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The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do
Näkymät 20 milj.13 päivää sitten
How to Make a Kurzgesagt Video in 1200 Hours
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Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?
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How to Move the Sun: Stellar Engines
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Overpopulation & Africa
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An Antidote to Dissatisfaction
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1,000km Cable to the Stars - The Skyhook
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The 12,020 Human SPACE Era Calendar 🚀
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What if We Nuke a City?
Näkymät 10 milj.5 kuukautta sitten
The Egg - A Short Story
Näkymät 13 milj.7 kuukautta sitten
The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant
Näkymät 9 milj.7 kuukautta sitten
Tiny Bombs in your Blood - The Complement System
Näkymät 4,6 milj.8 kuukautta sitten
Is Meat Bad for You? Is Meat Unhealthy?
Näkymät 7 milj.9 kuukautta sitten
Is the EU Democratic? Does Your Vote Matter?
Näkymät 3,6 milj.10 kuukautta sitten
Can You Trust Kurzgesagt Videos?
Näkymät 4,8 milj.Vuosi sitten
Näkymät 13 milj.Vuosi sitten
Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime
Näkymät 11 milj.Vuosi sitten
How to Cure Aging - During Your Lifetime?
Näkymät 5 milj.2 vuotta sitten
Why Age? Should We End Aging Forever?
Näkymät 6 milj.2 vuotta sitten
Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument
Näkymät 12 milj.2 vuotta sitten
What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth?
Näkymät 7 milj.2 vuotta sitten
Optimistic Nihilism
Näkymät 10 milj.2 vuotta sitten
Why Earth Is A Prison and How To Escape It
Näkymät 8 milj.3 vuotta sitten
A New History for Humanity - The Human Era
Näkymät 8 milj.3 vuotta sitten
Fusion Power Explained - Future or Failure
Näkymät 8 milj.3 vuotta sitten
What Happened Before History? Human Origins
Näkymät 14 milj.3 vuotta sitten
What Are You?
Näkymät 11 milj.3 vuotta sitten
How Far Can We Go? Limits of Humanity.
Näkymät 14 milj.3 vuotta sitten
The Antibiotic Apocalypse Explained
Näkymät 6 milj.4 vuotta sitten
Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure
Näkymät 7 milj.4 vuotta sitten
What Is Something?
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Black Holes Explained - From Birth to Death
Näkymät 15 milj.4 vuotta sitten
How Facebook is Stealing Billions of Views
Näkymät 7 milj.4 vuotta sitten
What Is Light?
Näkymät 6 milj.4 vuotta sitten
What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?
Näkymät 8 milj.4 vuotta sitten
3 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is Terrible! 2/3
Näkymät 3,6 milj.5 vuotta sitten
3 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is Awesome! 3/3
Näkymät 3,6 milj.5 vuotta sitten
Banking Explained - Money and Credit
Näkymät 6 milj.5 vuotta sitten
Measles Explained - Vaccinate or Not?
Näkymät 5 milj.5 vuotta sitten
How Small Is An Atom? Spoiler: Very Small.
Näkymät 5 milj.5 vuotta sitten
The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker
Näkymät 6 milj.5 vuotta sitten
What Is Life? Is Death Real?
Näkymät 11 milj.5 vuotta sitten
Is War Over? - A Paradox Explained
Näkymät 9 milj.5 vuotta sitten


  • slaviboy
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    REST OF THE WORLD: THIS IS A PANDEMIC!!! CHINA: 3.6 Roentgen Not great, Not terrible

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    6:14 This scene hit me hard

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    I love re-watching this vid

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    What if human worker were replaced by rodot

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    Мне даже стало грустно

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    Brilliant video.

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    The thumbnail reminds me of the Arrghus boss in A Link to The Past lol

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    2:37 that music and the timing was lit

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    I have to translate your video to our mother toung marathi language pls support us?

  • Sheathking
    Sheathking 19 tuntia sitten

    Why am I being simulated at this point in time, with this level of technological advancement around me? If I am an experiment, what is the hypothesis?

  • BrickFire
    BrickFire 19 tuntia sitten

    Someone should write a science fiction novel about this theoretical world!

  • Game Maniac
    Game Maniac 19 tuntia sitten

    Well there would be a really good aspect of being immortal, life beyond earth . BUT even if anyone found the secret to immortality he knows we are not ready for it yet . We have to leave behind all the materialistic Thoughts.than probably human would be eligible for getting the eternal life.

  • Jack Helrein
    Jack Helrein 19 tuntia sitten

    Instead of focusing on other galaxies, we should focus to SEND A PROBE TO EUROPA !!! C'mon guys stop thinking about other goddamned galaxies, can we just think about our Solar System for now 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Extrascript662
    Extrascript662 19 tuntia sitten

    April 2020 spoiler

  • Ieuana
    Ieuana 19 tuntia sitten

    it's much much worse when the original creator is shut down for piracy because so many people stole their video.

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas 19 tuntia sitten

    What if what we know is all wrong ? What if the creator of the simulation tricked us into accepting facts and what if science is just a myth.

