ظهر فى عام 2019

  • Ramieverse !
    Ramieverse ! 8 tuntia sitten

    Incredibly forgotten, for a24 standards. I didnt even know back then that this was an a24 film

  • Divraan Power
    Divraan Power 9 tuntia sitten

    Upcoming Batman: Robert Pattonson Upcoming Joker: Willems Dafoe Simply *Batman V Joker*

  • Divraan Power
    Divraan Power 9 tuntia sitten

    Oh! so they already shown the *Batman vs Joker*

  • flowandgrow
    flowandgrow 9 tuntia sitten

    Watched this before bed last night...wow

  • cedricSSW
    cedricSSW 9 tuntia sitten

    DARK SOULS THE MOVIE I’m not saying this because “it’s medieval and dark so it must be like Dark Souls” but as a Dark Souls expert this teaser does have some dark and gritty vibe to it. Even though it won’t have demons/fantastical creatures in the movie but it does have some Dark Souls vibe.

  • EtchedInStone
    EtchedInStone 10 tuntia sitten

    David Lowery, reliable.

  • melalancholy
    melalancholy 10 tuntia sitten

    the vibe of this movie is like “the wicker man”

  • oran stanisic
    oran stanisic 11 tuntia sitten

    Bored! Its not scarry at all! Booorrrriiiiiiing!!

  • Arjun Sekhar
    Arjun Sekhar 11 tuntia sitten

    Samuel Jackson : Say WHAT AGAIN! I DARE YOU! I DOUBLE DARE YOU!. Batman and Green Goblin: Hold my beer.

  • Gyro Zeppeli
    Gyro Zeppeli 11 tuntia sitten

    Pizza mozzarella Pizza mozzarella Rella Rella Rella Rella Rella

  • Taurus Dragon
    Taurus Dragon 12 tuntia sitten

    Alicia acted in Ex Machina and now she's also in this movie? BTW the soundtrack for the trailer is GREAT! Go check out Secession Studio he's the one who crafted the music!

    BENTLEYQUAMP 12 tuntia sitten

    Sir Gawain, a white European character played by a non white...Typical pc revisionist bullshit.

  • Christian Hagerman
    Christian Hagerman 14 tuntia sitten

    How did I not hear this was being made?!?!? I've been dying for some true Arthurian shit and Gawain and the Green knight can potentially be done great justice told in modern film.

  • Aman Sen
    Aman Sen 15 tuntia sitten

    The Weeknd

  • atirah bey
    atirah bey 15 tuntia sitten

    My husband Mahershala 😍😍😍

  • Kate Soukup
    Kate Soukup 15 tuntia sitten

    Can someone pls tell me the name of the song that starts at 1:16. It was in Moneyball but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  • Marc V
    Marc V 15 tuntia sitten

    I can’t tell if this looks good or bad tbh

  • TerranStriker
    TerranStriker 15 tuntia sitten


  • Tre Gwop
    Tre Gwop 15 tuntia sitten

    The music scares me to death 🥶 straight chills

  • Ares90210
    Ares90210 16 tuntia sitten

    I wonder what the budget is for this film. Could it be A24 most expensive film to date?

  • Vincent Pedone
    Vincent Pedone 16 tuntia sitten

    Fist Sonic, now Dark Souls....

  • Nero Bruno
    Nero Bruno 16 tuntia sitten

    It scares me. 🙄 Even though I read the story 25 years ago.

  • W.C. S.
    W.C. S. 16 tuntia sitten

    Will this have a 4k release?

  • Jalen Seravat
    Jalen Seravat 16 tuntia sitten

    This has quickly become my favorite film ever. It gives me something I never felt before.

  • MartialArtsCat101
    MartialArtsCat101 16 tuntia sitten

    A24 keeping cinema alive

  • Paul Matian
    Paul Matian 17 tuntia sitten

    Chills my BLOOD

  • shoqwave
    shoqwave 17 tuntia sitten

    There's a British version of this movie from 2018, popped up on tubi I thought it was this movie, watching it

  • Will Carroll
    Will Carroll 17 tuntia sitten

    Who here from the fb page with him killin the gull to diff music shit wild boi

  • Cristian Mendoza
    Cristian Mendoza 17 tuntia sitten

    I love how A24 can push out EVERY kind of movie imaginable! From disturbing and fucked-up movies like THE WITCH and MIDSOMMAR, to fast and anxiety-inducing movies like UNCUT GEMS and GOOD TIME, to slow burn movies like UNDER THE SKIN and THE LIGHTHOUSE, to kickback and heartfelt movies like FIRST COW. Goes to show that they truly do have a versatile eye for artists!

