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Idubbbz Content Cop
Näkymät 1,3 milj.Päivä sitten
I Found Markiplier In this Game. (amazing)
Näkymät 1,9 milj.2 päivää sitten
Stop Harrasing Me!
Näkymät 3,3 milj.2 päivää sitten
I BOUGHT A Submarine! (real)
Näkymät 3,8 milj.3 päivää sitten
Ok, Epic - Half Life Alyx - Part 4
Näkymät 2,8 milj.4 päivää sitten
I Found A New Biome in Minecraft!
Näkymät 5 milj.5 päivää sitten
My NEW House *101% real* - Subnautica - Part 3
Näkymät 4,9 milj.6 päivää sitten
15 Men vs 5 Women is Cringe
Näkymät 5 milj.7 päivää sitten
Funny Xbox Live Messages (haha)
Näkymät 5 milj.8 päivää sitten
Are You Ready For Whats About TO COME?!
Näkymät 4,9 milj.9 päivää sitten
Am I Introverted or Extroverted?!
Näkymät 6 milj.13 päivää sitten
Livestream FAILS
Näkymät 8 milj.14 päivää sitten
Subnautica Part 1 (OMG GAME)
Näkymät 6 milj.15 päivää sitten
It's Panic Time - LWIAY #00110
Näkymät 7 milj.16 päivää sitten
Can You Spot the FAKE Gamer?
Näkymät 8 milj.22 päivää sitten
Stop this... - LWIAY #00109
Näkymät 8 milj.23 päivää sitten
I'm Back in Minecraft! - Part 39
Näkymät 12 milj.24 päivää sitten
Supergirl is Super Cringe
Näkymät 6 milj.28 päivää sitten
Images That Precede Unfortunate Events..
Näkymät 8 milj.29 päivää sitten
Thoughts on Getting Robbed
Näkymät 6 milj.Uukausi sitten
Do all GAMERS THINK the Same?
Näkymät 8 milj.Uukausi sitten
What is Jake Paul up to?
Näkymät 10 milj.Uukausi sitten
It's been real, but I'm out! - LWIAY #00106
Näkymät 24 milj.2 kuukautta sitten
My New Car! (Crossout Funny Moments)
Näkymät 5 milj.2 kuukautta sitten
I hate Lilys Garden and her teeth
Näkymät 6 milj.2 kuukautta sitten
Näkymät 7 milj.2 kuukautta sitten
He payed $150 000 to look like BTS JIMIN
Näkymät 8 milj.2 kuukautta sitten
5/5 Rated Pewdiepie Fan Game
Näkymät 4,9 milj.2 kuukautta sitten
You Laugh You DONATE - YLYL #0069
Näkymät 9 milj.2 kuukautta sitten
2020 Memes are gonna be EPIC - LWIAY #00105
Näkymät 7 milj.2 kuukautta sitten
Näkymät 7 milj.2 kuukautta sitten
Pewdiepie NETWORTH revealed! 📰PEW NEWS 📰
Näkymät 5 milj.2 kuukautta sitten
Ace of Seafood - The rise of the Anthropods
Näkymät 3,9 milj.2 kuukautta sitten
Happy Wheels is Cancelled
Näkymät 6 milj.2 kuukautta sitten
Decade of Pewdiepie, photos from my childhood
Näkymät 4,7 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
YouTube Rewind 2019, but it's actually good
Näkymät 19 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
Answering Very Personal Questions
Näkymät 7 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
Dank Memes #59 [REDDIT REVIEW]
Näkymät 6 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
Pigeon Simulator
Näkymät 3,5 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
Terraria - Part 6 - My wedding 2.0
Näkymät 4,2 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
Jump King - i HATE this game
Näkymät 3,9 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
Unboxing 100 MIL Award 2.0 - LWIAY #00103
Näkymät 8 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
World of Tanks - Sweden FINALLY invades the WORLD!
Näkymät 4,2 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
I hate twitter
Näkymät 5 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
Reacting to YouTube Rewind MEMES - LWIAY #00102
Näkymät 7 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
My game was banned... - Poopdie
Näkymät 4,6 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
YouTube Rewind 2019 failed and its my fault!
Näkymät 12 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
YouTube is Stinky
Näkymät 7 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
I made an AC-130 Bomber for my Minecraft dog.
Näkymät 4,7 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
Ninja made a bad tweet - LWIAY #00101
Näkymät 7 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
I Am Fish
Näkymät 4,8 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
Baby Yoda, Papa John, [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#72
Näkymät 4,7 milj.3 kuukautta sitten
I Should Have Listened.... - Terraria - Part 3
Näkymät 6 milj.4 kuukautta sitten
I take on the STRONGEST Mob in Minecraft
Näkymät 4,8 milj.4 kuukautta sitten
I summoned a forbidden Minecraft Boss - Part 37
Näkymät 6 milj.4 kuukautta sitten
Terraria - Part 2 - I LOVE this Game!!
Näkymät 6 milj.4 kuukautta sitten
You Laugh you DRINK - YLYL #0067
Näkymät 6 milj.4 kuukautta sitten
The Joker VS Society meme
Näkymät 4,2 milj.4 kuukautta sitten
Näkymät 6 milj.4 kuukautta sitten
I DESTROY people at MY OWN Game
Näkymät 3,5 milj.4 kuukautta sitten
I made a GIANT Robot Dog for My Minecraft Dog
Näkymät 3,6 milj.4 kuukautta sitten
I build a Giant Flying Meatball in Minecraft
Näkymät 5 milj.4 kuukautta sitten
Which YouTubers Could I Beat in a Fight??
Näkymät 4,3 milj.4 kuukautta sitten


