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Sakura Wars - Combat Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 5 t.2 päivää sitten
FORM - Launch Trailer | PS VR
Näkymät 27 t.2 päivää sitten
Tilt Brush - Launch Trailer | PS VR
Näkymät 16 t.13 päivää sitten
My Friend Pedro - Gameplay Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 39 t.11 päivää sitten
Gigantosaurus The Game - Launch Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 38 t.3 päivää sitten
Moons of Madness - Launch Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 35 t.3 päivää sitten
Dandara: Trials of Fear Launch Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 21 t.3 päivää sitten
Tekken 7 - Season Pass 3 Recap | PS4
Näkymät 53 t.4 päivää sitten
Soulcalibur VI - Release Date Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 76 t.6 päivää sitten
Beat Saber - Timbaland Music Pack | PS VR
Näkymät 29 t.4 päivää sitten
SnowRunner - Explore. Gear Up. Achieve. | PS4
Näkymät 33 t.5 päivää sitten
The Crew 2 - Inner Drive Launch Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 71 t.4 päivää sitten
Rogue Company - Gameplay Reveal | PS4
Näkymät 100 t.5 päivää sitten
Code Vein - Lord of Thunder Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 19 t.5 päivää sitten
MLB The Show 20 - Accolades Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 9 t.5 päivää sitten
Wartile - Release Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 38 t.16 päivää sitten
Super Mega Baseball 3 - Teaser Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 30 t.5 päivää sitten
Dogurai - Gameplay Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 31 t.19 päivää sitten
Curious Expedition - Adventure Awaits! | PS4
Näkymät 15 t.6 päivää sitten
Paper Beast - Launch Trailer | PS VR
Näkymät 24 t.6 päivää sitten
Killing Floor 2 - Neon Nightmares Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 18 t.10 päivää sitten
Freedom Finger - Launch Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 11 t.17 päivää sitten
Deliver Us The Moon - The Blackout | PS4
Näkymät 32 t.6 päivää sitten
Overwatch - New Hero: Echo Origin Story | PS4
Näkymät 52 t.6 päivää sitten
Dread Nautical - Announcement Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 21 t.11 päivää sitten
Call of Duty: Warzone - Overview | PS4
Näkymät 68 t.6 päivää sitten
PlayStation Music Presents: Dreezy
Näkymät 30 t.13 päivää sitten
The Riftbreaker - Gameplay Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 46 t.9 päivää sitten
Fortnite - Slurp Legends | PS4
Näkymät 80 t.9 päivää sitten
NBA 2K20 - MyTEAM: Campus Legends Pack | PS4
Näkymät 15 t.10 päivää sitten
Dreams - "Art's Dream" Gameplay Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 45 t.10 päivää sitten
Snakeybus - Announce Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 130 t.11 päivää sitten
Fairy Tail - Story Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 163 t.11 päivää sitten
Dauntless - Scorched Earth Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 60 t.12 päivää sitten
Password Reset From Primary PS4
Näkymät 66 t.16 päivää sitten
Fortnite - Spy Games | PS4
Näkymät 42 t.11 päivää sitten
Rocket League - Rocket Pass 6 | PS4
Näkymät 58 t.13 päivää sitten
The Road to PS5
Näkymät 14 milj.11 päivää sitten
Trials of Mana - The Sacred Sword Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 70 t.13 päivää sitten
Warborn - Gameplay Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 39 t.17 päivää sitten
Nioh 2 - Opening Cinematic | PS4
Näkymät 44 t.16 päivää sitten
Fortnite - New Vehicle: Choppa | PS4
Näkymät 92 t.12 päivää sitten
Smite - Smite Mulan Plus Bundle | PS4
Näkymät 14 t.13 päivää sitten
LaMulana 1 & 2 - Launch Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 19 t.13 päivää sitten
SnowRunner - Overview Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 204 t.17 päivää sitten
Creature in the Well - Accolades Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 44 t.16 päivää sitten
Control - Foundation DLC Release Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 76 t.16 päivää sitten
My Hero One's Justice 2 - Launch Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 44 t.16 päivää sitten
Overwatch - Archives 2020 | PS4
Näkymät 59 t.18 päivää sitten
DOOM Eternal - Launch Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 146 t.17 päivää sitten
Memories of Mars - Console Teaser | PS4
Näkymät 43 t.18 päivää sitten
Relicta - Announcement Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 29 t.18 päivää sitten
Rainbow Six Siege - Y5S1 101 Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 30 t.18 päivää sitten
Nioh 2 - Launch Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 82 t.19 päivää sitten
MLB The Show 20 - Learn about Showdown | PS4
Näkymät 14 t.19 päivää sitten
MLB The Show 20 - Coach's Couch Recap | PS4
Näkymät 20 t.19 päivää sitten
Call of Duty: Warzone - Plunder | PS4
Näkymät 61 t.20 päivää sitten
NBA 2K20 MyTEAM - Buzzer Beater #2 | PS4
Näkymät 12 t.20 päivää sitten
Langrisser I & II - Launch Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 20 t.20 päivää sitten
PlayStation Now - March 2020 New Games | PS4
Näkymät 473 t.20 päivää sitten
Bayonetta and Vanquish - Launch Trailer | PS4
Näkymät 22 t.20 päivää sitten