  • Cristian Mendoza
    Cristian Mendoza 17 tuntia sitten

    Why does A24 always put out the best horror movies?

  • Shaquando Biggums
    Shaquando Biggums 18 tuntia sitten

    really good movie and great cast

  • iam atoaster
    iam atoaster 18 tuntia sitten

    God, this movie sucked balls!

  • Brandon Bernardo
    Brandon Bernardo 18 tuntia sitten

    *FIchannel: Let's just recommend A24's Hereditary more than 2 years later*

  • StopIsraeliTerror Farmer
    StopIsraeliTerror Farmer 19 tuntia sitten

    No truer words. "May God forgive us for what we have done to this world" our like is like 2 seconds long. If we loved each other and cared for each other and made sure that EVERY HUMAN BEING at least had food, shelter and clothing, what a utopia. But we allow Mike Pence's, and Huckabees, and Im praying to stop hating Steve Mnuchin. If we just bit the bullet and imprisoned the 0.1% that aren't even human, but parasites, our children would have a chance ...... Go Bernie Sanders !!!

  • StopIsraeliTerror Farmer
    StopIsraeliTerror Farmer 19 tuntia sitten

    I didn't like it.

  • megamar
    megamar 20 tuntia sitten

    Awesome movie. Daylight horror is not an easy thing to achieve.

  • Boomzvisuals
    Boomzvisuals 21 tunti sitten

    whoever you are...if you see this comment, i want you to know that this movie is worth every second.

  • Niko Williams
    Niko Williams 21 tunti sitten

    A24 making heads roll before it was cool

  • emanuela here
    emanuela here 21 tunti sitten

    cute movie

  • NAAG
    NAAG 21 tunti sitten

    Pathetic movie

  • Charlie Wheel
    Charlie Wheel 22 tuntia sitten

    Pésima película, cine ordinario, soez

  • Mark Haze
    Mark Haze 22 tuntia sitten

    I know I've heard that creepy sound at 0:14 in some other A24 film. The sound as soon as his head is on fire.

  • Thurston Howell lll
    Thurston Howell lll 22 tuntia sitten

    I ran wild with all kinds - I knew I had to be violent to just be in NYC - Too me, it was normal - just an average white boy involved in all kinds of wildness , I miss it sometimes

  • ryan barker
    ryan barker 23 tuntia sitten

    yeah, this looks cool enough, but why the hell did they hire an indian guy for the protagonist? nothing against the actor at all, but why is hiring a white guy who's appropriate for the time and context of the movie bad? funny how the SJWs railed against white-washing, and given the chance what do they do? yep, turns out they're complete hypocrites. gotta get those woke points, i suppose. good trailer, though.

    • ryan barker
      ryan barker 14 tuntia sitten

      @La Avaler so, you'd be okay with the protagonist being an eight-tentacled alien that shoots lasers out its ass, because you don't remember that being mentioned in history class? if you want to be contrarian and/or white knighting, that's fine, but as a movie-goer suspension of disbelief is actually a thing. the problem is the reverse of white-washing a character for woke points. you wouldn't hire a white guy as your protagonist for an arabian nights movie, nor should you, because it doesn't belong. again, nothing against this actor at all, but why is an indian dude playing an english role? the answer is because you can't have an all white cast for a movie anymore without the blue hairs REEEEEEing about it, despite it being a movie they have no intention of seeing anyway. it's why we can't have nice things anymore. sure, it's an action fantasy, but it's not based in the land of narnia, the arthur legend does have a loose sense of history grounded in reality in the sense it's england during a certain broad period. were it a robin hood tale you'd expect to have a moor. with this casting choice, will they explain it? if so, there's the problem -- when you make inorganic 'creative' decisions based on what marketing says you should do, then you've given up part of your real creative freedom and lock yourself into scenes and dialogue explaining why this unnecessary narrative inconsistency exists. it's akin to having to explain why your cell phone doesn't work in a horror movie. as a storyteller, it'd be more interesting to have the protag be a female as long as she's not a mary sue as opposed to just making the character some different nationality. so, if not for woke points, why did they choose this actor? given that it's presumably earth during a certain time period in england, aesthetic and dramatic embellishments accepted, what are your thoughts on the reasoning here? if it's just a case of 'we choose an actor because of his ability and nothing more,' why aren't there chinese there, too? or is it really just a case of needing *some* diversity as not to be reprimanded by a vocal minority?