  • Professor Gaster
    Professor Gaster 19 tuntia sitten

    GUYS I FOUND A CURE FOR CORONAVIRUS!: When the Coronavirus infects you, it damages your immune system and lungs, and probably other organs. When it damages the Immune system, bacteria can get in, causing the REAL damage(its really not coronavirus who kills you, its the bacteria that gets in) and damaging your organs. The most dangerous organism in earth, the Bacteriophage(A.K.A: Phage), kills specific bacteria depending on its kind, but is harmless to humans. It has been tested safe before in an old dying male patient who has no other choice. It still hasnt been approved by the Government yet but it can be used as a cure. Comparing Antibiotics and Phages: Antibiotics kills all bacterias including good ones who we need Phages kills specific bacterias depending on its kind(of Phages). When bacteria gets inside you, you will be injected with millions of Phages, and the phages will kill all bacterias. If the permanent cure for Coronavirus hasnt been invented yet, it is possible that bacteria might evolve to be immune to phages, but losing its immunity to antibiotics, thats where we inject the antibiotics again. We can just do it over and over again until the true cure for Coronavirus has been invented yet. I forgot to say that coronavirus and the immune system kill themselves together and the coronavirus is finally gone from your body :D.

  • Abhishek Mukhopadhyay
    Abhishek Mukhopadhyay 19 tuntia sitten

    Let's hope it works out better than CIA using Osama to defeat the Soviets!

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    Daniel Dziemiach 19 tuntia sitten

    You like pokemon? Right?

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    conclusion : chocolate milk come from brown cows.

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    Anyone else watching in 2020?

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    Pradana, L.M.R. 19 tuntia sitten

    Guys dont fight. Let the anti-vax not get vaccinated. Isnt it good we eradicated the disease along with the ignorant? If people die because of the anti-vax, well they are around the anti-vax level of intelegence. So be it...

  • Zenzu_41 Official
    Zenzu_41 Official 19 tuntia sitten

    So if I fought someone that was me? Did I beat up myself?

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    Vaccines are good but my mom says they are mini demons

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    *depression has entered the chat*

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    Ist dieser Kanal nicht deutsch

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    "North korea" Im the strongest usa and Russia . Are you sure about that??

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    when you're 5 year old studying for doctorate in medicine

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    if only the phage would save us from COVID-19

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    can this cure covid-19 ?

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    if you somehow meet an alien, what will your first question be?

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    Think about it. How much money USA spends to weapon. North Korea and Russia so weak in contrast to it. Now, nuclear weapon - only chance for little countries to be protected from American “democracy”.

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    Humans deserve corona. We are toxic creatures and bad for this world. I'm sad that more people haven't died.

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    Does someone feels bad about the lady who died because of bacteria

  • Lukeclout
    Lukeclout 19 tuntia sitten

    To be straight forward Africa’s problem is not a colonial problem it’s a cultural altitude problem. Asian countries including the ones mentioned in the video (South Korea, Bangladesh, Pakistan-India and China) all suffered under colonialism yet all became fast developing or developed countries. These cultures realized the need to change their cultures to accommodate modernity and only then can they develop using industrialization and technologies of the West. These countries (India-Pakistan, China and South Korea ) also experienced horrendous civil wars- yet their cultural elites don’t blame the West for their own issues. You can blame European colonials all you want - that doesn’t change the fact that most African civil wars occur as the result of indigenous Africans deciding to fight out their problems rather then resolving their differences via dialogue.

  • Hakiro Akabane
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    Has anyone notice the pokemon belt in the beginning of the video?

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    3:35 Rick and Morty reference...

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    Oh no! That poor bird has to sell dead chickens. :-(

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    0:43 Death Star

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    my theory is that sophisticated alien civilizations do exist, but they hide themselves so that we can develop our culture organically, in a similar fashion to how we treat the Amazonian tribes

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    That's the source of all life, and everything that we know and we don't know. I don't know why people mistake science for god.

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    So since teh nukeular bomb only effects a single area its like a death bubble

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    what do they mean by "very old" strig theory wormholes?

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    What if we launched two tasar bombas on oppisite sides if the earth so the shock waves and the damage collides

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    Trust Phillip Dettmer, the Kurzgesagt man.

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    In the end Optimistic Nihilism is just like Absurdism (Camus and Sartre for example)

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    Wow nice animation Great work guys Thankyou

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    if antimatter stops a wormhole from collapsing, isn't it going to repel anyone who tries to cross it? because last i remember, humans are also considered matter

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    *Bacteria attacks again* Memory cell: *Vietnam flashbacks*

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    So many Easter egg

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    Franklin Blunt 20 tuntia sitten

    So much ignorance & blatant exploitation. COV-19 is a ruse. No other infectious disease, illness, injury, or cause of death happening? The ruse that was exploited by systemic corruption while chickenshit ignorant populace fell for it. How is this ruse shocking to people, unless they are clueless which is not unusual. They let it happen, as kleptocracy & corruption abounds because people are easily exploited. Shameful.

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss 20 tuntia sitten

      Kurgesagt - Giving you paranoia & depression since 2013 YOUR WELCOME!

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    I wish more people thought this way. It's obvious to me but in America, people still dont want things like tuition free college or Medicare for all because they dont feel like they should have to pay for others. Or they feel threatened by more people being able to finish college it might threaten their own jobs. I let that person know, that what ends up happening instead is that we have people in poverty who cant afford college, and a lot them end up on food stamps and welfare. Either way we pay for it. Wouldn't you rather be pro active and empower people to better themselves than pay for their welfare checks and keep them stuck in poverty?