  • Florent Magere
    Florent Magere 16 tuntia sitten

    How is it on ps4 ? ( not pro )

  • Keith Stephens
    Keith Stephens 16 tuntia sitten

    I love that game can't wait for it to be released ❤️

  • bengtbw
    bengtbw 16 tuntia sitten

    Who's here after the gta 6 trailer? If so, how nice is it?

  • Little Jonathan24
    Little Jonathan24 16 tuntia sitten

    is right we need x plane 11 flight simulator on ps4 how much we need to waith????

  • SPEED LEGENDS ufficial
    SPEED LEGENDS ufficial 16 tuntia sitten

    bro we need x plane 11 flight simulator on ps4 please can you realease

  • Никита Хрущёв
    Никита Хрущёв 16 tuntia sitten

    а где уаз , где уралы ска

  • Beerd 1
    Beerd 1 16 tuntia sitten

    It looks very cool and i defenetly will buy it, but come on guys.. 0.24.. never ever :D

  • Swaran Singh
    Swaran Singh 16 tuntia sitten

    I thought this was an Android game . LOL the graphics and mechanics...

  • Mickey Spot
    Mickey Spot 16 tuntia sitten

    “I just wanna break the rules” “Installs Adblock!” “Breaks youtube rules”

  • Jun Fat
    Jun Fat 16 tuntia sitten

    Nah. I don't have money

  • B T
    B T 16 tuntia sitten

    As much I'll always enjoy playing Tekken, I still can't help but feel the series peaked at 5.

  • Jose Alexis Francisco
    Jose Alexis Francisco 16 tuntia sitten

    I actually played this on the switch And it's really awsome with easy controls

  • Cringe Boi
    Cringe Boi 16 tuntia sitten

    0:00 “sexual content” is literally one scene

  • maik buh
    maik buh 16 tuntia sitten

    Best of the best of the best of the best of the best 3D fighting game ever!!!!!! Music, graphics, gameplay all super great!!

  • WolfPack671
    WolfPack671 16 tuntia sitten

    I never thought kootra was still alive it's been years

    ML TOPIC 16 tuntia sitten

    Best fighting game but no money to buy dlc the dlcccccccc

  • Invox
    Invox 16 tuntia sitten

    Niche product... But what a product it is. 😮

  • Bor Stijn
    Bor Stijn 16 tuntia sitten

    Does it work with Steering weel

  • Laplace M Indonesia
    Laplace M Indonesia 16 tuntia sitten

    Keren ni wajib di coba gamenya 👍😆

  • RBt8
    RBt8 16 tuntia sitten

    Ark 2

  • Owain Cuvelier
    Owain Cuvelier 16 tuntia sitten

    This is what a functioning Xanax adict looks like. Love it.

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson 16 tuntia sitten

    Top tier indie game

  • Had Y
    Had Y 16 tuntia sitten

    Just remake the whole thing (if u remake re7 again do it 3rd person prespective)

  • SixGrimWolf
    SixGrimWolf 16 tuntia sitten

    Nice Video

  • Karlo Ergović
    Karlo Ergović 16 tuntia sitten

    I will buy the slim version of that bundle

  • Barbie Vampire1
    Barbie Vampire1 16 tuntia sitten

    😍😍😍. The original music 🎵 🎶

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson 17 tuntia sitten


  • Viru_ 95
    Viru_ 95 17 tuntia sitten

    You sure this is not some game made up on dreams?🤣

  • LoveInHell
    LoveInHell 17 tuntia sitten

    They’re dancing in the thumbnail.

  • JojoZeBarjo
    JojoZeBarjo 17 tuntia sitten


  • rise PL
    rise PL 17 tuntia sitten

    That game was terrible

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson 17 tuntia sitten


  • DeathDealer
    DeathDealer 17 tuntia sitten

    You can call this gameplay "in the trees"

  • laurent olinard
    laurent olinard 17 tuntia sitten

    Fabulous composition by Yuka Kitamura !

