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    Please follow me on tic tic @autumnmithell73 please Charlie

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    I Love 😍 ❤️

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    I love you ❤️

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    I love Charlie 😍🥰

  • Karen Breschini
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    I love Charlie 😍🥰

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    We’re Dixie

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    Literally everything 💜

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    maybe chase thought dixie was charli that’s was they both weren’t there and they’re hanging out together

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    whoever loves charlie u know what button to press

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    Hello charly i love you

  • A red mare and a GSD
    A red mare and a GSD 2 tuntia sitten

    Charli and Addison are awesome they are living my dream in this video I just found out about Charli and I had mixed feelings but I looked into her more and she is so sweet and genuine I hope she sees this!🤞❤️😁

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    I hate you so f much a

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    Are we gonna ignore the fact that her pillow says “get shit done”?

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    Addison was dying with chance the rapper

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    I actually love Charlie no cap

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    I love you charli

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    Best intro of the world

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    jordan matter really be supervisin tho

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    Finally heard her voice

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    Can Addison come to Houston tx

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    this music just gets me best video ever! <3 I love your guys tik tos and I wish to meet you one day! <3

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    i love u charli im ur biggest fan. i love u

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    I love you Charli 💕💕💕💕 you are soooo sooooo sooooooooooo beautiful ♥️

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    My tik tok user name is paulinsh_14

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    I love you

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    Why u guys being like rude like she just wanted to enjoy a day and post it jeez

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    wheres little huddy

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    That’s a cute thumbnail. <3

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    I love Addison too they are all amazing I wish I met both of you keep doing what your doing ☺️

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    I saw a tiktok of a girl in a building recording you guys where Addison and Charlie were dancing

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    Please make more videos charli

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    Charlie there’s a guy on tik tok he won’t stop eating paper until you say stop Help him

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    Tsk tsk tsk that’s wrong and you know it

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    I love Charli she is my idol and I wish I could meet her but she lives too far away, it is my dream to meet her.

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    Oh and also why you go and steal that girl dance

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  • Desislava Sinitchiyska
    Desislava Sinitchiyska 3 tuntia sitten

    I think everyone who is negative on this video is forgetting that charli is a normal teen who gets upset if people are hating on her for no reason

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    Sabrina Morales 3 tuntia sitten

    I love you Charlie you are so amazing 😊

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    J’ai beau rien avoir compris j’ai quand même aimé 😂

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    Creepy ginger!

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    I love how Charli just ran up and hugged tony ahhh❤️

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    The Ding Dongs 3 tuntia sitten

    no joke Addison has the best personality she is the cutest

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    Omg I am dead I love it how u laugh 🤭 keep on being you don’t let no one stop u ❤️

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    did yall see at 2:44 how the guy in the front right through it back???????

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    2 videos. 1 mil subs

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    Before I die I want to meet Addison Rae

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    okay but this friendship is goals

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    Where is chase

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    I hate you

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    She finally posted

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    2:41 look at the guy on the end throw it back

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    All my friends... Chase at home??

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    That must have been such a great day😍

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    if chase was here 👀

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    Charli looks so nice😱😱🤪🤪😚😚😛😛😋😋🥰🥰🥰

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    You need to post more often .

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    Lol I need friends

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    People: They have no talent All of them: *Slaying it*

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    Hayyyy chicas como me gustaria conoserlas😚

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    My brother has a crush on Addison

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    do you live in Santa Monica?

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    i hate charli.

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    Charli can you speak spanish?

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    I like it how it takes me over an year for 1 subscriber then Charlie 1.12 mil subs WHAT!!!

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    We're is dixie

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    please come to tampa florida in march pls

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    Just if I could come to see you in real life I would cry if I would see you just see you in real life

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    Ok but nobody talking about how sweet and caring she is omg! I love her❤️

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    um..........Charlie...........where’s lilhuddy?

  • TITANIUM Brothers 2000
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    You didn't create Renegade this other girl did

  • CG Entertainment
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    0:53 cringe

  • Diversão com Nicole e Luan

    Hi Charlie! I'm your fan 😍 😘 Could you answer me or like my comment? Please

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    Arianna Maleche 5 tuntia sitten

    do any of you realize she did not make the RENAGADE dance and also is it only or is Addison's voice hella annoying

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    Просто нереально 😍💥

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    I love you so much I was there but I didn’t see you maybe next time

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    i love you charli

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    I wish avani was there!

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    Get shit done

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    Your so pretty Charli

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    where lilhuddy???

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    Bruh she has the silver and gold play buttons with 2 vids

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    Charlie and Addison are so pretty

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    Do you guys live there bc I was there on the 9th which is Sunday in February I wish I saw you there I’m your guys biggest fan❤️❤️🥺😊🥺🤗

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