    • La Avaler
      La Avaler 16 tuntia sitten

      @ryan barker Don't remember many large green people in middle ages or Arthurian legends being real and I graduated history.

    • ryan barker
      ryan barker 22 tuntia sitten

      @La Avaler given the context clues of the film barring certain anachronisms, it's safe to peg the timeframe in the middle ages.

    • La Avaler
      La Avaler 23 tuntia sitten

      Appropriate for what time? Can you give me a year during which Gawain has beheaded the Green Knight?

  • Adam Radziwill
    Adam Radziwill Päivä sitten

    an Indian man plays an ancient British character , no thanks

  • Kingdoms
    Kingdoms Päivä sitten

    I hope the frost giants win. More BS from diversity

  • scorpion199227
    scorpion199227 Päivä sitten

    What a beautiful movie, just watched it and loved every second of it.

  • J Lupus
    J Lupus Päivä sitten

    The Dark Knight wasn’t enough. Make movies on ALL the colors!

  • robantace
    robantace Päivä sitten

    Wow the editing and sound design!!

  • Jeremy S
    Jeremy S Päivä sitten

    Looks unique :)

  • Angry Gay Pope
    Angry Gay Pope Päivä sitten

    I'm scared of blonde women now!

  • Neo Kable
    Neo Kable Päivä sitten

    Crazy that this was a prequel to the batman movie.

  • Euge A
    Euge A Päivä sitten

    This is the best movie I saw in my life. I loved to see her. She won't let you down.

  • Euge A
    Euge A Päivä sitten

    La mejor película que vi en mí vida

  • megbro
    megbro Päivä sitten

    Amazing film

  • SET
    SET Päivä sitten

    brokeback lighthouse

  • David
    David Päivä sitten

    What in the Hereditary Midsommar is going on here?

  • Dan Sweet
    Dan Sweet Päivä sitten

    For all underdogs chasing a dream as I am. perfect movie for people like us

  • Antonio Frescas
    Antonio Frescas Päivä sitten

    What's the song

  • anonymous
    anonymous Päivä sitten

    The Lighthouse might have been good if it wasn't in that crap black and white. Way to waste all your money shooting in those set locations, authentic colored period costumes you can't even see, making rain that doesn't even show up in black and white. Yeah, great idea, identical to the idea of making me watch a movie through fog glass for no reason. Or turning off the high-definition TV screen so that I can only listen to it on the radio. It's like physically watching a game versus only getting live score updates. Oh yeah, that makes sense, what a great viewing experience for your audience to only get score updates rather than watch the actual game. With this logic, how come people don't get charged more to sit in the parking lot then to go inside of the stadium to watch?

    • Pro 92
      Pro 92 Päivä sitten

      Sorry to interrupt you sir but I believe the visual aspects of this motion picture are designed to elevate the story. Colors are black and white but it still doesn't affect the great cinematography and direction,aspect ratio is smaller so it can give audience closetrophobia,the story has so much tension thanks to bizarre and spooky sounds and dark atmosphere and amazing dialogue and acting manages to keep audience engaged but that's just my opinion. Thank you for listening

  • El Tigrero
    El Tigrero Päivä sitten

    I couldn't watch it because I saw a black in the 1st minute of the movie, I hate racist movies that replace white characters with blacks

  • Cody
    Cody Päivä sitten

    This gets a dislike for Billie Eyelashtrash. Yay for Morffyd Clark

  • Terry James DuBois
    Terry James DuBois Päivä sitten

    Whoa...What is this?! Midsommar meets with Game of Thrones and mix with Arthurian Legend? I'm hooked!

  • William Poole
    William Poole Päivä sitten

    Really A24? Even you guys are changing the races of characters?

  • blok blok
    blok blok Päivä sitten

    AMAZING film.....Adam Sandler has turned into Al Pacino....