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson 17 tuntia sitten

    DMT should boost the experience by 10 folds

  • Wilko Gamer
    Wilko Gamer 17 tuntia sitten

    Only 4 players on the fireteam ???? feels like matches are gonna be very short

  • SouT GT
    SouT GT 17 tuntia sitten

    please back vita

  • Bmx Rider
    Bmx Rider 17 tuntia sitten

    I have a question: is it going to have free multiplayer?

  • Çınar Doğan
    Çınar Doğan 17 tuntia sitten

    Please add new story mode chapters

  • Mohd Dhamiri
    Mohd Dhamiri 17 tuntia sitten

    Need to fix a lot if things..looks like im playing ps2 game..control and movement are terrible..worst demo i ever played

  • Bogdan Vasile
    Bogdan Vasile 17 tuntia sitten

    Never hear of this game, but looks awesome

  • Ghost-Wolf 07
    Ghost-Wolf 07 17 tuntia sitten

    Can't wait.

  • Welmosca
    Welmosca 17 tuntia sitten

    Glad to see it still getting updates and for free...more games should be like this.

  • Jonathan BarSela
    Jonathan BarSela 17 tuntia sitten

    Will there be a dub?

  • Alex
    Alex 17 tuntia sitten


  • XV L4D
    XV L4D 17 tuntia sitten

    We want ps5 120 fps lol

  • Александр Бобков

    ЧЁ за песня!!!

  • leonard fairell
    leonard fairell 17 tuntia sitten

    About time!

  • Othon Tzamtzis
    Othon Tzamtzis 17 tuntia sitten

    He'd make an excellent villain.

    ПАВУК 17 tuntia sitten

    У меня PS4 slim, мне пох

  • Welmosca
    Welmosca 17 tuntia sitten

    Nice...glad some devs still try something new.

  • Muhd Hafiz
    Muhd Hafiz 18 tuntia sitten

    Wait. This guy have memory cip in his brain 😂

  • sniper Goddess 13
    sniper Goddess 13 18 tuntia sitten

    I personally like this pack but ive never played it but im pretty sure having a pack that is free with mods and stuff is better than this so SONY AND BEAT SABER IF YOU LOVE YOUR FANS PLS IM BEGGING YOU ADD MODS FOR FREEEEEEEEEEE.I KNOW ABOUT COPYRIGHT LAWS AND HOW ITS A PROBLEM BUT YOU CAN SIMPLY ASK FOR PERMISSION. Their never gonna see this...

  • Justin Phillips
    Justin Phillips 18 tuntia sitten

    Worst part of the game: you get to play as Vegito for one very short battle, plus you get to play goten for 2 seconds only walking around. Other than that, I loved this game!

  • Christian Deleon
    Christian Deleon 18 tuntia sitten

    I like my Qculus Quest but man, I hope the Next PSVR is something like that. Wireless, But still needs PS5 to run console-like power.

  • nikola karolina
    nikola karolina 18 tuntia sitten

    amerykański wampir na lodzie

  • rawaz [UK]
    rawaz [UK] 18 tuntia sitten

    barlog whatever you do just dont kill kratos in the next chapters pleaaaaassee

  • Abdul Haleem
    Abdul Haleem 18 tuntia sitten

    Mark Sony.

  • Bosco Da Indigo
    Bosco Da Indigo 18 tuntia sitten

    The Guy speaking reminds me of Nolan Sorrento from ready player 1. Lol

  • Welmosca
    Welmosca 18 tuntia sitten

    The pushing of Resistance down our throats is real lol.Give up Capcom...ain't happening lol.

  • Ellis Piche
    Ellis Piche 18 tuntia sitten

    How come nobody is talking about how this guy looks like Dana Carvey doing a Dana Carvey impression

  • Diego Gregorio
    Diego Gregorio 18 tuntia sitten

    Here’s an idea, built the app for Smart TVs

  • dave IsDave
    dave IsDave 18 tuntia sitten

    I actually wouldn't mind another remaster to make the AI like this. Maybe a downloadable dlc which is literally just the AI and everything made realistic.

  • Kaleem ullah
    Kaleem ullah 18 tuntia sitten

    Dude that is PC reveal.