  • Bouno
    Bouno 4 tuntia sitten

    This comment section is golden

  • Evan Kircher
    Evan Kircher 4 tuntia sitten

    Go onto the island

  • Joshua Buckley
    Joshua Buckley 4 tuntia sitten


  • Quinton Guernsey
    Quinton Guernsey 4 tuntia sitten

    Ok I’m not mad at idubbbz being a hypocrite, I’m am mad about what his girlfriend has done, she broke up with her ex after a day when she met Ian, and then she flirted with their ex, she stole art, and bullied idubbbz behind his back, overall she is a b****

  • Hail Mary
    Hail Mary 4 tuntia sitten

    Sex work is real work.

  • TheJamJam09
    TheJamJam09 4 tuntia sitten

    But the question we’re all asking is does it play Minecraft?

  • NoodleC
    NoodleC 4 tuntia sitten

    5:28 music?

  • Mateo Lucas
    Mateo Lucas 4 tuntia sitten

    (*in high pitched 9yr old fan girl scream) OMG! ITS POOOOPPPPYYYY GLLLLOOOORRRIIIAAAA!!!!!

  • Paul Pertzborn
    Paul Pertzborn 4 tuntia sitten

    Pretty sure that one pic is young Ter Stegen who now plays for FC Barcelona

  • Kevin
    Kevin 4 tuntia sitten

    Pewdiepie simping for idubz

  • Garvis Davis69
    Garvis Davis69 4 tuntia sitten

    Marzia opening an OnlyFans account would be the downfall of Felix's popularity and legacy

  • R0cK GoD
    R0cK GoD 4 tuntia sitten

    He even sounds like a SIMP.

  • GR33N
    GR33N 4 tuntia sitten

    The virgin blanca vs the chad Julie

  • GUCCInerds GAMING Fortnite

    That gap tho

  • Ketiv007
    Ketiv007 4 tuntia sitten


  • Cirine Bgh
    Cirine Bgh 4 tuntia sitten

    Popo pie

  • Niierbeat
    Niierbeat 4 tuntia sitten

    Have him go on NO Jumper, set them haters straight!!!

  • Space Butterflies
    Space Butterflies 4 tuntia sitten

    Pewdiepie if you seriously try to defend or support idubz on whatever he is doing rn then u are a simp too gonna watch the vid now

  • CoffinMuffin
    CoffinMuffin 4 tuntia sitten

    Waitin' for Marzia Onlyfans...

  • Simon Thornton - Short Documentaries

    I wish this was less about “boot” and more just playing the game

  • Alexandra Ross
    Alexandra Ross 4 tuntia sitten

    Moral. I think humanity's moral get wavered by each generation. It is all starting from "introducing" and "accepting" to be a apart of daily lives.