  • Bruno Jimmy
    Bruno Jimmy Päivä sitten

    why there is a black person portraying a knight? you know a little of history right? sometimes i see american things that dont fix

    • Effect
      Effect Päivä sitten

      Nevermind that Dev Patel isn't black, there was a black knight within Arthurian Legend. Sir Morien, featured the saga of Morien written in the 13th-century. Described as "He was all black, even as I tell ye: his head, his body, and his hands were all black, saving only his teeth. His shield and his armour were even those of a Moor, and black as a raven."

  • Sergiu Rar
    Sergiu Rar Päivä sitten

    Commercials for yogurt are getting better

  • S S
    S S Päivä sitten

    The death of Long Dick.. Johnny Sins I cant say anymore..

  • Paul Lannister
    Paul Lannister Päivä sitten

    This looks absolutely scary :( I like it need to watch

  • Di Gix
    Di Gix Päivä sitten

    the white walker.. slummdog millionaire doesn't fear you

  • Johnny Price
    Johnny Price Päivä sitten

    This movie is really good. Now see why it won Oscar

  • NTFHRize
    NTFHRize Päivä sitten

    What’s the song towards the end

  • John C.
    John C. Päivä sitten

    This movie originated in the mind of Satan and was passed to, I'm guessing, a satanic human being. A gross and disgusting inhuman movie that came drum a godless person. Do not watch the actual movie its trash.

  • Adam Tak
    Adam Tak Päivä sitten

    2:15 WOW brilliant shot. I love the color palette too.

  • Ian Ditty
    Ian Ditty Päivä sitten

    I fucking love this movie

  • joeypropeller
    joeypropeller Päivä sitten

    The sound at the beginning of the trailer is from the opening of Twin Peaks: The Return.

  • BLUEWOLF 154
    BLUEWOLF 154 Päivä sitten


    RAY WHEELER Päivä sitten

    A24 film? Enough said...Im in!!!

    RAY WHEELER Päivä sitten

    A24 film? Enough said, Im in!!

  • Bred Sheeran
    Bred Sheeran Päivä sitten

    I don't know why ,but I'm suddenly very obsessed with this movie

  • Clyde Mystik
    Clyde Mystik Päivä sitten

    0:45 So that's where that Sonichu meme came from

  • Brandon Escalon
    Brandon Escalon Päivä sitten

    So what is the rover ? Was his dog named rover ?

  • Garrus1995
    Garrus1995 Päivä sitten

    This movie looks insanely intriguing. If nothing else, A24 produces films always try something different.

  • produccionvagas
    produccionvagas Päivä sitten

    The fox hunt. I need the fox hunt in this movie...

  • Hernan Cortes
    Hernan Cortes Päivä sitten

    Sir Gawain should be white.

    • Lydiard91
      Lydiard91 10 tuntia sitten

      @La Avaler I'm so glad you having nothing better to do with your life

    • La Avaler
      La Avaler 16 tuntia sitten

      @Lydiard91 Hey, you're free to cry about brown people ruining your entertainment, but I'm also free to laugh at you. Also those comments take like 2 minutes to write at most.

    • La Avaler
      La Avaler 16 tuntia sitten

      @Hernan Cortes In fictional French legends about Great Britain before Anglo-Saxon invasion there were English people?

    • Lydiard91
      Lydiard91 20 tuntia sitten

      Hernan Cortes Don’t worry about that troll, he spends all his time enforcing PC conformity in the comments. Sad really

    • Hernan Cortes
      Hernan Cortes 21 tunti sitten

      @La Avaler Because his character was white. He was english.

  • Dan Sweet
    Dan Sweet Päivä sitten

    When Dave says to James we should make a movie about The Room "That Great Idea "

  • ꪀiᥴꪮꪶꫀՇՇꫀ
    ꪀiᥴꪮꪶꫀՇՇꫀ Päivä sitten

    Alguien más está aquí porque encontró este vídeo en la lista de reproducción de la serie "Desde mar" de Dama G?

  • Jak Kidd
    Jak Kidd Päivä sitten

    How are these people thinking the world an everyone in it revolve around New York haha you’re city looks shit then and now.what a shithole

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade Päivä sitten

    When you see the A24 logo, you know you’re gonna come out a different person.

  • Lindsey Boogie
    Lindsey Boogie Päivä sitten

    Chiron the adult man is good looking !!!

  • PrairieStorm
    PrairieStorm Päivä sitten

    It doesn't say where it will be premiering. Is this in theaters or NETFLIX or Amazon or HBO...anyone?