  • Obakeng Ratshefola
    Obakeng Ratshefola 18 tuntia sitten

    Is joel still in the game

  • hilary v
    hilary v 18 tuntia sitten

    this ad haunts me in my sleep... “i just want to break the rules” that line makes me want to get eaten by crows. sorry it’s ANNOYING FKRHSUJEBDKFKD

  • Haroon Danyal
    Haroon Danyal 18 tuntia sitten

    Worst season!!

  • Shogun Chanell
    Shogun Chanell 18 tuntia sitten

    Free on epic games store,until 2nd of April

  • erkut burak Ulusoy
    erkut burak Ulusoy 19 tuntia sitten


  • Hollowed Slayer
    Hollowed Slayer 19 tuntia sitten

    The game looks and runs like absolute trash on the base PS4.

  • Hatem Azaiedi
    Hatem Azaiedi 19 tuntia sitten


  • Party Boy Ro
    Party Boy Ro 19 tuntia sitten

    Hey.. stop showing these ads every 3 seconds. We don’t want your game. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this ad in every video. “Just wanna break the rules” has been on repeat in my mind for a week straight. Stop.

  • santiago coraspe
    santiago coraspe 19 tuntia sitten

    hey playstation i was wondering if you guys are ever gonna fix the bo2 freezing glitch

  • Ryan Zing
    Ryan Zing 19 tuntia sitten

    My controller wont connect

  • Onswa Brown
    Onswa Brown 19 tuntia sitten

    Prince of Persia too

  • Onswa Brown
    Onswa Brown 19 tuntia sitten

    So they made this game for ps4?

  • Pinkskin Flesher
    Pinkskin Flesher 19 tuntia sitten

    Any kotaku who is ready to play in the real pandemic situation of nowaday inclining toward zombie apocalypse..

  • n_o___u
    n_o___u 19 tuntia sitten

    Thought it was a battle Royale but I am pleased it’s not

  • Heartat tech
    Heartat tech 19 tuntia sitten


  • Piter Punk
    Piter Punk 19 tuntia sitten

    how invite someone at predator hunting grounds trial for multiplayer?

  • Aix
    Aix 19 tuntia sitten

    Remake ps1 viglante 8

  • Bosh
    Bosh 19 tuntia sitten

    It's March 2020 and still waiting for May 29

  • THS Gaming
    THS Gaming 19 tuntia sitten

    Uncharted 4

  • The Tatertot
    The Tatertot 19 tuntia sitten

    I just finished the game it took about 3 weeks for me and I'm DYING for the second one. The most fun part was the night runs believe it or not. Running around having to avoid volotiles gave me such a rush of thrill

  • Gloomy Samurai
    Gloomy Samurai 19 tuntia sitten

    This ad blows

  • Samir Mamedov
    Samir Mamedov 19 tuntia sitten

    please playstation make naughty dog NOT delaying the last of us 2

  • HyperSonicXtreme
    HyperSonicXtreme 19 tuntia sitten

    Still didn’t fix that title. 😂

  • nattasit teawtrakul
    nattasit teawtrakul 19 tuntia sitten

    Patapon3 pls.

  • Keon Harper
    Keon Harper 19 tuntia sitten

    But I gotta play persona 5 Royal on the 31

  • UniBlox! :3
    UniBlox! :3 19 tuntia sitten

    im fired up now :D

  • Silent Hashassin
    Silent Hashassin 19 tuntia sitten

    Love everything except the voice. Japanese vocals bette be an option.

  • mrwaffle4321
    mrwaffle4321 19 tuntia sitten

    Never gets old...

  • JJ A
    JJ A 19 tuntia sitten

    I'm so glad that he has two supers to were when he does soul charge( or rage explosion in samurai shodown) he can go into issen and him drinking the wine is cool too. Excited for him to come really soon.

  • Sara Kateri
    Sara Kateri 19 tuntia sitten

    I hope we get the werewolf head for the DOC I really hope so

  • Kuruakama
    Kuruakama 19 tuntia sitten

    gameplay reveal | ps4 *then why is there 2 and q on the bottom right corner?*

  • 100pjp001
    100pjp001 19 tuntia sitten

    Make Achilles from Warriors Orochi 3 as the next character 🙏

  • Fero R.
    Fero R. 19 tuntia sitten

    Mudrunner on steroids 🤯

  • Yves Hakim
    Yves Hakim 20 tuntia sitten

    Still no pencak silat practitioner 😔

  • M Bryant
    M Bryant 20 tuntia sitten

    Huh, irrelevant advertising in these parts.

  • ZipEmUp 89
    ZipEmUp 89 20 tuntia sitten

    Why is Ellie wearing a “gas mask” when she can breathe spores 0:44