  • GAMeO's slouchin
    GAMeO's slouchin 4 tuntia sitten

    It's not necessarily about the simping, it's about how he handled the criticism

  • Daniel Okuji
    Daniel Okuji 4 tuntia sitten

    You know that the girl was faking it

  • laterthat sameone
    laterthat sameone 4 tuntia sitten

    if doesn't listen to this i swear i fucking swear

  • DAXTER13
    DAXTER13 4 tuntia sitten

    keep the gaming vids on the main channel along with the non gaming vids

    burn EVERYTHING 4 tuntia sitten

    not fair... °prestige school and that stuff.. I am literally going to school what is worst in the town, when I go on toilets I sometimes can smell marihuana, there is bullying everywhere. And my classmates are normally stealing at super market across the street. There are guys who are alcoholic. fun fact : It is an elementary school. (6-14/7-15 yo)

  • Sola712
    Sola712 4 tuntia sitten

    Idubbz disappoints, but thankfully, Pewds comes in with the rational view and calms me down.

  • Help Me
    Help Me 4 tuntia sitten

    No matter what he does he’s will always be a dirty dirty simp

  • mcdonkey500
    mcdonkey500 4 tuntia sitten


  • I'm a retard .
    I'm a retard . 4 tuntia sitten

    Has anyine noticed that when the claw machine goes down it sounds like dirt breaks

  • Jvsena
    Jvsena 4 tuntia sitten

    Ok, the "BBRRRTTTT" to keep the bad words out is getting annoying. Just beep them out or cut the audio. Or not i guess

  • Babou Free fire
    Babou Free fire 4 tuntia sitten

    Here from 2020 suggesting to stack on toilet paper

  • N NN
    N NN 4 tuntia sitten

    5:40 Alex omg

  • Roberto Thetaco
    Roberto Thetaco 4 tuntia sitten

    Atozy is cancelled. Not for dissing Anisa, but for spelling pedestal wrong lmao

  • Sakonema
    Sakonema 4 tuntia sitten

    Considering the number of people that watch you. .. Wouldn't it be a good idea to tutor kids (everyone) on Corona, who think they can't possibly get it? So you might not get monetized for it. But the number of lives you would save might just balance that out?

  • Annolil
    Annolil 4 tuntia sitten

    I think people should leave him alone if they dont support him

  • Mark Can
    Mark Can 4 tuntia sitten

    I just think he’s a hypocrite

  • Abel Kent
    Abel Kent 4 tuntia sitten


    IVANNA MONESC 4 tuntia sitten

    OMG WOW 100 M

  • HappySocks Production
    HappySocks Production 4 tuntia sitten

    You where at the aura entrance before. go to the front of the ship and swim at the surface. you walk into the ship.

  • Christina Reichenberger
    Christina Reichenberger 4 tuntia sitten

    pewd doin his thing me:in the chitchen draw clowesed

  • psstkirsten
    psstkirsten 4 tuntia sitten

    Bruh, get the mic further from your nose

  • Auxatek
    Auxatek 4 tuntia sitten

    Bobs or vegana whichever will it be

  • Althea Esquibel
    Althea Esquibel 4 tuntia sitten

    It was 3:00 in the morning when he uploaded it

  • maka rosee
    maka rosee 4 tuntia sitten

    So do u live in Australia?

  • smashgaming
    smashgaming 4 tuntia sitten

    Ahh shit 2020 this is the most saddest year indeed

  • Demonic
    Demonic 4 tuntia sitten

    Lmao no

  • Giobert Cayabyab
    Giobert Cayabyab 4 tuntia sitten

    2020, anyone?

  • Theflame472
    Theflame472 4 tuntia sitten

    50:38. fucking- oops i almost said a bad word. bridge flashbacks?

  • Thanos
    Thanos 4 tuntia sitten


  • Ultima Dark
    Ultima Dark 4 tuntia sitten

    Most cosplayers that use Onlyfans are married lmfao, people need to chill

  • i’m vibing
    i’m vibing 4 tuntia sitten

    I really wouldnt care but I think it’s hilarious that by responding Ian is basically made a content cop of himself. He should’ve learned from his own videos and not respond. It’s their life ffs, he owes zero explanations to his fanboys and by responding to them he is doing the same thing that Keemstar, Ricegum etc did before him. He is showing discomfort, insecurity and feeling the need to explain himself. Maybe he really isn’t as okay with it as he claims to be.

  • Timmy2Tone
    Timmy2Tone 4 tuntia sitten

    How is Idubbz a simp dafuq the people paying to see Idubbz girlfriend are simps

  • Thomas Adamson
    Thomas Adamson 4 tuntia sitten

    Onlyfans is degeneracy, pure and simple. If you don’t have an issue with complete strangers drooling and fapping over your SO, then you need to re-evaluate your view on this topic.

  • Cheems Jr
    Cheems Jr 4 tuntia sitten


  • Eclips
    Eclips 4 tuntia sitten

    You know you messed up when pewdiepie makes a whole video dedicated to you

  • Faze anime Nightcore james

    I support IDubbs and his girlfriend who cares he's to funny

  • Anderson Tucker
    Anderson Tucker 4 tuntia sitten

    Where were u wen vido was privat?

  • 100 subscribers with no Videos

    I got a fake pewdiepie merch ad while watching this video

  • 1 sub before 2022 ?
    1 sub before 2022 ? 4 tuntia sitten

    I support Ian, Ian’s girlfriend and Ian’s girlfriend’s boyfriend with their decision

    • 55 topm
      55 topm 4 tuntia sitten

      Nice.. also i subed couse i loved your vids!!😄

  • detectiveCrab
    detectiveCrab 4 tuntia sitten

    simp is the wrong word. cuck-in-the-making is better.

  • Caelyn Crochet
    Caelyn Crochet 4 tuntia sitten

    When he perfectly hits the 10:00 minute mark

  • Josue Vega
    Josue Vega 4 tuntia sitten

    This is all a deliberate plan from airsoftfatty ,everybody calm down .

  • Mattie Tanner
    Mattie Tanner 4 tuntia sitten

    He’s starting to act like anikin skywalker. He killed children and worshiped a “dark lord”

  • Toocan_
    Toocan_ 4 tuntia sitten

    2 more days till the 1st Year Anniversary of Congratulations

  • Mystical Apple
    Mystical Apple 4 tuntia sitten

    PewDiePie what do you think of the creeper PC?

  • sHITE
    sHITE 4 tuntia sitten

    Idubbbz be a Simp..

  • Aita88
    Aita88 4 tuntia sitten

    Wait a Minute!!!! He let His "Girlfriend" collect Money as a Sex worker ,isn't this what all "Pimps" are doing? Do you remember what distgusting fetish idubbbz Content is Out there i couldn't even watch without gagging, People who throw Up on each other and doing nastiest Shit naked!!! what FIchannel would never allow by todays Standards!!! He invented Challenge Videos!! try Not to Gag!!!🤣

  • David Flores
    David Flores 4 tuntia sitten

    We need LWIAY merch to come back

  • New Plague
    New Plague 4 tuntia sitten

    Kids home from school spinning the yarn now. Thank you fools for perpetuating this stupidity...

  • kaleb Perez
    kaleb Perez 4 tuntia sitten

    I played a game that wasn't fun but it was a lot better than the movie version in a hd compilation

  • werote :v
    werote :v 4 tuntia sitten

    Soy el unico mexicano aqui :"3

  • Genuine Trash
    Genuine Trash 4 tuntia sitten

    *>Mentions the n-word more than once in the same video*

  • Veterror
    Veterror 4 tuntia sitten

    Plot Twist : PewDiePie has been the SIMP all along!

  • fRo
    fRo 4 tuntia sitten

    For example, Simp is a person who will try to out do or impress a girl Infront of other guys E.g i went to the gym today and lifted 200kg it was hard but I feel amazing A simp would do this Infront a lady to impress her Infront of the boys

  • Eli Glaraton
    Eli Glaraton 4 tuntia sitten

    Also even if they won they still ended up seeing the bad thinh

  • Andrea Baeto
    Andrea Baeto 4 tuntia sitten

    I never thought I could be happy in quarantine until right now... popppppppyyyygloriaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lamees Almuhana
    Lamees Almuhana 4 tuntia sitten


  • emilyrl
    emilyrl 4 tuntia sitten

    Just my opinion: If you love someone and cherish them, you don't want them to be exposed and performing sexual acts for anyone who has a few dollars. If I were him I would not tell her what to do, but I would break up with her. (Like I said, it's just my opinion, but no, I really dont care either way.)

  • PapiSnug Af
    PapiSnug Af 4 tuntia sitten

    So marzia OnlyFans?

  • Melon Magic
    Melon Magic 4 tuntia sitten

    Pewds, i apologize on the behalf of every teenager in the whole world

  • N NN
    N NN 4 tuntia sitten

    4:26 he lost it 😂❤